el americano...

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le national anthemas de las americas

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This is what america will look like 2050-... i mean 2018.

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la creatura de los mas profundos abismos..........

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is it mutty to claim heritage that is 35%?

i mean back in the day one drop would declassify me as Swedish

nice proxy, mutt.

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pic related is you?

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Not a proxy, just also mocking anglo and germanic "people".

Le ethnostate application...

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I don't believe you.

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Well... in that case i don't know if you are a mutt or not.

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el esclavo de israel...

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lol American has 200M+ white people and Brazil has 91M+ white people.

this meme is so shit
its so forced

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America has 0 (ZERO) truly white people.
They are all mutts.

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el goblino butthurto...

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i am a provd non-white citizen of the world and i bow to no man

Hmmm no sweetie

no such thing. That is written by a mutt in denial.

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>i am a provd non-white citizen of the world and i bow to no man

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one drop rule

Finns are what happens when mongol breeds with slav and the resulting slav-mongol breeds with swede.

la abominacion...

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Dan*s are like sw*des but even worse. You love muslim cock and you are not white

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Чтo ты в Финляндии зaбыл, Baнькa Гoвнoв?

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cyka blyat

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Can we go deeper?

I love this shit :DD


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Good it reuploaded. Some butthurt mutt reported the previous video and it got removed

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You tell me

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Why do american alt right larpers use a 'v' instead of 'u' when spelling europe etc?

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we're KARA BOGA and proud

>Original got taken down

Lmao mutthurt.



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because my roman ancestors only used v, u was invented by snownigger muslims

Wh*te brits have such girly voices it's hilarious.

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