User, if you call me a braphog one more time, this relationship is over

>user, if you call me a braphog one more time, this relationship is over.

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b e l l y


What about the baby? You are pregnant right?

Dat belly hnnnggg


Disgusting bitch.

>Poland is gay

Not surprising.

>liking fat unkempt trash that probably smells like rotten fish and ass cheese
>ha you must be gay
Lower your standards even more, I bet you cry yourself to sleep every night. That's how much you hate yourself.

Low test sissyboi

I like THICC but that is definitely fat

I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't fuck her super hard

Get out, you're going to break my bed.

It's actually low T guys that lower their standards and go for ugly fat bitches. They know they have no chance with a fit babe.

She could stand to lose some weight but once she does, she would look good, not too skinny nor too fat.

Yeah, that shit would be perfect.

That's fucking disgusting

Just admit you don't like women, you raging homo.

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I would beat her until she would lose weight

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You sound pretty low T to me with all that hateful projections. Insecure much? Lower your standards even more, I'd be glad if you just kill yourself like a bitch you are.

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Yea just enough to get rid of the massive belly folds, a bit off the chin and maybe some in the arms but too much and she will look like your stereotypical skinny blonde.

Poles are big on gay rights. There's no shame.

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based russian bros

Just admit you like it in the ass. I'll have someone come over to satisfy your homolust.

>yeah if she just lost a 150 pounds and stopped being ugly she'd be pretty



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I never said she was ugly and losing 150 pounds is retarded, just shave a bit off here and there.

If your belly is stretched out this much you can lose as much weight as you want, your skin is fucked forever. You can get some surgeries to make it look slightly less fucked up that's it.

You asking him out gayboy?

This woman is easily over a hundred pounds overweight, which would take probably a year to get to a normal size, but she'll remain flabby due to excess skin

So yeah no I'm not going to date or fuck a fat chick who 'may' become attractive in the future if she puts in hard work