Have you ever been to Japanese website? I'm not

Have you ever been to Japanese website? I'm not.

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Yes, Jow Forums.org.

I only visit danish and english websites

sometimes if there isn't a english version, just use google translate

Yes :333

Name 3 most popular Japanese website (among ordinary people)

their sites are a fucking mess
asian monkeys don't know the word aesthetic

Nordics and japs are supposed to share the aesthetic for minimalism, but to be honest I find their sites horrible and messy.

Japanese websites are horrible mess.

I'm not either.

I know but Japanese websites for normies are little better

Japan fell for the mobile web design meme early on.

Japan is a hard engineering nation. Web developer is a minimum wage tier job there.

5ch (2ch)


Yahoo Japan


I agree with you.
We are so talented to make things uglier and uglier.
We can't create beautiful things.
It's genetic.

The only Japanese website I browse regularly is pixiv, but I also go on 2ch, 2chan and nicovideo when looking for particular content.

Why are the French so weeb?

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I went to niconico and it's fucking trash.


Twitter is better

feminine culture attracted to another feminine culture

We've always had the habit to admire foreign forms of art and use them for inspiration. We first did that with the Italians during the Renaissance, then to a lot of countries including Japan.
Franco-Belgian comics were a joint effort so it doesn't really count, but lately some of our artists have adopted a Japanese-inspired drawing style, so "French manga" are being released alongside more traditional comics but I think that's lame. Some of our animation was affected by that too, like Wakfu.

Also, we have a surprising amount of animators. A few are even working in Japan.
Ikoku Meiro no Croisée, an anime series taking place in France, had a French animator doing some key animation I think. Then there's pic related who animates his own segment in Pop Team Epic.

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