I wish i was white

i wish i was white

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I'd rather be black

I'll never grow up in a small Romanian village with a town rapist...

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Every day I thank my mother for marrying a black man so that I don't have to live with the shame of being a wh*toid

am i white??

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Ehh, white is more of a state of mind than anything else. If you act white, you'll basically be treated as white

In the US maybe

No he's right. White always has been a cultural term, not a racial term.

I belong to Finnic haplogroup but i'm Asian.
I wish i was white.

Exactly. There were many historical groups that when they first got to the USA, they weren't considered white. However, through time as they adopted American culture, they became white.

then you are double asian

Poles, German, and Irish come to mind

Italians also. They were essentially considered lighter-skinned, culturally black people when they first got to the USA. Now, full blown white man

Does this mean that I have a high IQ?

no, finns have low iq

That's just sad.
I need to learn basic Finnish to match my kindred.

Looking for a bf?


Call me

Come and get me you filthy lover of Asians!

>average kara boga poster

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