Phonepissers belong in hell

Phonepissers belong in hell

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To poor, literally using 5 year old phone

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Weak neetpoor cope

just save up for a cheap laptop bro

Almost saved up
Should be able to get it by november

good for you man

t. edgelord


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>wojak meme
Cringe. you do not get a victory royale for this, redditor!

Remove yourself, boomer

id rather be a redditor than a phone pissing discord user
im only 19 but my mind is older

>phone pissing
>someone pissing out phones
stop saying those disgusting words user or you're grounded

fu yeah

ahem nigger owned

the divine redpillage has been bumped

Sent from my chink phone via Google Assistant

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>im only 19 but my mind is older
>t. 16


>im only 19 but my mind is older
I'm 21 but my mind is 16

as do namefaggots, tripfaggots, avatarfaggots, redditors and discord users

stop being jewsriel von yonkers or youre grounded

Gang weed cures cancer

sent from dmv computer