Boomer T- shirts

Post em if you got em

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I would be friends with this guy IRL I bet

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jesus christ op

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I need more boomer shirts. Or really any kind if boomer clothing.

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Last one.

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I'm not reading all that.

i love these fucking shirts. where can i get ALL OF THEM

no one else has any of these?

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What is this fucking forklift shill thread?

Buckle up, buttercup!

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>shill thread?
It's not a shill thread.

is this shill advertising shirts?

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i live in dc, and just started seeing these shirts yesterday here. can someone explain?

>is this shill advertising shirts?
No, I think these boomers shirts are funny and I thought people might have some to share. Better than the 45 Greta threads, I thought.

If so, it's working.

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It's a faceboomer thread

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Shit someone find me a millwright one


Hitler was right
Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams
Race is real
Traps are gay
The left can’t meme

I hate this faggot already. Look at his retarded leftist fuck face

If you find a shirt, just give it to the funeral home. I'll be an hero'ing now

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No one will buy your guy fork lift pride shirts. Fuck off, gay faggot

Who gives a shit.

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>We got the MRI results back and it looks like you are one badass forklift operator

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Does your shithole country even have forklifts?

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People taking pride in their shitty jobs always makes me laugh.


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What is it about forklift driving that produces so many "fuck you" shirts?
I think it's the insecurity that any third world retard could learn their job in one day

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This faggot

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maybe the pay well? i imagine you have to lay off the fent.

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Please tell me that's not real

Try again, sweetie

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This forklift operator thing has me dying. I'm just glad that I can't find any shirts like that for brewers, jewgle just keeps showing me that baseball team. Although I'd definitely show up for work in a stupid fucking shirt.

guarantee all these shirts were made in foreign sweatshops

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>What is it about forklift driving that produces so many "fuck you" shirts

I was wondering this too.

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>climate change is real

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Good god.

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This thread makes my head hurt.

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Fuck you made me laugh :D

It's nothing to write home about, sweetie.

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Why would I waste my time writing when I could spend it forking?

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Yes yes, good goyim.
You're the best forklift operator I've ever seen.

What a nigger

It's kind of hard to be a tough guy with a handicap license plate.

Put this on a tshirt

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Anti-Forklift is a codeword for Anti-White

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So, do you buy your autism hats & shirts from the same store?

Chink sites just have automatically generated screenprint shit like this i'm just focusing on the way of the fork but they have them for all sorts of lowly occupations like CNAs and janitors

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All tradesmen are default boomers?

So long as you're being ironic about it, user.