Raises test

>raises test
>raises sperm count
>good for your skin
>become more confident about your body
Why aren't you in the nude right now, Jow Forums?

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I am.

I am except whenever the legal system requires me to not be.

Well, I wouldn't in public, but whenever I'm posting on bant I sure as hell am.

nude is rude.

>Well, I wouldn't in public
Not even at night, or out in nature?

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I want to be nudist in the forests and woodlands. But want to have Jow Forums body before doing that.

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because it's degenerate you fucking faggot

Well in public and around children.

Me on the left

I can tell you that when I go outside I'm 100% naked underneath all my clothes.

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Hi, will you be my gf?

One swift kick is all it would take

bit I am

You can be nude while getting Jow Forums at the same time. Exercising naked outdoors means your body has to burn more calories to maintain your body temperature, and your skin is able to breathe better and sweat more freely.

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This is a great way to get hypothermia.

Being nude outdoors makes me horny

i don’t want to get kicked out of the preschool that’s near my house

At least there's no danger of paradoxical undressing when you're already nude

its cold


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is this achievable natty?

>raises test
I don't want to have even less hair