I'm here to sell you penis enlargement pills

I'm here to sell you penis enlargement pills.
$50 a pack.

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i want to buy poop instead

How much are in a pack?

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poop is based

tis true senpai

Okay go to the toilet and poop.
Now that'll be $100.
30 in a pack

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100 dollars could give me several bags of cow shit. youre a bad bushiness man

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Oh no you awoken the mighty poo yonkers with all the poo talk.
MIGHTY POO YONKERS appears from the shit kingdom
Read the full rules here: dragonchan.iridia.net

Here's some info about this boss:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

If your ID starts with a number you are a HEALER.
If your ID starts with a vowel you are a BARD.
If your ID starts with "Y","X","Z", a RANGER.
If your ID starts with a "/" or "+" you are a PALADIN.
If your ID ends with a "/" or "+" you are a DEATH KNIGHT.
If your ID starts AND ends with a "/" or "+" you are DRAGONBORN.
If your ID starts with "W","R","L","C" or "K" you are a WARLOCK.
Otherwise you are a KNIGHT

Your last 2 digits represent the damage you do
If you roll under 13 you die.

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Oh fuck thank you for reminding me off boss raid, I have to host more of those threads!

i shall defeat mighty poo!

DO the mighty poo yonkers on the weekend

Here you go lad, here are the current thread stats.
Looks like three of us are dead!


The mighty poo yonkers from the shit kingdom is too strong

stop obsessing over him. you make other poop posters look bad

>you make other poop posters look bad

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Us poop posters drop redpills all the time, yonkers just takes most of the credit

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hes not a poop poster. hes a degenerate d*apernigger. he misrepresents the poop community with his autism

Exactly, and the autism is such a great magnitude that folks concentrate on him instead of us!

I'm behind on the lore

We are poopers, bum ba dum dumrumbumdum



revive me pls

we must defeat the yonkers!

[email protected]
eye summon cirno to fight!

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no revive me first nerdfagger

I'm here to sell you money.
$45 for every $100.

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cirno the bard cannot revive!

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roll 00 or 69!

Do you have change for a 20?


What the fuck is your fucking problem. Why are you doing this to me.