Anime watching night

Anime watching night.

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here the discordniggers come

theyre seething at poop...

the poop is too based for them to handle

mmmm pooop

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aaaaaa poop is a very nice way to post

filter or backup?

The former for now.

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okay yeah makes sense

give me a bit, family cannot stop bothering me

no that is only Thursday, Friday and Saturday night starting at 11:00 (UTC)

I thought you had gotten away from them?

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yes and no

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where is chinky?

Tell them you have to go and hang up the phone.

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right here, gimme a couple of mins to prep

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name of anime?

no it's more that they're physically in person talking
i can type on the computer without problem but putting in headphones would be kinda rude

Cosmic man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.

ok ready now, start at 10:40?

whenever Hiki is in the clear

Just tell them you have to do something and go into another room? They might think you're jerking off, but at least you'll be able to watch comfily.

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>another room
that's adorable

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sounds like never

it shouldn't be long now, let's say 10:45

What the fuck kind of structure do you live in?

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be patient. It'll be really fun with the 4 of us

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I was only kidding

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plus I don't think hiki ever does anything for fun

why am I so autistic when it comes to booli?

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Is it done? What channel?


It's cute and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Eh? Pls tell!

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>[patience growing thin]

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You might be thinking of a different anime night. What we do is just pull our shows up separately and press play at a set time.

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anyone want to play a game while we wait?

First thing that pops in your head.
When I think about X I think about Y

When I think about Guns I think about Bolt Actions

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Ah, ok

i said start at 10:45, anyway ready whenever

When I think about medieval weapons I think about morning star.

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We start at 10:53.

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well actually the game is played, where you play off of my Y.
So if I was to follow you I would say
>When I think about Morning star I think about warpicks

and then if you were to go
you would say
When I think about warpicks I think about ___


what's a warpick?



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>space dandy is a dandy in space

that's a hammerspike

>this OP

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is this going to be
>he's a pretty cool competent guy
>incompetent idiot gets by with sheer luck


take a wild guess

I hate you guys

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>ass man
nigger detected

>desire to play elite dangerous intensifies

You better hope yours is fine, because he's giving you an out with your tatas.

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Are you guys watching a stream or something. From my perspective it looks like a bunch of people talking to a wall.


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I would comment but I don't want people to make big butt jokes. I'm blessed with a good hip to waist ratio.

the robot is a cute

>When you nut so hard you fucking die

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was that hillary in a ballgag?

those shoes are pretty boss

>alien registration center
the US needs one

forgot the music in this
also that battle looks like a fucking logh reference

Gorilla Space Pimp!

>the files I have non-optional subtitles
>can't turn them off for screencaps
I pray to god it is only the first episode like this

>hard coded subs
those are gross, mkv files are where it's at

this is an .mkv file
no wonder I had two versions of episode 1 in this folder.

I'm glad he made the joke I was thinking of.


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>mouth print out
don't know why but that was goddamn funny

QT has a flashlight for a dick.

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and space radio is his playboy mag

and dandy fucking died

No "spike dies" ending for us
we get it upfront

nah, it'll be some bullshit deus ex machina that'll save him

you forget I've watched this show before

brb guys

i can say it is an absolute fact that dandy died right there

The alien language kinda looks like it spells 'dicks'.

So unless he managed to survive a planet vaporizing explosion, I guess I was right in hearing that it wouldn't be a conventional story.

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next at 11:20?

no saving him, he's straight up dead

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Wait until Huggers gets back.

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also planet vaporizing is actually understating it
a supernova is so powerful that if one happened where the sun is right now, if you somehow managed to survive the heat, conventional radiation, force of the shockwave, you'd still get lethal amounts of radiation from the number of neutrinos, which are high energy particles that operate outside of conventional quantum mechanics and don't even interact with normal matter 99.9999% of the time
there'd be just that much energy shooting out of it that there'd be enough interactions to kill you by neutrino poisoning

I never implied anywhere in that that he survived.

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>Space Awoo is an Awoo in Space

I don't need any help understanding that I probably wouldn't survive our sun going supernova. Hell, it wasn't too long ago that we barely missed getting hit by a solar flare that would've wiped out pretty much every single electronic component on earth.

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basically the point is if the sun went supernova somehow no one in the next hundred star systems would survive

>Somewhere, on the other side of the Atlantic, a certain man in Portugal was jolted from his slumber with a hard-on for seemingly no particular reason at all.

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pretty hot

spot on

>qt is just a vaccuum cleaner