My Wife

My Wife Neo the Ice Cream girl is so cute.

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>09/23/19(Mon)21:45:02 No.8785398
first lol

Do you think she’s cute?

Goto bed duke

Well to be frank all an*Me is designed to be cute, let's be real here.
Regardless yes she is quite alright lelliot
fug of flunar i will drunkenly shitpost all night to make you more uncomfortable

WOW! She is really cute!

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Thanks Duke
Your girl is cute as well.

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Youre welcome elliot!
here I'll even take sage out of my options field to bump your thread, u can thank me l8r

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My girl is ko-Chan
Ko-Chan left
Me right

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but she's not real
and don't even start with me either

Knowing she's a silent character makes her hotter to me for some reason.

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I’m glad everyone is being happy right now. We all have good waifus.

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I see, I’m glad though that you enjoy her as well.

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do you actually watch rwby or is this some kind of cruel joke?

im verry happy right now! then again i have been drunk for almost 7 hours now so of course id be happy!

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I don’t watch it, I just like how this character looks, she’s beautiful to me.
Well I’m glad you’re happy now.

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oh ok.

>Well I’m glad you’re happy now.
This is a daily occurence, my friend!

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I hope that Neo becomes the Empress of Jow Forums and getting 8888888 or 8999999 or 9000000 or even 8787878 to back it.

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jump into a box full of knives

Seethe more Leaf. Neo will make sure you eat those words.

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You can try for it, i still havent decided that I am gonna try to post with to get the glorious 88888888 GET!

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I think I’m gonna miss unfortunately. It’s getting later and later and it still hasn’t come, so I don’t know what to do.

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I seem to have a weird affinity for large palindromes, chances are I'll get on complete accident.

Well whatever happens, I hope it’s a good get. Goodnight fren, and I hope to see you tomorrow with My wife.

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Good night lelliot! Sleep well my frien

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What's your opinion on Keiki?

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