Day 309

day 309

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He hasn’t talked to me in over a day

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ok ok I'm genuinely sorry for that one
that was fucking stupid

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ok I'll check up on him

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he hasn’t responded to anything

goodness, boy, have a little faith in him

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emus not welcome

he usually respond to me especially at this time but nothing has come

I remember making a picture a year or so ago that said "eat battle" and mari and raymoo where in eating contest.
Does anyone have it?


sorry I took so long

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he'll talk to you when he's ready, he's a bit low-energy tonight
also stop asking for voice, he'll let you know when that's a good idea

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oh okay thank you

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Stop being so needed. You have a BF don't fuck it up.

ahhh my mark on the world

who is this shit girl


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