Good Morning/bant/!

Good Morning/bant/!

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Its 11 in the real world

It’s 5 a.m. in Austria

Goood morning!
isnt it quite early for you though?

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it's 6am and I'm about to go to sleep

No I have to go to work

I miss that lifestyle

Don't forget your morning!
soda and crisps for lunch so I might not be a right person to say this

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Good morning Austria!

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Me on the right
You on the left
Good morning ameri-kun

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How well did you sleep?!!!!!!

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Very well thank you!!!
How was your day ameri-kun?

ive been drunk for a very long time today, it helps me not feel sad!

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Why do you feel sad?

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dangit I meant breakfast

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a lot of reasons! but i dont care to g over them all right now, for i am genuinely happy when i am drunk@! its hard to be happy when im sober.

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I wanna hug you so hard Korea-Chan
It will make you sad in the long run.

i've been down this road before so i know exactly what's in store for me, buti tjust feels too good to stop right now (っ- – ς)

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Wanna Drink together only a Austrian can drink beer properly?

What do you mean??? I can drink any beer properly!

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Gu~ten Morugen!

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You can’t drink like an Austrian.
Guten Morgen Mr. Scumbag

But I sure as hell can drink like an AMERICAN!

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why is Easterempire so mean to me

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im sorry austrian please come back

American Beer is shit.
I’m at work I need a bit time to respond.

Well if you've only ever had shit like budwieser and coors then of coruse its shit!
oh okay, dont use 4chinks at work friend!

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If i don’t use Jow Forums at work we couldn’t write.
Stop drinking alcohol my friend and get a waifu.
My waifu is Korea-Chan

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>Stop drinking alcohol my friend and get a waifu.
no! a waifu cannot make me feel things in real life.
>My waifu is Korea-Chan
whois that? is she cool?!

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Very cool and very smart.
This is ko-Chan :