Reminder that Canadians are the superior race and should be treated with the appropriate reverence

Reminder that Canadians are the superior race and should be treated with the appropriate reverence.

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>literally just Canada but tiny and with weaker people untempered by winter
Obvious cope.

canada is pretty alright. if i couldn't live in scandinavia canada would be my 2nd choice.

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should be herded into woodchippers

frig off

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Norway looks pretty skookum. I'd like to visit there some day.


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I want to move to canada

Thanks Norway, I'm half Norwegian so I agree that your country is pretty Neat-o aswell.

Just walk in our border is practically non existent.

Frig yourself bud

Any idea on how i cross the ocean by feet? Also is there a way to do it legally?

Unironically: bribe the captain of a container ship.
Happens all the time.
Although If you don't wanna cross the Atlantic like a refugee just check out our government's website. It'll give you info on immigration requirements and probably a 1-800 to ask questions.
If you have any sort of university or college degree you shouldn't have too hard of a time emigrating here.
We're kinda building up to a population crisis right now.
Don't quote me on that though.

>Imagine being a countrylet
Canada is best nation and we've got so much land we've only got the potential to be even greater.
Great Northern Canadian Empire when

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shut the fuck up retard

>Wahhh my country is small, wahhh
Cope harder burgerboy

american walfarelets can't even become full time shitposting neets like us

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Superficial country

Also what is she doing right now

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Probably enjoying some 12inch Canadian dong like all females do

Absolutely based and neetpilled

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I have noticed before that Canadians are depicted as having flip-heads in south park. Apparently humans have regular mouth, demons have quadrilateral mouth, gods have triangular mouth and south parks Canadians have flip heads... also Saddam Hussein also has a flip head in south park.

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The Danish also had flip heads in 1 episode but they had different eyes and they seemed to have forgotten that idea in later episodes.

What the fuck is that supposed to be? Some kind of faggot defacing the flag by wearing it on its man-titties?

Man, I love that show.
I love how you got to go to Canada in the first game, and it's 8-bit and shitty, and the background music is 8-bit O Canada. The fact that they included Winnipeg of all fucking places is also particularly hilarious to me since its the capital of my province.

Fun Fact: Skaven from Warhammer made in the likeness of Canadians.

Canadians unite!

cuck president

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Leafs are so cute. I just love their outward nationalism and pride in being non-American whilst ultimately being a passive peoples at the same time.