How do I stop spending money for useless shit I don't need reee

How do I stop spending money for useless shit I don't need reee

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what did you buy

give yourself a punch in the face

learn to hate spending money, like me. i despise it.

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Some mangas, indie games on Switch and new overpriced shoes

buy stockings as well as a dildo

Can you teach me please?

Idk man, if buying those things make you happy and you can afford them I don't see why you should stop
as long as you are being responsible about it of course

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I actually have few stockings

Well I have the money to buy them but for the rest of month I'll be earing instant ramen and rice with salt

stop buying basedwitch games and shoes are kinda cringe you only need boots to walk in (bonus points if they have steel cap)

I can spend more money on shit than you because Austrian have more money lol

for what reason

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I bought some hypebeast Nike shoes

Sometimes I visit Vienna and almost every person there looks like homeless idk maan

these don't seem so useless at all apart from the overpriced shoes. when it comes to clothing, learning the art of LOOKING expensive while BEING cheap is crucial.

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I was a crossdresser one time

money will go away wether you spend it or not, now I'm not saying you spending it all on hobbies is okay but refusing to spend it on anything besides on the essential to live will only make you more miserable.
the truth is I don't know your economic situation so it's your call how you should spend money

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I mean I will propably don't even play those games they just were cheap so I bought them lmao

I don't know shit about fashion I was wearing clothes from second hand my whole life, so now I just buy things I like, mostly gaming merch shirts or some hipster shirts

I'm doing wagecucking job rn, around 50% of my salary goes to rent and basic needs but I'm planning on switching my job to some office papering

And the rest of my salary is not that much

alright, i dunno how much value my advice holds since i still live with my parents. but i'm training myself to live off as little money as possible because i'll have to move out one day.

>minimal furniture
i've been doing this for a few months and gotten used to it so i won't need to spend money on a bed or couch or tables and whatnot. plus as a martial artist it gives me more training space and sleeping on the floor keeps my lower back safe.
i buy cheap no name clothing from h&m and whatever that i later sew and tailor by hand to suit my body perfectly.
rice, beans legumes, grains and stuff are dirt cheap. i don't eat out nor spend a lot of time and resources preparing food. a lot of the time i will just swallow a pack of sunflower seeds whole. this may be a bit tricky at first for you tho, since i've been tracking my micro and macro nutrients for a long time, so i know exactly what my body needs.
>lots and lots of books
books are basically free entertainment if you have a library near by. and even if you don't, paperbacks are dirt cheap.

i dunno how much merit anything of what i just said holds, but i hope you found some value in it fren

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Have more self-discipline.

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I will sure try your advice with food I eat out a lot, and it's bloody expensive, so I'll try to make food at home, I have a library but I'm not into books that much, sometimes I read something from Stephen King but that's all and I'll try not to buy any new clothes for time because I already have a lot.

Thanks user!

Gonna whip myself everytime I buy some useless crap

> Help I've been brainwashed so I can't stop consuming useless scams made by 12 YO starving kids in Bangladesh

*Laughs in bourgeois*

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Can you be my cataclysm dda character?

LISTEN, you useless lazy ass miserable proletarian!
You're my slave! And thus you MUST do what I say! Consume! Don't stop wasting ypur money! It's your duty! It's your only will to live! You're NOTHING but my money-spending slave!


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Try to get on Czech Hunter

my pp smoll

If you can afford to I think you should burn your money and buy stupid shit

spend it all
can't spend money if you don't have any

Just don't be fucking stupid lol

Buy a VR headset that will sit and gather dust in a corner.