Post the most american picture you have

Post the most american picture you have

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fuck off faggot.

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>post the most American picture you have

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yeah, we totally don't think it's a doxxing honeypot

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he really did it

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>Jordan and Tommy Gray's 3-year-old daughter was watching "SpongeBob" when two armed men broke into their home near Buechel on March 21, 2013, and robbed them at gunpoint.

>Two years later, when one of the offenders was about to be sentenced, Jordan wrote in a victim impact statement that her daughter was still "in constant fear of black men." Both robbers were African-American.

>"Whenever we are running errands, if we come across a black male, she holds me tight and begs me to leave," the mother said. "It has affected her friendships at school and our relationships with African-American friends."

>But when Wallace was brought up for sentencing Feb. 4 in Jefferson Circuit Court, it was the parents, not Wallace, who suffered Judge Olu Stevens' wrath.

>"I am offended. … I am deeply offended that they would be victimized by an individual and express some kind of fear of all black men," he said.

>The Grays were not in court as Stevens denounced their statements and granted probation to Wallace, whom he said deserved the opportunity to redeem himself.

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Some top tier retard shit right here.

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this, unironically

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The year 2040

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>"the most american picture"
>posts a picture of white people
Nice try, mutt.

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still really wanna know the story on that pic lol

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And that's a good thing!

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freedom bewbs

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We have a winner!

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A new challenger has arrived.

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Same look that that guy gives on the gender reveal webm!

Haha fuck!

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>orange man says something bad on twitter
>the whole world reacts
>anything short of a war happens anywhere in the world
>relegated to local news

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a wise god indeed

that one gets me for some reason

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Based and aspartamepilled

would top the bottom

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This one wins. The daughter of a coal burner and the son of a bug chaser. Just imagine what monstrosity they will create.

that picture is like 10 years old.

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at least they are not speaking german

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