Most beautiful race

Objectively which race has the most beautiful people?

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i’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, and a number 7

I'll take the glasses ginger is the shitty shack

Wtf is this picture even supposed to be?

girls who look like this

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Asian WOMEN are so fucking HOT I love betraying my race for obnoxious bugwomen BAZED!!!!!

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Objectively we are all a bunch of ugly hairless monkeys.

All the non-whites in your pic had plastic surgery to look white so that answers your question.

1, 2 and 7, respectively.


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Australian Aborigines

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Based "swiss" ShitskIncel


I want to change this.
1, 7 and then 2 (kinda skeptical of 2, because I think 2 is really a jew), respectively of course. I can't get over that ritualistic heart removal ceremony for the sun god. Interesting culture.. sacrificing several people for gods that don't exist. Very interesting.

can i get some labels for each race and each number

1,2,3,4,8 are all White and the most beautiful. The rest are ugly subhumans.

whites of course, everyone wants to be white (jackson, anime etc.), only desire women get tan

No joke, that south American tribal girl is a qt. I can see why the Spaniards invaded.

most people are ugly though, they then vent their bitterness and lack of self esteem by becoming hardcore lefties and commies or right wing and ethnonationalists
lefties and commies want everyone to be the same so they can drag down the beautiful and hard working people to their ugly level, and far right and ethonationalists want to remove a part of the population to increase the odds of being better in said society (when they will still be a fucking loser) or associate themselves with the high achievers of their own race to elevate themselves from their shit existence/or genes

I’ve never met a good looking, attractive individual of an race talk about social politics ever, it’s like it’s just a branch of politics created for the weak and undesirables.

>t. Not understanding what 432hz means

Solfeggio tones are cool, but this shit ain't it.

Khazar milkers

Have you ever thought that right wingers are just tired of babysitting the rest of those who can't take of themselves?

MFW rice

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4 and 8 ain't white, bro... Light skinned Arab, and a light skinned Indian/Persian

so what about the poor conservative population, they’re not taking care of anybody

Persians are literally the original Aryans you retard. But yeah Arabs are certainly not white


i would say scandinavians.

Well the goal for whites is to race mix
Blacks got better bodies asians got better skin.
Whites bald fast
Age fast
Get roscea thus get a pigs ass complexion
More prone to bone fractures

They just have money

OK but an attractive Caucasian/IndoEuropean women with clearly dominant European features.

Pale pinkish skin, dark hair, blue eyes. Nice contrast.
Aren’t a lot of Frenchies like that?

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just normans.

If you seek any kind of gibbs, you are not a conservative. You're a democrat.

Nordics have the most beautiful women.
Meds (Iberian and Italian) have the most handsome men.

Nords have the very beautiful women and almost all of them are. Italy has slighly less attractive women but occasionally one will be out of this world. Like a slutty looking elf.

As for Med men, didnt notice any that were special.

beautiful people are beautiful, race doesnt matter

Very true about Italy

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so farmers and people dependent on the automotive industry aren’t conservative? kill yourself commie

Every shade of White and more Whitish Latins, some Middle Easterners can look good as well but it's by having European features

Method of elimination:
Asians: flat faces, small skeleton and frame, low sexual dimorphism, witch / nerd skull
Niggers: I don't think that needs any explanation, bah

nobody gives a fuck about medroach manlets anymore LOL
not only that, but after the importation of sandniggers all over europe, "dark mysterious epic handsom!!" has been dragged through the mud so badly, I'd rather be a nigger than a medroach

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lol no

>creepy huge eyes
>disproportionately huge breasts that sag

Why yes, I *DO* want my children to be 5'6" Tay-Sachs goblins! How could you tell?

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2 3 4 and 8

>there's even a competition
Whites are the only humans, therefore whites are the best-looking people all other races are subhuman

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a beautiful woman of any race will appeal to all men, at a cellular level.
rejection based on race is a chosen response.

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Well memed, user

2 probably.


Hwite ngl tbdesu

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shut up faggot, I do what I want

Shebrew never

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