cucktolicism : more than a religion, it's a way of life

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Bet you're a Muslim

Pirate scumbags

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how are these mutually exclusive?

Heretic scum

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based and redpiled irish posters


ummmmmm this post violated the rules as well sweaty

Hate the niggers

Adolf Hitler was a noble prophet sent to do battle against the semitic demiurge


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dumb frogposter

The nazis almost saved the world

this but unironically

jesus christ. no clue what she's saying but she's hot


Leftypol are mostly middle class teenagers

photographic depiction of what happens to rorkelets when they leave the house

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these sneaky pirates do everything to discredit the irish republican army whose sin was to seek freedom
>IRA terrorist behind 1993 Belfast bombing was ‘MI5 informant’ – leaked documents

beto what do you do for work?

Just watched The Butler (2013) and it about the prez's black butler. Anyway hes gets mad at Nixon cause his son died in vietnam but he was sad about kennedy, even though kennedy started vietnam

Makes me think these films arent genuine

he's a neet. he's said before

>Ummmmm ... NIGGERS LOL
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>Ummmmm ... NIGGERS LOL
*gets banned*
>wtf, the lefty kikes gooks must be behind this

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i am not a neet retarded amerifat

been in love with my cousin since forever
can't get her out of my head, what do?

1st cousin?

post toot

>what do?
Incest, duh

no lauri, don't shag your cousin

very left wing but still appreciate Current 93, Death in June, Drudkh and so on. it's just good music simple as

excellent finnish post, truly Jow Forums's finest

What if I have left wing economic views and right wing social views?

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these underage edgelords are using the n-word

That’s basically what fascism is

the odds of two Finnish cousins producing a zygote with some sort of mendelian disorder is probably nontrivial

Although there's dispute about whether Kennedy would have engineered full-scale involvement like Johnson did. They say Kennedy was assassinated because he wasn't gung-ho for American imperialism.

No, fascism is still capitalism. I also don't hate Jews.

based irish poster

report them for racism outside of /b/

>fascism is still capitalism

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Good post, you really showed me.

beto would you be down to join me for a /brit/ meet up?

don't think i even have the option la

she's always lived a few hours away, so even though we're kinda close, we're not close enough for these feelings to exist

yeah the film ended with him putting on a LBJ pin to go to some meeting with Obama aswell. Dont get why they cant be honest about it all just makes the point of the film less creditable when you clock it

Children born in marriages between first cousins have double the risk of congenital anomalies, a new UK study has found.1

Researchers followed 13776 pregnancies in Bradford and found that 6.1% of children born to first cousins had congenital anomalies and that 98% of these children were born to people of Pakistani origin. This compared with a 2.4% risk of congenital anomalies in non-consanguineous marriages in the study (multivariate relative risk 2.2 (95% confidence interval 1.7 to 2.9) and a background risk of 1.7% in the UK population. The researchers found that the risk was unchanged when they controlled for socioeconomic status.


hitler's parents were cousins or something like that hehehe

hitler had one testicle

smelly cunt

Hitler used jewish guards to protect the prison camps that were filled of slavic people like poles

Hitler was a tranny

hitler was of Pakistani origin

shitty /brit/ thread

Hitler was black. Whites white-washed history so they could claim Hitler's great economic successes

Woah... so these are the faces of Finnish nationalism....


Why did the pirates suffer such heavy casualties in Operation Banner?

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cunt looks like she mirrored half her face

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They're all old-cunts.

who is this?

thick cunt

Theory: All of Africa is basically Wakanda. They pretend to be poor but are actually super developed and rich.

looks exactly like lads you'd see in the pub why do all white people look the same


German concentration camps were created to hold partisans not strictly for jewish, but jewish partisans were included.

running out of money in the ol bank
have approximately 149 pizza rolls though

Africans are the most advanced race of mankind.

reply to her posts or your mom will die in her sleep

loving the aesthetic

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because guerilla warfare

post toot or your mom will be raped by an algerian

Where's your local pub? Innsmouth?

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it means that the IRA received support from the population in northern ireland and really hate to be occupied by pirates

want to shag an older woman while she calls me "hun" "sweetie" and "honey"

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want yankoids to stop posting immediately

remember when /brit/ was a thread dedicated to the discussion of britain and british culture?

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>autismokiwi is here

Oh come on bruce you know you're my nigger.
If it's anybody but me I'm glad it's you.
(just so you know though i'm not into tag team, I know you're swishy like that)

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What are you doing right now

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love 'arry brown

'ate pakis

Playing "they are billions".


thank goodness beto's mom is ok

What's that

Would like to design my own mcmansion some day.

Zombie rts game.

Why are the irish people so based

watching Dexter with the gf and chillin on the chon

ran out of zzzquils

that picture assumes god gives a fuck about you
or that he is obliged to
nope. he isn't.

oftentimes just watch the foreplay before porn then tune out

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i had a funnier knock knock joke but no one replied to my post and i forgot the joke

i like seeing what the girls are wearing before they take their clothes off

new trains lads

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>fascism is capitalism
Fascism is profit-sharing. Not quite communism, but far from capitalism

>question: why is /brit/ entertaining whereas all the other generals are insufferable
who was right?

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Fascists are the useful idiots of the burgeoise