There are girls posting to Jow Forums RIGHT NOW

>there are girls posting to Jow Forums RIGHT NOW
I call dibs

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Hey :3

There are no girls on the internet

>I call dibs
I can’t imagine any woman would walk away straight after witnessing all the human garbage here.

I am a girl, but an ugly one

hello, portugal-chan


Found the woman. Newsflash sweetie when guys go the bar together they call dibs on they girl they are gonna try to pick up

Exactly how ugly are we talking here?

>I call dibs

how the fuck do you even know this retarded teen expression? like where the fuck do you hear this shit. it just boggles my mind some europoor knows these retarded idioms

You know the rules

lol i'm not a girl

100% of females on this website are on /cgl/, /y/ and /soc/ only.

>he wants to date someone
Take the asexual pill, live life how you want to and don't give a fuck about anyone else

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>implying anyone here goes to bars
>implying anyone here goes outside
come on bro

lets be honest here, if a girl browses this website regularly, chances are she is either very ugly or has a damaged personality (or both).

Post pictures of your bare feet

That’s not true, there are plenty here, and a ton on /x/ and /fa/ and Jow Forums

>has a damaged personality

This is one of the most normie boards.

mammaries or kindly leave this thread.

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Asexuality is a meme, you just have poor nutrition and need to exercise more.

>live life how you want to
I want attractive women. Sexual feelings are good.

I know we like to pretend we’re special, but this place is basically Reddit without that upboats. Idk people in all seriousness wouldn’t believe that all kind of people browse here.

And it’s still pretty low-brow, which should give you an adequate impression of the rest of the site.

>without that upboats.
We have (You)s which are basically the same.

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I meant that many of us go out, go to bars, have gfs, have jobs, etc.

Asexuality is the superior way of life, Not giving a damn about anyone's opinions and living life how you want to without taking the consideration of someone else into your own decision, Individualism is the future.

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Romantic asexuality is the way to go.

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True, but I doubt the pretty ones stay for long, and not just hop on a discord or /soc/ thread to get to know people better.

I wouldn’t say many, but more than Jow Forums for sure. Also checked.

That's not asexuality dumb like, that's volcel. U just have no game and are trying to make something special out of it

True. Which proves the point even more. I think people who think this is some kind of exclusive secret bad boys club might either be in denial or mentally ill

Not trying to be rude here but your feet looks like bear paws


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if anything, you're being generous.

>all of these fake females itt

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there are so many desperate pussylusting incel freaks

Maybe, maybe not. The thing about the nature of this place being anonymous is you’d never know. Most femanons are just anons 99% of the time, there are plenty of interesting topics here that don’t come down to gender, so it doesn’t really matter in that sense. It can be addictive place for anyone.

I used to be in contact with girls from Jow Forums some years ago, but it was a waste of time and also pretty stressful
Wouldn't recommend

the fucking CURSE of being a brit with a penchant for Jow Forums qts
girls of any culture lust after meds, nords, literally any western country except for britain (SCOTLAND no less)
why the fuck would any girl want to go for a brit

Can someone explain this? Is this an some social anxiety cope because you can’t imagine typing on the same basket weaving forum as some probably ugly girls? No wonder you people can’t go out and talk to actual girls and cry about it on here

Sorry to disappoint you greatest ally but I'm not a virgin
>U just have no game and are trying to make something special out of it
I never really pursued women and was never interested in it, the only time I had sex was a one night stand with some random whore in a pub because she wouldn't leave me alone, left as soon as she felt asleep and it was the most disgusting experience I ever had.

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American girls love anyone with your accent. It almost doesn’t matter what you look like desu


It's statistically more likely for all the supposed females in this topic to actually be men pretending to be females for the (You)s. There is no reason to think otherwise.

Hey I'm sorry to break it to you but being attracted to anime girls/boys is not the same as being asexual

I'd have to castrate myself to not feel sexual attraction

but that’s american girls
they’re total sluts that lust after anything with a cock dangling between its legs

Source? Why do so many here think you’re that different from Reddit? I thought that was a meme, people can’t actually have this much of special snowflake syndrome

It is significantly more pathetic, though.

>You post le anime so you want to fuck drawings!!!!

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Yeah, you're right. Truth is I don't have any personal experience so I tend to buy in to stuff like Even though (as you say) it can't possibly be correctly determined.

I like to believe that when I post and read stuff here, there aren't people at college the next day recalling/reviewing/memeing about what has been said, like I hear them do for sites like reddit a lot.

>why the fuck would any girl want to go for a brit
>but that’s American girls
Also nice generalization, I’m sure yours are better

ours are even worse, that’s why I’d like a qt from overseas

>>You post le anime so you want to fuck drawings!!!!

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the amount of trannies itt

holy fucking saved

>>>You post le anime so you want to fuck drawings!!!!

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Yes, and I call dubs

>being ugly




where did you find them
how did you get in contact


Cant make this up

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no french can be ugly in my eyes for what it’s worth

They ruined /ck/

>a jew telling us to give up on trying to have children

>Obligatory tf tp posts
Thanks for the (you)s faggots

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