Edition: Anne Frank

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hello anne

is /brit/ local?

Bad edition by a bad poster

Yeah I live quite near

Same reason many men go into psychology and the same reason it’s been meme’d to the high heavens, they see it on CSI or Law and Order and think hmmm that looks interesting and enrol for psychology and now it’s an oversaturated degree full of unemployable runtoid pseuds

Psychiatry is the real degree, psychology is for floundering pseudo-intellectuals


Crigger Nacker Films

haters gonna comfort-ate

Skate 3 was the best vidya of all time


Biscuit pic has inspired me. Going to steal away to the toilkitchens and acquire a packet of digestives.

Ahhh so you were too stupid for law?

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Relevant, the gender pay gap cafe in Melbourne closed its doors recently after two years in business.

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What's going on? What's all this shouting? We'll have no trouble here.

Further maths


>fucking split posters
can I get an honest answer to this very serious question:
what's the situation with Israel?

are they illegally occupying land? what's the history of the region and the Palestinians? is there a viable solution or will this conflict just go on forever?
and anything else you'd like to add

>Edition: Anne Frank

It’s all bullshit anyway most of it isn’t even provable

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Mental how I've been a heavy internet user since 2002-ish but never lost an argument or been proven wrong.

Israel is based and you should stand with them like I do

>you'll never be a comfy sumo wrestler

Why live?

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ah yes

People who enrol for psychology literally get all their knowledge surrounding the subject from American TV and have a very rudimentary understanding of what it is

>your A levels
for me, it was Maths, Further Maths and Physics
the incel trifecta


Fucking kek the mum of this nonce lets the hunters into her house and they read out the chatlogs in their fucking living room.

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Wanted to be a plastic surgeon after watching Nip/Tuck 2bqh.

>0 friend online

Xbox dead

didn't she kill herself after her bf was arrested?

Holy fuck how have you hung yourself yet?

The Belt and Road Initiative, the “modern Silk Road”, is expected to cost up to $8 trillion and is being built along six main economic corridors to be completed by 2049. This series of Infrastructure, trade, and investment projects is going to link China to more than 70 countries, accounting for more than a third of world GDP, two thirds of the world’s population and three quarters of all known energy reserves.

Italy joined a few months back, New Zealand just last week.

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Israel is a violent ethnostate sponsored by the Americans to keep the wider region divided and unstable

It's a literal psuedo-science. Psychiatry, Psychology, Therapy and everything else relating to the human mind.

Listen to The Martyrmade podcast series on it, it’s about 15 hours but it’s the most in depth and unbiased account I’ve seen.
Came out thinking birth sides are just as bad as one another but if anyone is to blame it’s us.

psychology is an academic field in crisis
they need to burn it down and start over

Tochi's year la

Sigmund Freud was the biggest fraud in the 20th century

How dry are your ovaries, he asked

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I know I get memed for being a dumb nig but I honestly got an A* in physics without dropping a single mark


remember years ago during my time on /b/ there was this idea for us all to make fake facebook accounts and raid facebook groups. I remember one of the fake facebook profiles had a profile with very similar pics, all looking like this anne frank girl except the profile was a lot older than all of the other Jow Forums profiles and we would speak for ages and I just could never tell if I was actually speaking to a girl or not. Although now that I think about it, it definitely was a girl and I wish I attempted to sling one up her.

Would quite like a qt Jow Forums gf

Ya mam's too stupid

Maths, physics, psychology, chemisty (dropped after first year), further maths (dropped after 2 months)

Only really regret not insta-dropping Chem and not keeping further maths going

Doxxable info

thanks for the recommendation

What about Lacan

Then how come you’re an unemployable bennie scrounging nigwit

grim stuff

China really is going to dominate the next few centuries. Mad to think how it’s all the yanks fault for moving all their industry to China giving them a Hugh boost.

I for one welcome our Chinese overlords

remember at school they used to hold me down and drool into my mouth until i cried

zoey just got told to jog on and blog on in the old thread

Maths (A*), Chemisty (A*), Physics (A) and Economics (A*).


Britain gave Mandatory Palestine to the jews, Nazi Germany wrote an agreement to send them there (Haavara Agreement), etc.

Used to get stabbed in the neck with chisels quite a lot at school

What's her name, lad?

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So many STEMcels ITT

How insecure is she?

reminder trump's dad sent him to military school because of undiagnosed autism that gave him a dangerous combination of a seeming lack of empathy and sperg strength


We only had one rule in my schoolyard
1. No powershots on the first volley
Simple as

haha fucking M*n cannot handle the fact of a strong successful woman

Don't know if I even did A levels haha just wanted to get a degree innit

Ever notice that every single protest women do is literally just them bragging under a veil of social justice?


Genuinely rather incensed by how the yanks got hold of Norf FC memes and ran them inti the ground within weeks

non-stem gimps should be arrested

*enters thread*

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Going to be making a post about potties and snotties in the next 8 minutes.

Used to have this really fucking fit teacher and I remember how she would flirt with me, used to do debating and stuff and she would take us up, she would sometimes grab my arm and squeeze it or feel me up (I was built then, I still am) some other way when we were joking about. Wish I fucked her, she was married with kids.

AHhhhh yes, everyone on /brit/ got top marks on their a level exams and ended up failed normies! Classic! Love this episode *grabs the popcorn*

Aussie lads: what does 'never dog your mates' mean? Never grass or never backstab or something?

Our rule was simply "no blasters" but once the goalkeeper lad started bringing keeper gloves, blasters were back on the menu.

having a guava rubicon

Gonnae pop off tae th' wee tesco lads want anything

Hello Luke Skywalker haha

>China really is going to dominate the next few centuries. Mad to think how it’s all the yanks fault for moving all their industry to China giving them a Hugh boost.

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four lads held me down and drooled what seemed like litres of spit into my mouth until i was crying or sick was literally spewing out the side of my mouths onto their hands, this happened like once a month

STEMcels should be imprisoned

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Never happened mate, no way anybody could get away with something severe like that, you’d just report it.

Didn't realize but there was always an air of disingenuity about those *brap*


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Yeah more or less, it also means to make sure you join when the lads go out

But it's also about not doing dog acts in general like make sure you shout your mate a round at the pub if he's done the same for you

Used to do bully beatdowns on a lad simply because his dad used to make him carry all his schoolwork in a gay littlr briefcase rather than an Eastpak rucksack.

What makes her strong?

>you’d just report it.
snitches get stitches

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Have sex mate

did a wank to a girl wanking last night then wanked to a boy wanking this morning. what does it mean lads

Me in the audience top left

no idea

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That's awful, for some reason I thought you meant teachers.

Yeah so fucked lad sorry to hear, don't think that would have ever happened at my school

Cheers Bruco

If some lads drooled a litre of saliva into my mouth at school (they wouldn’t dare, I was a predatory animal who silenced my enemies through the art of violence) you’d better believe I’d report it

Genuinely belive History is the most important subject and should be emphasised more than Maths or the Sciences
If you want to have any understanding of the world today you need to know your history.

Too bad the history curriculum in this country is pozzed to shit, why the fuck we are taught about the American civil rights movement here when we have so much of our own history is beyond me

The Chinese century will begin any year now

means you're a perverted freak and should get cancer and die

Refuse to believe this happened, too bizarre and disgusting.

the palestine state was established after WW1 when britain and france carved up the lands the Ottomans lost when it collapsed. In WW1 a rothschild zionist jew asked the PM if he could have some land to create a jewish ethnostate or something similar so they were given a bit of palestine. Now in ancient texts its isreal to the jews but on the map it was palestine home to muslims who had lived there for centuries under ottoman rule.

The jews were only given a little bit of land and they had to be friendly with the muslims but after WW2 jews swarmed israel and their settlements were growing larger but britains mandate to control palestine was over by 1947(?) so the jews and muslims went to war a few times which israel won each time cementing their control and dominance further each time. Really the isrealis want the muslims out altogether but obviously nobody else considers that a viable solution so for the foreseeable future it looks like it will just go on

have a polo just like that