Wow.... so I’m..... the only white man on this board! Holy crap!

Wow.... so I’m..... the only white man on this board! Holy crap!

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>he identifies himself by a color

german rape baby it seems

Irish/English with a little bit of french/german on dad’s side, everything else on mom’s side

Now thats a hardcore euromix, how many generations of mutting is that ?

The English side has been here since the mayflower. Everything else came in the late 1800s/early1900s

>Spanish and Portuguese
You have to go back

I honestly have no idea where the Spanish came from. I know my family tree very far back and never saw a Spanish surname. Maybe it was a Spaniard who LARPed as a Frenchman or something

Nope, you are 1.6% moor and 0.4% mongol

Its was a frenchman with some iberian admixture

I thought I was a Euro/Native American/nigger mutt because of muh "Dutch and Huguenot" ancestry and muh "colonist" ancestors, but It turns out I'm 90% British and Irish, 1% Italian and the rest Broadly Northwestern European. Most family has been here since 1650s.

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>Finnish 0.4%

My ancestor :) so talented

want me to describe a sunny day to you?

Seems you are part mongoloid. Make way for the real only white man on this board.

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Mine for 100 European as well but they changed it for some reason. Chinks will rule the world anyway.

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>my grandmothers got raped by Soviet soldiers the DNA result

So your mom’s mom got raped by soviets and your dad’s mom got raped by British soldiers

Yes how did you know? Have you heard about ww2 rapes on Jow Forums?


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>I thought I was a Euro/Native American/nigger mutt
Doesn't everysingle American seem to think this though?

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t. brian killoran

You .... are alright

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And you're proud of that?

Thanks, pal

Purest genes so far.

I'm half Armenian.

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Damn user besides for the random Portugal percentage we're almost exactly the same.

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>Eastern European
>German flag

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Why are you and that one Greek guy posting my image?

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Why not? :DD

>Why not? :DD
Because it's weird and strange.

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>finnish 0,4%

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Scandinavians are also part mongoloid

>Eastern Europe

Dios mio, la creatura el europa...

>british are not inbr-

My mother is Irish and my Father English so that is impossible!

okay this is actually based

Not cheating by using websites that simplify the genetic background, here's my eurogenes k36

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Post results that matter not meme "Recent ancestry" My 23andme said 99.8% Eur*Pean

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Based and Iberian pilled

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Meme MyHeritage gives me more than 50% iberian.
But just like eurogenes they don't have enough French DNA data so half of my background is wrongly attributed between "Iberian/Italian/Celtic/North Atlantic".

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Based and Baltic pilled. Where would the Oceanian and Amerindian have come from?

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>chart specifies he's 7.5% white
>b-but i'm 100% white i swear for my ancestors
Why are mutts like this?

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Do you know if any of your ancestors might have been colonials who returned to the UK ?

Not that i know of. I know i have a French ancestor that was exiled from France and traveled around the Indian Ocean though, that's the only thing i can think of.

Damn, that sounds like quite the life.

Why would you be Iberian/Italian?

Half of my family is Spanish.

Oh shit, would make sense then.

Cover your kit numbers,

All depends on the samples used in that test K36 from Eurogene is unironically the best one

>deleting posts

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Yeah, it was sometime in the 1800's if i remember correctly, printing some ant government shit i think. I've got family all around the world though because of his sons due to him though, US, Canada, Guadalupe. Probably even more

>He doesnt turn off public access by default


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That's what I read, still I don't understand what such categories as Atlantic / North Sea / Italian really mean.

Atlantic is your west Euros sitting mostly in R1b(M269) basically late migration Celtic, North Sea is pretty standard Norway/Sweden

>North Sea is pretty standard Norway/Sweden
Not just Norway/Sweden though, Belgian, Holland, Germany, England, Etc.

i have some omotic and pygmy so i can say the n word, right niggas?

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>Spanish and portugese 1.6%
>Wow... so I'm.... the only white man on this board!


Does this count as a white person or am I just a mutt?

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>Implying Spanish and Portuguese aren't white without arab and north African admixture
Stop looking for approval, obviously you're white

But if strangers on an internet board whose names I'll never know don't validate my racism then how will I ever feel superior to people I'll never meet?

My ego would be... in check.

The confidence interval for these analyses is ridiculous. It'd be silly to take them seriously when it comes to phylogenetics.

All of these DNA test websites use α=0.5 to run their test (50% of statistical validity, so to speak), when every other genetic test uses α=0.01

That's basically picking half a chromosome and guessing based on the sender's address and historical census data.

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i would say this too if i was a baboonzilian

once you respond to me with a jewish joke I'd like to thank you for the (you)'s

Also when do I get my Israeli citizenship?

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>German Flag
>Russian DNA
>Mongoloid DNA

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