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Come ere you fruit fly cunt


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caught my little bro tryna leave the house with a 8 inch blade, slapped him across the front room little dickhead

Then you gave him a bigger one?

Ahhhhhhhh i'm a virgin ahhhhhhhhhh noooo not like this

Anyone else /autism/?

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because our lips are like glue
i think i love you

The yank attempt at humour

now he has nothing to defend himself with idiot

hate other people being at the gym
it's like people can't help themselves
they see the squat rack and just wonder what absolutely stupid shit they can get down to in there


only self diagnosed, ofcourse.

If you've not got autism please get the fuck out of this thread right now

England - Argentina in a couple lads

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new strict press PB, 67.5kg

i was there for all of those posts and honestly i never found it that funny back then
most overrated gimmick of all time

/brit/ is a failed normie general

holy peng

treating myself to a wank

daren't listen to songs with female vocals for fear of taking a hit to my masculinity

From the Goonies to Thanos

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Singing some Ariana grande songs in the shower again


check out this bender lads

Screenshots are always funnier

haven't take drugs for a whole 5 days

plans for tomorrow: take some drugs

Complimented the toilfu and she liked it

if only god was good

Bought a vape to get off the smokes and it's fucking horrible. Total waste of 50 euros

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dickheads hes just turned 13 he aint got no business carrying a weapon round the estate you think im gonna let my little bro get exploited or canned by these gang banging write offs

Girlfriends going out tonight cuz im on the stella


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What sort?

horrible in what way?

they taste like literal children's sweets, cannot be worse than cigarettes that taste like clapped arse

anyone use those self-service laundry machines they have at petrol stations? do they wash and dry or just wash? do they take long?

The gf won't stop texting me, sick of her at me all day every day

Nice one

don't worry lad I'll show her a good time

why would you do laundry at a petrol station

We’re gonna be alright

Are you brown?

literally redpilled

Haha good one lad tell is another

she wants a (white) man from newham

seethe on

don't mind being single for this reason
hate texting and hate being around people 24/7

It burns the throat off me, I've had nice vapes that are smooth and taste lovely but this fucking thing just burns after tiny drags.

Stop putting loads of flavouring in then you cunt


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mixed race

ive had sex before
stop saying ive never had sex

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If I have the place to myself: speed, for a 15+ hour wank

If I don't have the place to myself: oxy

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shag on... oh wait

I think some are washers and some are dryers, they hardly fucking expect you to drag your soaking washing home like a dipshit

None left

anyone got the reversed version of this that says gas chamber instead?

would either disown or kill my son if they did this

she wants a white man in hammersmith palais

I didn't put the machines there myself lad; they're just there

Complimenting women? That’s pretty cringe

don't irish have washing machines in their own homes

Thoughts on Abortion?

It's pre-made stuff that tastes nice in my da's vape and I filled it up to just below the fill line

morrison is the last white man in newham but all of his mates are wogs

Miku, Miku, you can call me Miku
Blue hair, blue tie, hiding in your wi-fi
Open secrets, anyone can find me

love it

God doesn't make mistakes.

Looks like the Sicilian in the second pic.

Forgot how much of that a banger was. Cheers bro

Not since the great persil famine

Pickin it up, I’m picking it up, I’m lovin and livin so we turn it up, mmmm yeah we turning it up

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no. not at all. don't have windows either

but people do due to their free will

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Heard he's got beef with Sainsbury

if there's a battle between fighting for the rights of innocent cute babies and fighting for the rights of washed up wine aunts, i think i'm on the side of the babies.

Lol why are white people obsessed with posture?
Shall be adding this one to the starter pack

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how do you explain how you came to be posting with us tonight then

God is a woman

Would give anything for Marina to step on my diamonds.

nonce bastard

most of the time im an incredibly anxious over self aware freak in public but all it takes is me to be with a friend im comfortable with and i stop caring to the point I probably come off quite rude and ignorant
can't help it though it just happens

Don’t understand where “clump of cells that isn’t a person” ends and “living baby” begins

God is a nigger

remember when he bust case after M’ing those 2 asians in a bucked weed farm robbery lol mad how he aint serving a lifer for that.. only white guy thats respected in newham so u know he does work

This girl at work was telling me I say unacceptable things like saying something is "retarded" or that this guy who's wife doesn't work should cook for them.

She was trying to make it seem like banter but I knew it was because she wanted to set me straight.

once baby is extracted

post it

uh what is predestination kiddo?

my posture is absolute shite after 15 years of computer / internet addiction

have tried those wall stretch exercises to fix it but too lazy to keep doing them

might buy this gadget you've posted

Think at the point that it's going to become something I.E successful conception is the point where it's wrong to kill it

Hate speed
Never get euphoric effects
Will be in Spain in less than 2 weeks and my m8 has good coke connects so will sniff myself to oblivion

This is an Ariana thread now

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God is a trans mixed race atheist

Yes he does

Fuck off

if a woman wants to get rid of it: clump of cells
if a woman wants to keep it: my beautiful child to be

a woman's opinion literally defines what is and isn't humanity