The more white, the more republican

>the more white, the more republican
>the more brown, the more democrat

Makes me thunk

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Sadly, the whites sometimes vote for the Democrats whereas the minorities almost always vote for their party.

Brown people arent the only non whites in california, there is also lots of chinese people there


Seriously, why does Jow Forums make so many threads about us?

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more vietnamese and filipinos

Who tend to be based and redpilled.

why are the dumbest states always red

LA county is 20% white and it’s a democratic stronghold. Look at Orange County to the south which is more white. Whites in LA are mostly wealthier than non-whites and secretly vote for republican while larping and virtue signaling.

vietnamese are based but I want to slap the filipinos' shit sometimes

Asians and filipinos vote democrat too, its not just hispanic brown people

Now go compare the HDI/IQ of states with being democrat/republican, the red states are retarded, second world shitholes

they only do it for immigration hookups. otherwise they'd be right wing.

You do realize California is one of the lowest ranking states in terms of IQ right?

All the red parts are basically where only country bumpkins live in?


>tfw red district turned blue in 2018

Everyone does it for that reason amd it really doesnt matter why they do it, they are still voting democrat

That's because they know which side of their tortilla is buttered. Any straight, white male voting Democrat in this day and age is essentially shooting themselves in the foot.

silicon valley and berkeley labs make up for it
they make the bloody nukes


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Yes blame it brown people only

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>grug is ____
>candidate glug is also _____
>me vote for glug because there's no way glug will fuck his fellow ____ in the ass like 90% of populists
Honest question: do tribalist retards actually think that nationalist/demagogues have their best interests at heart? Do they not know that "muh race" and "make ____ great again" are the oldest swindles in the history of politics? Do you not realize that society is an incredibly complex mechanism, and that "blame it all on group X" is the equivalent of those infomercials that say you can get a Mr. Universe body by taking supplements once a day and not working out?

How many times are you idiots going to fall for the magic "yeah! the problem was that were weren't being hard enough on _____" meme? I don't understand, someone please help me

>Any straight, white male voting Democrat in this day and age is essentially shooting themselves in the foot.

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I can't wait until Texas flips to blue. Republicans will never be able to win the presidency again lol

>dude fuck minorities lmao, don't give them shit
>WHAT?! how can you vote D*mocrat! And after all I've done for you

it'll probably become a chaotic swing state that dictates the elections

>unironically voting for the California republican party
They're extremely incompetent and can't find a single decent candidate to save their lives.

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My state (Virginia) recently flipped to blue, despite most of the state being red. Feels good, man.

yeah fuck getting a job or obeying the law

I've been abused in the street several times just because I was white. That sole point justify that I should take race into account to vote. Especially when whites are becoming a minority in my country.

No you weren't

Why would you doubt that?

I haven't been to all of California, but overall across the country red counties tend to be more backwards

>t. hasn't paid attention at all
I'm a leftarded liberal... but they will always find a way. When Democrats started tearing Republicans ass up with the Great Society and other shit, Republicans came back by flipping racist Southern whites who were butthurt about civil rights.
When Carter stomped Republicans post-Watergate, Reagan courted evangelicals and sealed the deal with anti-crime and the War on Drugs.
The two-party system guarantees that the split will always be approx. 50% - 50% split. Every election the parties re-align themselves. Republicans spent decades railing against porn, whens the last time you heard anyone mention it at all? The parties will do whatever it takes to win. If Texas Republicans ever lose Texas in a presidential election (think 1984 in reverse) they'll just pick themselves up and move further to the left. Rinse and repeat until either they win, or the state party gets completely purged of losers and get new blood that can actually get elected.

Food for thought:
If the Repubs start losing in Texas they'll just run token spics and run super relgious to appeal to the conservative religious Latinos (i.e. almost all of them). It's been one of the most stupid weaknesses of the modern Republican Party that they haven't been able to curry Latino votes -- they have more in common than one might think. They dislike abortion, gay rights, feminism more than the average white, and they support religion and free enterprise more. They're born Republicans... but theyre too boomer and racist to use it to their advantage.

>Any straight, white male voting Democrat in this day and age is essentially shooting themselves in the foot.

In what way has voting republican ever stopped immigration? Look at Texas for instance. White people only vote republican because the republicans marketed themselves as the white man's party but they haven't done shit for white people, they only care about the interests of Israel and Qatar.

This. I don't know why but every Republican in California is a fucking insane extremist. In other blue parts of the country they manage to get good Republicans, but not here in Cali.

They should shoot themselves in the face

Some areas of France are pretty bad, like the banlieux near Paris

how do you know?

Texas isn't more white than california but it's a red state. Why ?

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Texan whites are more republican

I can understand French pretty well so I can read the reports about crime statistics there. The most dangerous département (equivalent to county in France) is a suburb just North of Paris called Seine Saint-Denis. Something like 50% of the population there is migrants and their kids IIRC

Because it's usually the other way around, idk maybe it's different in saint-denis or wherever you live

Nah Texas is whiter than California.

They're still barely 40% of the population.
Also how is it like in the parts of Texas that are like 90% mexican near the border. Do people speak english there ? Do they feel more Mexican or American ?

But how does that compare to areas in the US? I live in a 90% white city and we get about 6 or 7 murders a year with a population of 70,000, compare that to 11 murders in Malmo's population of 300,000 and we're more dangerous. Say what you will about europe but they don't have guns like we do so it's much harder for them to commit homicide.

>voting for a racist con man (or in your case, daughter of a con man) will somehow make this never happen again
That's the other thing I don't understand. It's all lip service. You know as well as I do that every so-called nationalist has never done anything. Society won't allow him to deport every brown person, or whatever drastic transformation you'd like to happen but never will.
So if nothings going to change, why vote for that person? At least the centrist/progressive is honest, even if you don't agree with it. I mean, do you honestly think Le Pen, if elected, would remove even 1% of Muslims? What do you expect to change, and why do you think it won't be like every other nationalist candidate since WWII?
>dude trust me my white brother I'm white
>and so are my croni- I mean, my fellow white brothers who I am appointing to the cabinet
>qualifications? why, we believe in the same things, isn't that qualification enough
>*steals everything*
I don't see how everyone isn't immensely suspicious of the "trust me, I'm a real _____man." I'm white (actual white, not le 56% white) but whole populism thing just seems full of colorful, feel-good rhetoric and fear, with zero actual problem solving. Again, I'd like to get some elaboration, to satisfy my curiosity.

Blue=High IQ & Rich
Red=Low IQ & Poor

Minorities have a lower turnout than California and the Hispanics that do vote are a bit more Republican

It wasn't in Saint-Denis but I'm quite short.
So whenever I'm alone in the street I appear as weak. I'm an easy prey and it's easier to abuse me then.
In some neighbours, white peoplebecame a minority. It's only in some neighbours but it happens quite often.
I'm not lying and I despised people who talked about those things before. But I now believe that in France, the white people should take into account the fact that they may become a minority in the near future.

You're rigth on one point though, I've also often heard racial abuse towards Black people or Arab people. (I've never done such a thing myself).

They speak English but most can speak Spanish, too. It’s also the most Democratic part of the state

coasties fuck off and stop clogging up I-80 all fucking summer, thank you

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You have to go back to Portugal.

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This is not always true. Humboldt County is predominantly white and democrat because its population is mostly white hippies and white liberal college students.

Spillover from DC

Hispanics have lower turnout rates across the country

>(I've never done such a thing myself).
Abuse them whenever you can as pay back

pinoys here should be dropped into an active volcano

why are whites so racist? jeez


Seething Juanita

>The more democrat, the richer

Shut the fuck up

Why don't Latinos vote? They could be kingmaker if they wanted.

>my ancestors came here from Norway 200 years ago so I'm basically scandinavian

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Isn't republicans and democrats basically the same stuff?
Their only differences are on irrelevant stuff. I mean, both sides receive the money from the same people

I am white

beaner from Reynoda here, been in cities like McAllen, Brownsville, Pharr and San Antonio many times so you count on my opinion
While they are mostly mexican, they definitely see themselves more American, some even see themselves as above than actual Mexicans from Mexico
and they speak English mostly with some Spanish words or phrases here and there (aka Spanglish) but can speak Spanish pretty well
idk anything about American politics tho so I can't talk you about that

They can't vote because they are either illegals or only have a green card and worry that when they apply for citizenship and USCIS runs a background check on them they will find all of the petty crimes and DUIs they've committed and they'll get their green card taken away.

Yeah generally Western Europe has lower violent crime rates. Limits on gun ownership are probably a big factor in that.

Make me hippy


Because we don’t care

lolno the pattern holds true across lots of groups

Less brown and black people have a larger role than this. I like to meme about Arab and African refugees flooding Europe but the truth is that even the countries with most refugees in Europe are still ~80% white.

>republicans GOOD
>democrats BAD

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You also can't vote in many states if you are a convicted felon which is why the South is Republican despite having so many blacks.


All over the political spectrum I only see cronies.
But today in France, rich people vote for the centrist parties and they are the real cronies. The last three French presidents had personal friendship links with at least one of our billionaires.
I acknowledge the fact that some thing won't get better if Le Pen is elected.

But first of all, I'm going to get a good degree so I could aswell live well (for some times) with the current government and its successors.
But I also think religion (most of all) race (sadly) and immigration are now crucial points to determine what the future of France will be.

For me it's the main concern (before economy) and somehow linked with environment. I do not care about anything else. So I prefer to vote for the party that is the more strict on that subject. And I sincerely hope we get mass deportation.

Electing Le Pen could even be worse that you think because I believe it could even lead to a civil war. I do not want that but that how bad the situation is. And I think it's better to fight when you still have the opportunity to do it.

If we don't, we may just become another muslim caliphate. (remember that only a few years ago, men carrying kalashnikovs were roaming through the streets of Paris killing everyone they could)