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Chinese century edition

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Big perky breasts

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Literal mouthbreating landwhale.

I know. Do you think that mouthbreathing fucked up your jaw?

No because my jaw isn't recessed, just poorly defined.

You should still stop.
Do you want me to make you a diet plan? Manletolo could make you exercise plan

>You should still stop
I should stop what? I'm not a mouthbreather. Also STFU Tramtard.

make me a diet plan
what would it be like?
pizza for breakfast and dinner?

kfc breakfast
kebab lunch
pizza dinner

You sure seem like a mouthbreather to me...

Best is fasting but if you are too pussy for that or cant do that then keto is pretty good.

I told my lesbian friend I'm a chinlet

Should a make a move on her? Try for bi?

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You guys ever have this existential fear of being alone. Of being disconnected from the world and growing old alone?

I’m only 23, so I can’t imagine how people like Argie must feel. But sometimes I fall into state where to finiteness of our lives becomes crushingly apparent.

Tell me I’m not alone. Although I guess this in and of itself is reaching out to others.

I miss my parents, and my nieces

yes. but how can you be chinlet

Just go get drunk lmao

>I miss my parents, and my nieces

what happened


I hate alcohol, but I do use weak opiates regularly to numb myself.

They're on another continent. I guess it isn't so bad with my parents, some days I speak to my father for hours. I love my mom, but I can't really speak to her openly like I can with him.

But when it comes to my nieces ( 4 and 10 ) , speaking over the phone really just isn't the same. I miss having the little one near my, whenever she would come over to our place she would always run over to me and jump all over me.

Fuck the feels.

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stop posting pictures of my homeland

>leafanon greets you on the street
>"tickle me anus and call me Samantha"
How do you respond?

Fuck you it's more mine than yours

thats a little rude

You're probably like most " Canadians ", the most of the country you've visited outside of your homeland is Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa ( maybe ) IF you've even seen anything past your local area.

I feel sad for you most of the time


Why Laos? Cambodia seems like superior Laos in every way but I've only been there and Thailand for SEA.

no blogging, only shitposting

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that's sad

smol gril was bullied today

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What sad is rotting away in an apartment while doing the same daily routine until you die without seeing what is out there.

I haven't felt better in my life.

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I have schizoid personality type (it is not a disorder but natural neurovariety, some of our biological ancestors were solitary beasts), so I don’t need human companionship. I do not shun it however.

On one hand thats my dream

On the other hand I worry if I commit full time to what I am doing now and lead a semi nomadic lifestyle I will never find a quality woman to have a family with. The average person thinks what I do is degenerate and not a way to make money. It's doubly difficult.

thats like evolutionary advantage!

enjoy your loneliness when you're older
but if you ever buy your own island I'll come to visit

nighty night

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>be autistic
>ask a girl out after several years of no intimate contact with women
>she says ok
>it was fun
>she talked A LOT
>no contact for kind of a long time
>ask out second time
>says yes and offers better plan than me (cinema)
>shit movie but it was kind of fun
>autism leaking through and through but whatever
>before parting ask another day
>she says ok

Is this how you get a girlfriend? Would she do all that without wanting to hook up? So many questions.

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>Is this how you get a girlfriend? Would she do all that without wanting to hook up? So many questions.

If she's quality she probably wants to get to know you before sleeping with you, but yes, this is how you get a gf.

It comes with other baggage that gives us some disadvantage but we are not all that uncommon. As the society become more atomized, neorotypicals might opt to get some electrode stuck in their head or some shit that would turn them schizoid as their social advantages will not longer amount for shit but that is a far future.

can I get mentalbux for being a schizoid?
I'm pretty sure I'm one too

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Pretty sure you can claim disability in the UK for bullshit reasons like “ fatigue syndrome “ and depression

I was supposed to study but have been talking with her for 3h now.

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yes, and you're doing well so far, user

Wow this genera is dead without argie


Better die than end up as autists chatroom


dont be jelly that you are boring NPC without personality and noone wants to talk with you

What did you ate today? I had chinese food.


you dont have pb98 in cechika?


benzin 98 oktane

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so I guess we do

>but no 92 in sight



It's a bit late to be bumping.

Goodnight all


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And so it all comes to an end. There are no flowers or songs to be sung. In fact it's like nothing happened at all. Everything stays the same, everything is as it should be and in the end it doesn't really matter.
You can try how much you want. Go on, keep it up. The sweat you poured is truly beautiful.
In the end you will piss shit and blood is all the reward you get.

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You alright mate?

Hai Hai ~ Welcome to my thread jewfriend

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Yes, thank you... *slowly moves towards the exit*

Uh why are you leaving? You just came! I baked some nice pretzels we could eat while drinking some nice Melissa tea and talking about anime and stuff!

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What's Melissa tea

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Okay nevermind I googled it, we have a similar plant called nana used for tea

Uhhh maybe the name "balm mint" says more.
I am afraid I will have to go to 4Channel jail. Bye Bye friend.

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We can continue when I come back from jail I guess... if I come back that is. Please take care and enjoy the Melissa tea without me!

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Sure, have fun

Arr rook same.



>going trough all this misery just to put your wiener into the pussy