Do Italians really look like this?

Do Italians really look like this?

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god I hope not

god i hope so

He looks like a incel

He looks English

he looks dutch

could pass as a local in Scotland

can confirm

Was this guy celtic

what a fucking abomination, either those dna recreations are bullshit and the dna was heavily damaged or the rulers were fucking goblins.

literally me but I have a shitty mustache as well

Who said rulers had to be cute?

You don't connect your sideburns with beard don't you user

he looks dumb

This is fake. Nero had blonde hair and blue eyes.

I do actually but it's still mostly a neckbeard

Some do. Remember this guy in highschool, could've passed for one of your chavs easy.

Either way he was an ugly mofo

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Why not just long sideburns?

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I'm lazy and hate shaving. I look better shaven but I just don't care.

yeah, he was. And he was described as smelly too. He was having with his mom (a german woman)

Their bloodlines were often pretty incestuous, might explain it too. Google Carlos ii of Spain

I look like that