What countries have upturned noses like this?

what countries have upturned noses like this?

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A kikenose? Plenty.

Any Germanic or Sacanda country

literately the opposite of a kike nose

>Receding hairline in her 20's
Curious to see what she will look like in 10 years



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Danes, russians, some finno-ugrics

Literally a pig

Very common here in middle Sweden.

>Receding hairline
That's not how female pattern baldness works

She pulls on her hair too much, the front hair is thinning already

take a guess

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Not really, a shoenose is a kikenose.

some women have naturally receded hairlines. it doesn't mean they will go bald, just that their sons will.
would still marry her desu


If she had a bang to cover it up, would look nicer tb.h


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The best way to trigger asian thots is by asking them why they can't afford a nosejob