Is it true?

Is it true?

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I wasn’t aware Europeans even owned cars

I doubt many americans own a house at 25

How does the American pay 10k student loans and then has a mansion

i'm more of a nintendo switch man
can't wait to finally play witcher 3


most of my friends dont, and they're in their 20's
we have pedestrian-sized roads instead of car-sized roads, so we can get anywhere pretty easily just walking

Maybe 15 years ago. Everything is fucked now.

Yeah if you grew up in the boomer era

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absolutely no one on Jow Forums is either of those things.

Pretty sure amerimutts on this website are the majority of virgin losers. So, at least on Jow Forums, it isn't true.

t. gringo visiting the 56% of his ancestors

midwesteners don't have student debt, they go to the community college in Bumfuck, Nowhere - Kansas and buy a 10,000 sqrmt property for 100 bucks and then build a 1000 sqrmt house made out of cardboard and pretend it's a real house, then call it a day
only coast*ids and chicag*ids go to "good" colleges and end up 100k dollars in debt by the time they are 25


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more like this

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A european car is more sturdy than an american house.

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I dont have a car. Bur if I had one it would something similar

Most urbanites don't, but suburb/ruralfags mostly do, just like in USA.

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Amerigoblos die when they’re in school, they don’t even reach 25. Mexicans on the other hand will live to 100 and replace the Amerigoblo scum. How will you handle LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMÉRICA?


The great replacement is happening and it's a good thing

I think it is. My brother graduated with a 2.2 here and later on emigrated to America working as a cinema manager. He was married, owned a home and 2 cars by like age 26/27. His wife does have a good job but nonetheless, it would be impossible for him to obtain those things here with such a job

wtf I'm European now

I want to say that this was made to troll eurofags but I've seen so many Jow Forumsacks post it unironically that I really don't know at this point.

>I wasn’t aware Europeans even owned cars
I own several. My daily driver is my LS3 powered C10 I've been building on for years.

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The guy on bottom definitely didn't go to college, he's probably a tradesman making 80,000$ a year plus benefits.


>yurorats are jealous that they live in a commieblock with the other "professionals" while a mechanic can afford to buy this in the US

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Why so suburban children unironically make these terrible memes?

like everyone I know has a car
me? I don't have a car and with our shitty public transportation I'm emarginated by everyone. but you're American, you know better than me what means not having a car

Based fellow loser. Are you a NEET? do you still have mom driving you around? I do.

I have a car but I almost never use it. I think the last time I drove it was in April

>Are you a NEET?
nope, it's not worthy being a NEET here. I use only buses
>do you still have mom driving you around? I do.
sometimes when i can't take the bus I'm forced to ask her but usually no

>tfw you will never live the American Dream™

Nice shack bought with your plastic debt swiper

I also take the bus but it's shit. There's only one line that goes to my neighborhood, twice an hour, and only goes to the town center, not other neighborhoods. Public transportation in this bitch country is fucking terrible but of course the normies love their oil guzzling cars.

Rural houses are really affordable but we're not so obsessed with muh idyllic image so we tend to prefer more practical solutions like living in suburbs (different from your suburbs) and in cities, allowing for less time wasted in traffic and easier access to all the services etc. places you'd typically want to go to on a regular basis. There are plenty of rural houses that anyone could easily afford the moment they get steady income, most good condition rural houses being in 20-50k€ range. It's just inconvenient to have to drive a long distance to work every day and have to drive to the store whenever you need to get some milk or bread, rather just live close to downtown and take a 3-5min bus ride to work and walk to the grocery store 2 blocks down from where you live.

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That house is like 30 minutes from Manhattan, Stamford, and Westchester county NY. It's not rural.

>t. self hating CHI

we have a term for this called bacon belt

Best in this trhead.

I'm not an amerimutt you stupid fatso

>t. Poorfag millennial

Take off the proxy

If you aren't a zoomer or a millennial you need to leave this site.

That's pretty rural by our standards. The national average commute here is 14km (8.6mi).


Yeah I see the problem there, in the US cities are so large that even living 20 minutes from the interior is unbearably dense and diverse. You gotta live at least 30-40 minutes to have a comfy breezy home and neighborhood like mine was.

I am Gen Z. That’s why I didn’t fall for any of the tricks that these debt ridden poorfags did. I started investing in stock options when I was 18 and now I have the money to pay off my student loans before even graduating despite not having a job.


Americans will live in suburbs more than 60 miles away from their work and just drive two hours both ways for work. It's bizarre what people will do to get a home that will always increase in value.

There's also the fact that some people live in one state and work in another since taxes here are actually very different from each other state to state while Europeans have it all the same across the whole country.

Looks comfy but my family home is like 4x that

if you don't have a job how did you get money for investing?

How much did it cost?

Yeah I've noticed that. I think it has to do with us having more mixed suburbs, we have apartment blocks and shops/stores sprinkled into the suburb areas to make for hotspots so that public transport can be viable whereas you tend to go all-in on a particular environment, like if its a commercial area then it's only commercial, if its low-density residental then it's only that. Take one of the suburbs from the earlier pic for example, Hervanta, it's located just under the lower "Suburbs" text in the pic, and this is how it looks from closer. Many stores, shops, services and mixed housing with bocks, rowhouses and detached housing all close to services and public transportation to make travelling into the downtown area as easy and affordable as possible for everyone, even though this suburb is a bit remote and detached from the rest of the network as seen in original pic.

Forgot pic, naturally.

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I’m 25. I only know a handful of people my age who are married, and the housing situation is fucked.

Though I live in the south, so the giant ass truck thing is true.

You missed the black bvll with the wife on the american one