How big is your bed?

How big is your bed?

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enough for two people :)

The bunk beds in the Army will do fine for you, weeb.

It used to accommodate 2 people but I've been sleeping alone in it for a good while.

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2m x 1.5m
sleep with your sister dumb fuck

I'm already employed and I just put a downpayment on a house, NEET.

Its made for one person but I can fit another boy in here when I need to.

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California king

Thats a shitty excuse for not serving your country, weeb.

It can just barely fit me and my dog who likes to force herself next to me

Gross. Filter me and don't reply to my threads ever again.

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Queen I think?
But it sucks, I keep waking up with neck pain and headaches

I sleep on sofa

Pretty big, I'm 188 cm and I can sleep vitruvian-mode if I want. Wish it was less noisy though.

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200x105 cm

10/10 for dog

7/10 for queen but you need a new pillow

might be comfy

8/10 looks nice

what's under your shorts?

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2 and a half feet, only vinyl hospital beds for me.



nice cock ;)

I also sleep on the floor every now and then. then it would be smthing like 20m^2

A queen by murica standards I could fit like 3-4 boys comfortably

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kys trannyfaggot

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>That lack of effort

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im doing gods work

90 x 190 im 204 cm tall so my feet always Stick out :(


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Get out of my thread

>7/10 for queen but you need a new pillow
I know, but I've tried at least 20 different pillows and none work
I get this pain like every 8 months or so


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1.8 x 1.2 m

what makes you think i'm from discord, retard?

Gave him a chance?

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There is room for me and my dog
It is 2 person bed

Does he still look like a potato

He has big bones

Are you going to play WoW classic?

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California king. I thrash about in my sleep, need a lot of room so i dont roll out.



Why are you unknown? What planet are you on