Thank you Canada, very cool

Thank you Canada, very cool

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he just into BLACK BVLLS meme that much


Based Trutru s understood the new worlds spirit

Isnt that insulting to the other guy?
Like please, I want one million poeple to leave your country and come to mine. Wtf nigga.

This is a completely false story btw.



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Jokes aside, Canada does need immigrants to be able to sustain the economy and the nation. I don't know if getting people with 3rd world work ethic is a good idea though but we're fed up with chinese, and the 3rd world indians are too insular to be of use

signs the population growth bubble economic model may be nearing its day of reckoning


>implying this article is real
user I...

pls, cuck us, so my politically correct voters will stay happy. today's western politics.

I Need job. Noone Hire Me

>magic numbers in a database
the economy grows by production and manufacturing not shuffling numbers between systems like the finance sector or importing masses to have forced consumption

Niggers from such places havent worked single day, what sustaining you talking about. If some ragheads havent worked and sweden has problems like 80% of them dont work then why do you think some glue sniffing and gas siphoning niggers are going to work

This article is real by the way. Get angry and vote for austerity and tax cuts for the job creators.

t. nig

Why no hondurans you fucking leafs? They are right here

>and the 3rd world indians are too insular to be of use
Lol so wtf do you want? Immigrants that actively want to cuck you or something?

>sustain the nation by destroying your nation

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fake news

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What skills do you have? How many low skilled factories or service centers did you apply for?

>a country built by immigration is going to be destroyed by immigrants
ok bro

destroy the nation, become an economic zone instead
then have more babies

New worlders don't have "nations."

we did for a little while
then the late 19th - early 20th century happened

people like you are killing this country, begging to be replaced. Kill yourself degenerate.

I'd rather live in a comfy country with a mediocre economy than an productive shithole with a great economy. No thanks.

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Canada is a nation of immigrants. We have civic nationalism. There is national identity and there is no "white pride" because it was never based off of it.

go back to pakistan

How am I begging to be replaced? Are you denying the fact that Canada was built on immigration? Young Canadians don't want to work the shit jobs, that's a fact. If someone is putting the effort to show they are valuable to our country then we should give them the opportunity to do so. Just like your ancestors and mine got the opportunity in the past.

>civic nationalism
>bro the raptors won! im proud to be canadian!
Only low IQ people do this. Canada is a fake nation with no history or legacy.

>young canadians dont want shit job
No shit but canadians cant even get them when employers prefer off the boat pajeets because theyre passive and will accept getting cuck so long as some money is coming in. Fuck off.

>I'd rather live in a comfy country
It's easier to preach that user but evidently we, the citizens, require more and more to be done to make our lives easier. I don't know what a "comfy country" means but the standard of "comfy" is steadily increasing all over the western world as people are becoming lazier and demanding better things given to them.

Sorry, I meant "there is no national identity". It's just collective existence as individuals, which can be argued as a good thing though.

But that's when all the non-white immigration occurred.

t. doesn't know what a nation is

The nation is the people, not the state. The Canadian nation would be the whites (specifically the descendants of the original British) who settled it and defined it. "Native Canadians" aren't part of the same nation.

By "white" you mean "anglo" right? Because a lot of non-white Euros were up there too.

"Canadian nation" is a fake thing, it doesn't exist. The original British were just colonists of the British nation who settled here. A lot has changed since then and now even a 2nd generation Chinese immigrant is part of the Canadian nation. Simply because it is not an actual thing.