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how many push ups you can do?

I just did 30 on and off

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I usually do 5 sets of 20

I always do the proper posture which is harder

1 1/2

over 50
but I've doing the 100 hundred push-ups challenge for a while now
it was supposed to take only 7 weeks kek

Based. Proper posture also helps with the abs

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I always try to get in at least 100 a day, along with my other workouts.

I have hypotension and feel dizzy if I do 5. So I just don't. I'm a little sack of turd

3 sets of 50 is my daily custom

how do I progress? I can't do even 10 in one set

I usually do 30, twice a day sometimes some more


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Force yourself to do it until your arms hurt. Do this every day and eat properly and your muscles will grow.

100 in a row max.
30-50 sets in average
200-250 a day max.

To Break this down:
>1 set of 100 to bring power & explosivity to the muscle
>1 set of 50 to keep it constant
then if i'm getting tired:
>2 sets of 25 to make it 200.
or if i'm feeling in good shape
>2 sets of 50 to make it 250.

Start by downloading any pushups app that give you a routine + reminder. It helps if you only fap in the weekends instead of everyday. Eat all 3 meals and just start doing them. Not memeing btw

around 40-50



Natty, yes?

1 or maybe 2

How many calories I should eat? currently I eat about 1000 daily, more on the weekends

3, but chest to the floor ones

I'll try now and report back in a few seconds

Ironically I'm better at pullups than push ups

34 but my excuse is that I have a cold so I'm weaker

Yep, Don't take any drink or things that increase force. Not even bulked or shredded though, i still have an average body, but since i became NEET, i'm planning to work on my body of work to be ready the day i'm finding a job to be attractive enough for some girls to fuck.

Also the problem i'm making little gains is that my alimentation is pretty terrible but since i cut the juice & sodas, and switched to water only, i might make gains. I'm testing right now.

I use to be able to do 3 sets of 50, but I’ve gotten flabby lately. I can only do around 3 sets of 30 now, but I’m getting back into things at least

I usually do 5 sets of 10 in between push ups sets

pull ups

But can you do handstand pushups?

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