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NoFap now if you want to make something out of yourself.

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I thought about no fap myself cause I feel like porn is obscurring my view on sexuality. What are the facts?

yes a local gypsy from Shutka

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epitelous tha ginoume politismeni xwra


>nofap turns you into a mutt
coomer it is

>Mara Buneva was a qt

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Πώς είναι η νέα kυβέρνηση εις τας Ελλάδας?

poia xwra; makethonia?

>biggest city Reconstruction in Europe
>build over the old airport
>6 skycrapers
cost 1/3 of north Macedonians GDP

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>no!!!!!!!!!! the evil Albanians are gonna behead me when they become a majority!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Greek minority in Albania status: not beheaded
Vlach minority in Albania status: not beheaded
Turk minority in Kosovo status: not beheaded
Bosniak/Croat minority in Kosovo status: not beheaded

kanei kai kala pragmata pou eixe yposxethei opws katargisi tou asylou sta panepistimia opou evriskan asylo oi lathremporoi kai oi emporoi narkwtikwn alla sigoura gia ta matia tou kosmou
ekanan kai merika ntou sta eksarxeia alla kai auto gia ta matia tou kosmou 100%
gia na pataxthei i egklimatikotita kai ta narkatika stin ellada xreiazetai voulisi i opoia den yparxei oute prokeitai na yparksei
nd = syntiritikos SYRIZA, mazi psifisan ta symfwna symviwsis, to tzami sto votaniko klp

Is Sashko just pulling a sophisticated larp over the span of now almost 5 years, or is he legitimately schizo?


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you cant pull a larp for 5 years, he's fucked in the head

>turk minority in Kosovo
why would they behead their compatriots?
>greek minority

Greek minority in Albania gets more privileges than ANY minority in Greece does lmao

that was a legit hospital document
people need to go easy on him and not bully him

albanians in greece are richer than all of albanians in from the shithole you left

Not to mention 1/4 of them are toskoid jorgos fucks who think they're greek because they're orthodog. Grecomans are LITERALLY the scum of the earth, any country that has grecomans should kill the immediately

Seasonal workers are rich? In fucking greece? What year is it 1999? Your country is a dump stop kidding yourself, it's just vaguely better than other balkan trashheaps. Nobody wants to go there anymore

Rip golden dawn, kelly

He doesn't know about North Epirus. Most burgers don't know about Greece or hear the FYROM and Turk propaganda. Greek history after 1900 is really depressing and it's sad to see retards believing in bullshit propaganda.

My professor seriously thinks that Alexander was a slav and invited a FYROM skyla that shittalked Greece and wanted ""Greater Macedonia""

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>North Epirus
No such thing

>He doesn't know
He's Albanian, he knows very well...

>claimed by rhodope
Lmao what?

cope all you want but greece is still the best country in the balkans and i wish if the albanians had left but they didn't

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Φαντάζομαι είναι λίγο νωρίς αλλά έχουν πάρει kαθόλου μέτρα όσον αφορά την οιkονομία?

>american university's

>Albos were same, you told someone a couple of generations ago they would take over Kosovo and Macedonia he would have laughed at your face.
>They are braindead too, put kept having 7-10 kids
Lmao, look at this retard. Kosovo has been majority Albanian since the 18 century (mainly due to Serbs leaving for Vojvodina during the Ottoman rule, see Velike seobe Srba 1690 & 1740 for example). It has nothing to do with muh birth-rates or muh NATO, but Serbs controlling something that does not belong to them in the first place.
>Some time in the late 1800s, the Albanians became an absolute majority in Kosovo. This period coincided with the growth of Albanian consciousness, nationalism, and eventually the formation of a pro-autonomy and later pro-independence congress known as the League of Prizren in the 1870s. This organization eventually produced paramilitary groups that waged guerilla warfare against the newborn Serbian state on the ever-changing frontier of the dissolving Ottoman Empire in order to safeguard Albanian-majority territories. The Serbian state eventually took control of the ex-Kosovo vilayet in the aftermath of the Balkan wars, supported by the international community.
And yes, confining a minority to one region and then underinvesting for decades on top of having a leadership that does not represent the said minority does lead to some internal instabilities (such as mass protests in 1968, 1981 etc, there were plenty of precursors of this).

>Last thread was Jow Forums
>This one is /hell/

emena mou irthe to enfia(foros tis akinitis periousias) -500euro

Actually 2nd best, Slovenia is the best now, if best means rich

>wanted ""Greater Macedonia""
based. we are gonna put an end to the greek problem with our albanian BROTHERS

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I don't believe this will ever be built in Gayrece, this is a larp picture. Meanwhile here Skopje East Gate started

Best country in the Balkans? Slovenia is already light years ahead of Greece. Croatia and Romania surpassed Greece. Turkey just did too. Bulgaria will eventually. Greece will only stay ahead of ex-YU + AL purely due to historical circumstances. Your country is literally the definition of mediocrity even when blessed with Western support for TWO HUNDRED YEARS

it's similar to gatas and gates, one is plural and one is genitive/possessive

You left Albania turkalbane

Greece is backed up by the EU, US, NATO, and Russia.

Bulgaria is the best.

>Slovenia is already light years ahead of Greece
2 million population + no army they don't even have airforce

Also pay reparations for the warcrimes cham nazi collaborators commited

Greekoids really are something - they're like this IRL too. Never seen a more delusional people that can't see past their own noses. They literally bullied their small neighbors and laughed about it and then got bullied by a resurgent Turkey for the last half century and are just insanely complexed about it.

Ούτε που την άνοιξε την ειkόνα, τι ψάχνεις...

Chams didn't do any war crimes but they should have. Greece expelled hundreds of thousands of Slavs, Albanians, Jews, Turks from the north and got off scot free and then turn around and screech like they got holocausted ten times when Hoxha gave greeks a taste of their own medicine or Turkey invaded Cyprus. Bullied and stalled Macedonia for over thirty years and then cry to the States when Turkey bullies you in the Aegean. Not so nice now is it?


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Turkey is backed by the very same though

They don't need it, who would invade them? For that to happen there would need to be ww3 or some major European war, and if so then a few planes wouldn't change shit for them anyway.


sometimes I think I'm unfairly privileged, so many educated Poles with good English have to move abroad to make a living while I can do it at home, I feel kinda embarrassed

You think there wasn't reciprocal massacres in Macedonia? Do you know who tho komitatzides were? Chams were nazi collaborators and commited war crimes against the Greek population. Turks invade our airspace and get chased off. You don't have a say in this deserter.

>WE fought the othomans you didn't
>WE fought the nazzis you didn't
>WE fought the comunists you didn't
all albanians do is show their ass to the conquers to get fucks your "country" is the asshole of Europe nothing good comes out of it only criminals and low iq immigrants pic related is you

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>Do you know who tho komitatzides were?
i dont please tell me

>have to move abroad
Nobody has to, some prefer it easier, that's all. I like how the Turks treat the Turks abroad like shit when they come home, this is how it should be everywhere. If someone goes away for a better living in some foreign ass land that has nothing to do with his own, he is a worthless insect to me.

That's really no way to talk about your national heroes now is it?

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A war crime for greeks is living in greece and not being a greek. The sad part is that greeks are subhuman solely by behavior, in other words a conscious choice, unlike poor creatures like slavs that were born subhuman and have no say in it.

how is working in a warehouse for the minimum wage and living with 5 other immigrants in a cramped house 'easier life'

these people usually have no choice, either this or unemployment in Poland

se tsouzei i alitheia? trava se kana gay pride kai se kanena hot spot

>bro, Albanians are basically Greeks
>bro, Alexander was an Illyrian (Albanian)
>bro, the Cyrillic alphabet was made by an Albanian
>bro, Aristotle was an Albanian

fucking stop with this retarded propaganda. You're an American not some Balkan swine, leave your faggy propaganda where it belongs and act like a real burger.

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Best country in the Europe? Czechia is already light years ahead of Poland. Hungary and Estonia surpassed Poland. Slovakia just did too. Albania will eventually. Poland will only stay ahead of v4 purely due to historical circumstances. Your country is literally the definition of mediocrity even when blessed with Russian support for TWO BILLION YEARS

cool but you should post it here

It's funny because Greek Americans LITERALLY do this

Bulgarian irregulars operating in Macedonia firstly again the Turks but later on against Greeks. If I'm not mistaken Bulgarians use the same term. After the fall of the Ottoman empire Macedonia was a shitshow, everybody against everyone.


>pos sas gamise etsi pos sas petsokopse etsi pos pos pos ???

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Do you literally complain about racism? Every other post of yours call for a slav genocide. Btw you should really stop stealing the property and murdering the Greek minority in Albania

Konstantinos Kacifa ring a bell? Call me when Albanians do that in Greece

I feel really strange today. I can't even argue with anyone. I only think about lack of purpose in life and fear of death.

Maybe I'm getting old and it's high time to leave this site for ever.

You do it every day

The Fyromian knows very well who the komiti are. Their national anthem is literally a listing of their names. They just pretend they were not Bulgarians.

How old are you? Like 25, right?

>against Greeks.
first off the IMRO fought for an independant macedonia and thrace where everyone would be free to be greeks bulgarians albanians etc. second, after aegean macedonia fell under greece and vardar under serbia, the VMRO as focused 95% on the serbian part. meanwhile in greece there was a literal ethnic cleansing of makkes.

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Do you use the term Grecomans or something like that?

Yes of course. Everybody was racing to gain territory for their country.

Why is that other autist a copy-paste of you, do they make poles in a cookie cutter

here you are albanian drug dealer gunned down


but I feel really childish, most of people of my age already get married, get promoted in their jobs, raise children, build houses etc and I'm still here

don't you know Atlanta? yeah, he has a similar autism like me (that's why we're here I guess) but if what he says is true, he's far more succesful than me, being tall, muscled and rich

>vmro fought for an independent Macedonia


>literal ethnic cleansing of makkes
dont see any makke on the image you posted sorry

That term is forgotten, there haven’t been any if those for 100 years, after the population exchanges. Essentially, everyone who wanted to be Greek was given the right to be such.

>but if what he says is true

Soyboys support germany
Seljaks support russia
Muslims support turkey
Retards support their own country
High IQ gigachads always support the winning side

Was it also used for Greeks who identified more with the Bulgarian identity and church?


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what's so funny about that?

Enlightened 300 IQ hyperchads: 为人民服务

The only ones I can think of are several fisherman families in Sozopol and Nessebar.

o bubukos mas

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you just said that the vmro commited war crimes and massacres against greeks when it was the other way around. there were no greeks in vardar and pirin macedonia. even in aegean macedonia they were a minority.
have you ever even read something from Tatarchev's diary?

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Based post.
I support Bulgaria.

There are Bulgarians with Greek names, maybe 1-2%, those are I guess what you mean. But they are fully assimilated nowadays, you can tell only by the name. They aren't labeled neither good nor bad, since they are integrated. One of my neighbors is one, only found out cause his old men friends call him Vizantiec (from Byzantine) sometimes when they play cards.

VMRO fought for a Macedonia independent from Turkey.

Ottoman Empire*

bat ai laik tu tsat uit mai internesanal frens

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There were 98 of 100 vmro members wanting to join BG and you focus on the two that wanted independent Macedonia. But it fits your narrative so I'm fine with that.

That was the time of the Young Turks revolution, so the distinction is not clear.

>there were no greeks in vardar and pirin macedonia. even in aegean macedonia they were a minority.
You don't know how to read the demographic maps the colors denote majorities, there were other ethnicities living there as minorities.

fixed it for you

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