tsar nicholas edition

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Anyone remember scott walker?

My ancestor :)

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gf just sent me this lads

Almost done with my shite
Continue the feast I say


women should be slaves

she cute

I want to smell Emma Watson’s farts.

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just saw r/gonewild for the first time, had no idea it was that active. like 5 posts a minute. insane, why would you do that

anyone remember the cuckio meme?

Stale and boring gimmick

*cracks knuckles*
the lads on brit are gonna love this one...

women should be my gf's

the knot of illogicality that forms women's minds isn't something to be taken lightly.

1. female serial killer good. hero.

2. frat guys bad

3. frat guys on tinder i want to fuck me, good

4. ted bundy good/interesting, makes me wet.

5. Trump said 'pussy', bad. evil. satan.

6. i hope a cannibal serial killer eats Bret Kavanaugh

7. i love serial killer shows

8. i love how edgy and *empowering* admitting my rape fantasies is. it's about ME. MY rape fantasy.

9. men should be thrown in prison for life if i decide 19 years later i didn't like the way they kissed during consensual sex in college.

10. all women should be believed and not even questioned for anything, ever, even though a majority of recent publicized rape accusers are proven liars.

11. if i lie it's ok if i *feel* it's ok.

Gobbling a gollywog

ate a custard doughnut earlier

why do sweaty balls smell so good

gay yank hours

>you came to the wrong neighbourhood, pal

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The problem is thinking that it’s a gimmick. It’s not.

Sometimes I wish my shits would never end
Sitting on the toilet is much better than facing reality

stellar posts

sex: have it
meds: take them

just burped and my chinker came back up

he's right, and he has the numbers to prove it!

Shut the fuck up

Unironically the fittest girl to like me on a dating site is a tranny. At this point I'm considering it.

the future of britain is black

*whips out a straw and slurps it all up*

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man is united with his fellow man through the act of sniffin their own bollocks. only god knows the answer

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nah im a city fan meself

alanah's looking good

Imagine if the Tsars managed to beat the Rothschilds

Plenty of women like trump lol
he’s the fucking president

would shag a tranny as long as they were fit

Well then not a fucking girl now is it?

want her to sit on me

for me? asian lasses


Think very carefully before you proceed, once you've crossed that bridge there's no coming back

Shut the fuck off

got terminal phimosis

>for me? asian lasses

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patrician taste

Listening to the Sober October podcast. God how I wish I were in the Joe Rogan crew.

just got in after a cheeky 8 pints and mums saved me some fucking shepherds pie, how could life get any better

Howling at that one post, did any of y'all see it just now?

just been diagnosed with incelitus
doctor said there is no cure and it's only palliative care from now on

By not being bent


love it when cats are fighting in the garden and i open the door and walk out like the undertaker and they shit themselves and run away at the sight of a far more dangerous predator

meh it's overrated, JR (I know him well enough to call him that) is a bit of a tool IRL

hope the mash is cheesy

my post about the terminal phimosis?
haaha thanks x

reckon another economic collapse is legit right around the corner
how did people prepare for 2008

One might say that, and I quote, I shag.

Been there

>ywn be a romano-briton defending britannia

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Got like ten people following me on instagram and I don't even have a profile pic or a single post. Are they bots?

who are you quoting?

>(I know him well enough to call him that)
I went to college with him. Bet I know him better than you

Your first mistake? Caring what women think. The other day I was in a van in a drive thru. The van was getting revved hard as fuck for a laugh. Some slag put down her window and started saying why you doing this for and blah blah blah. Then she went on and said we're making her child cry. I could see the child. Not a bother out of him. We called her out on it and told her to shut her mouth and she did. The cheek of that fucking slag to tell us what we can and cannot do and then try and use her child as a weapon against us. I'd jump out of the van and slap her and her child off the ground in an instant. Fucking bitch. Toxic masculinity is great 2bh

haha cats are funny

I miss Japan :/

Scott 4 was the first record I ever bought

dressing up in a Roman halloween costume and consume lead-laced water for a decade and you'll get the same effect

that's fucking disgusting

my cock is ready for the asian century

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bots and people trying to drive traffic to their pages

Stayed at my grandparents beach house last summer and they would pass out from painkillers at 8pm so I’d tell girls it’s mine and get drunk with them on the patio LMAO

actually pulled birds way out of my league had one from tinder even drive two hours just to fuck me at my “sick bachelor pad”

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women and betas cant take an L
there’s no self examination

god i wish i were a cat

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*surreptitiously asks JR if he knows a fellow named coysoyem*

yeah but I'm watching match of the day so i can't elaborate

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Taking an L is a sign of weakness, you should be able to make a W out of any scenario in life

skitz seed and feed

don't get how you got away with it unless you shagged outside
wouldn't it look/smell like an old grandparent house

blog on mate

Woah good thing you made sure to squeeze the guitar in that picture to show just how deep you are mmm so cozy such atmosphere

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life is trial and error retard, taking Ls is necessary

Yes, by taking the L, examining and bettering yourself.
You’re an idiot and a child.

18 year old girls aren’t know for their critical thinking ability

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my subs:
some Oasis-related rec

can't imagine even being interested in anything else

Caption competition

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Yuka man here

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One of my housemates opened my bank statement. They're allowed asleep now but I'll question them in the morning. No excuse for shit like this. Fucking cunt.

Timmy's free

often hard for a virgin to accurately imagine being a shagger, don't worry de lad