Why does she make Jow Forums absolutely seethe?

Why does she make Jow Forums absolutely seethe?

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Because int full of incels

I had no idea she would even make it out of Swedish media bubble but I'm glad that she did.
I live for chaos like this.

just a subsection of american posters and all of the monkeyzilians. most of Jow Forums are in the team climate goblin.

not only Jow Forums, i don't know about your politicians but ours are mad

Because she speaks for Soros, Rothschild, JP Morgan and basically every jewish organization/banker out there

Yet people see her as a harmless autist

She has a punchable face, like all white teenagers.

Lol, Jow Forums defends her the most

Imagine if Satan found a blonde girl who can fake tears and tell people that only jews can have nice meals and hot shower. That's why

>nice meals and hot shower.
Oh shit the jews already got brazil

>Jow Forums defends her the most

This. Everywhere else (on the site and elsewhere) I have read mostly mockery. Jow Forums has easily had the largest number of Greta-defending comments I've personally seen.

Because Jow Forums is full of pedos
But I read comments under article about her on r/europe and most redditors were very critical of her

Maybe because half on int came to this board from /leftypol/ and other leftist sites

The 350k jews in Brazil are more patriotic than the 11 million arabs living in your shithole. At least I can't complain too much. Swedes on the other hand work for international jews 24/7

she gives swedes a chance to say something on Jow Forums
it's truly annoying

from what i can gather, Jow Forums seems to dislike her cause:
>she's just saying the same thing over and over again
>she's acting too emotional, angry and whiny
>she's saying stuff that apparently we all know and are already doing something about it
>she's a puppet from other powerful people
using her (a child) to say whatever that powerful people believe
it ain't really the message, but the messenger

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They're incels and autists from Jow Forums, most likely. Now, I myself am likely on the spectrum, and I am also involuntarily celibate, but I don't give two fucks about her and 99% of the time I've seen her, it's been on Jow Forums. She is not relevant news, she's not saying anything new, and yet so many autistic incels are obsessed with her.

I hate her ,i hate everyone who has that shit eating grin , she is a white supremacist , absolutely racist woman

While I do agree with the problem of climate change, I find her really obnoxious and annoying. She just goes around the world spilling her angry autism to everyone for not (in her view) contributing in the reduction of climate change.

i feel this is true desu
i genuinely have never seen her be talked about outside of the internet, most people probably have never heard of her

Bet she hasn’t read a single scientific article and maybe only around 10-20 internet buzzfeed tier articles about the environment in her life

>she's just saying the same thing over and over again
>she's acting too emotional, angry and whiny
So, she is Jow Forums?

She also lives in a society while living in society, hypocritical little bitch.

>just stop producing carbon bro
>look at me, I sailed on a boat, anybody can do it bro
>it's fine, you don't need central heating, think of nature lmao

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Bet she has no idea how product distribution works either. We need that oil for transport of shit to stores. Not to mention gigawatts of electricity per day

i just hate sweden no more these thread

>da jews
Wait, I thought americans don't like her. Are there two antagonizing groups of jews now?