How long do i need to stay sober until i can drink again without craving cocaine...

how long do i need to stay sober until i can drink again without craving cocaine? i binged for 2 years straight every weekend but not that much. mostly 2 grams in total per week and around 3 bottles of gin.

now every time i take a sip of beer i get ultra cravings for coke so its ogre. help me biz.

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Read about what cocaine is cut with.

Probably about two years. I'm about 27 months off coke, 20 months off booze. It takes your brain and body some good time to reset, my friend.

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2g a week?
Really that it cunt? How weak are you? Try a 8ball a day faggot for 1.5 years then start complaining

>8ball a day
unless you smoke crack, how the fuck do you even stuff 3.5 grams in your nose per 24h? are you memeing? and coke solo doesnt destroy you nearly as bad as when mixed with booze

It just takes time, I used to be pretty big into MDMA when I was around 19 for 5 months (usually once a week), after around 3 months of sobriety I stopped craving it and everything went back to normal.

As a general rule of thumb I've found, that your time to reset after drugs takes around half the time you spent doing it. especially when it comes to harder drugs in larger doses.

Same thing with LSD, took around half the time I spent doing it to stop wanting it and probably another half to heal and readjust.

That is not good at all, 2G a week is still pretty bad for you

Memeing. No one would survive that shit

By sniffing a line every 10 minutes to 15 minutes. I didn't work I was dealing the shit about 2kgs a week so I didn't leave the house. Worked out roughly an ounce of coke a week to myself and still didn't lose money on my profits.

kys you larping faggot

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Then you need to meet more addicts.
Get outside more, you've must of lived a very shelted life if you think that is a larp....

>2kg weekly trafficant does an 8ball a day
stop watching movies and frying your brain with it you dumbass nigga

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I found it's easier to just not drink.
Not that it was easy to stop ... but the thought of starting again scares me.
Easier to just not drink again than deal with all that shit that comes along with it. Eventually I stopped missing it.

t. Alcoholic, 6 yrs sober

Yeah, tell me about it. But it gets easier

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it never goes away

man i literally have to start everything from scratch if i stop drinking. i dont have sober friends, i never had sober sex. all my business partners are working alcoholics too. i dont know how one can sit somewhere with somebody else and talk or eat or fuck sober. its fucking over.

Smoking weed helps
>inb4 not really sober
Yeah I don't give a fuck, alcohol was ruining my life, not pot.

Alcohol is disgusting
I never understood how someone can become addicted to it
Try psychedelics user, it’ll completely turn you off alcohol

What a cope, you went for the low hanging fruit and are trying to justify it

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> i binged for 2 years straight every weekend but not that much
go to rehab or stop drinking

i dont even handle weed. im scared of psychedelics.

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Start with tiny dosages
Dosages that have zero effect, just to get ur mind over that hurdle
You’re gonna be fine, just don’t waste your life as am alcoholic, seriously

You actually do start over. When I went sober I stopped leaving the house. I've done it in spurts of 4 months. Complete sobriety. I had to stop hanging out, going out, eating out, stayed how aside from worn and gym. Only way. Because we integrated alchohol so deeply into our lives.