23 year old retard here

How do you get rid of a bad car note?

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>retard here
Couldn't agree more

$74k for a volkswagen tiguan? Damn.

I love these pics. Holy Christ, to be a car dealer 'finance specialist'. Sitting there, day after day, fist-shafting financially illiterate retards senseless

Why do people buy new cars? is 72 months normal?

21.5%, ouch.

dont ask me - leasing is equally stupid, but, before you start paying 20 %+ interest, that would make way more (financial) sense

btw user, you're going to hate this car. not because of the quality, but because of the $1000 hole in your account every month for 72 months.

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Step one: refinance. You can do this multiple times as your credit is improving. The auto place gave me 8% and I found one off credit karma for just under 2%

Step two: pay back more than the minimum

You're probably too retarded to follow that 2 step plan anyway

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Let me guess your wife wanted it?

Bought a 2018 GTI from the dealer with 2% interest

hahahahahahahahahahaha. whoever is the based OP who must work at an auto dealership thank you for posting these. I wouldn't actually believe there were people this stupid unless I saw this

holy fuck did you buy that on a credit card?

>not paying cash for your vehicle
yikes bro

why would you pay back more than the minimum on a 2% interest rate loan? you'd be retarded to pay that back early.

74k for a car is fucking stupid.

Look up lemon law in your state. Follow what it says 4 repairs attempts or cumulative 30 days in the shop for same or combined problems. If the check engine light does not come on it’s an automatic win.

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that's if he pays all the interest

To get rid of the car note like he asked. Over 6 years the interest will add up... Won't be much but still.

Lmao, bought a 2010 diesel Nissan Frontier for 10k like 2 years ago. Why do amerimutts pay so much for shitty cars, is it taxes?

Lady at my last job had a zero percent interest loan. She was making double payments to pay it off sooner.

I tried nicely explaining why she shouldn't do this, but I got out of the whole situation is that she feared having this debt.

jesus christ its even worse than i thought. op you are literally nigger iq tier

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Stealerships keep inventory off market. Same thing with banks and houses.
A lot of off lease vehicles must being going for export as well.

if you're not a poorfag with shit credit it can be better to carry the interest.

Opportunity cost and all. I'm happy with paying 3% interest on a car or home if it means I can make 15% with the cash in the boomer market. Financing leaves me a 12% profit for example.

If you want to get rid of any debt, pay it off lol.

Jesus my interest rate would be better if I legit just bought the whole car with my credit card