If you had the chance to go back and give financial advice to 18 year old you, what would it be?

If you had the chance to go back and give financial advice to 18 year old you, what would it be?

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yo dumbass buy google or bitcoin anything fucking dickhead

Im 18. Fuck off my board grandpa

Literally buy bitcoin.


Don't buy fucking bitcoin.

Buy BTC, its not a scam yet
(I was 18 in 2012)

Literally do exactly like you did. Thanks to you, I(19yo) have 20k links now.

>flip into BTC
>filp into stox
>flip into gold

Can I please get a sauce? Is she a doll?

Have fun losing everything retard

I was 18 in 2008. I had 2k in the bank. I'd tell me to stop going to college, work a shit retail job as hard as fucking possible for the next year and put it all in btc. Then just play wow and be a neet for the next 8 years and emerge king of the universe.

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Do not fucking turn off your shitty ubuntu server mining bitcoin because its not worth it.

Fml i had 2 chances 1. mining btc in 2011 2. Mining doge and litecoin in 2013 both times i fcking stopped

hilde osland

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All u have to do is time the market exactly over a span of 8 years



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I hate threads that promote mental masturbation, what if x happened, what if you could.
Fuck that. It's gone, it will never come back, you will never get a chance to undo the past.
And why the fuck ami i even posting on this shit thread.

Buy as much of gold silver and btc
Then bet all in on spain winner of world cup in 2010
Then bet all in on Germany in 2014
Then in 2017 with your gains buy link
Then bet all in on France in 2018
Then with your gains buy more link
Now you wait.

>muh girls
>muh cars
>muh make it
>muh what if
This. Who the fuck even post in these insecure kid cope threads.

"Dont buy that iPhone 5 ! Instead buy 899€ worth of bitcoin"....
Or make a savings plan on Stocks etfs etc.

"Dont accept that Job Offer" go stay 1 year unemployed with gov gibs and apply for every single other good opportunity....

Mfw stuck in dead end job

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Buy link when it first comes out and sell when it hits $2.00

Stop being a coward and believe in yourself more. Listen to yourself and invest your 10 grand in apple, google and amazon. Don't be a retard and keep the 10 grand rotting in the bank "just in case"!

Stop wasting your computing power torrenting all those anime. Instead, on Feb 2009, go to bitcoin.org and just mine that until you can't anymore.
Also avoid MtGox, BTC-e and Cryptopia.

Sell a lot when Bitcoin first hits $1000, rebuy at $200, sell at $18000, rebuy at $4000.

And buy Ethereum at ICO, and sell at 0.2 or any ratio above 0.15.