Question for confident guys on Jow Forums. I went to Autozone to buy some light bulbs for my mom's car...

Question for confident guys on Jow Forums. I went to Autozone to buy some light bulbs for my mom's car, and there was a new girl working there who was short, white, cute, and wearing moderate perfume.

After waiting in line and talking to a male attendant, I had to call my dad since there was confusion about what bulbs to buy. As I'm spinning around with my cellphone, away from the counter, I looked up at the cash register in a non-chalant mode and I made eye contact with the perfumey female for a second, and then she looked away.

When I was ready to buy the proper bulbs, it was her instead of the previous guy whom I was dealing with, and that's when things got odd: So I approach her at the counter while meeting her gaze for a few seconds, and then I get nervous in my stomach and I look away. (I'm in my 30's and I simply don't get intimidated by attractive women, and certainly not by making eye contact with them.) But this was different because I can tell on "some level" that she was somewhat narcissistic and therefore testing my weakness, and also my susceptibility to prettiness and perfume. (Which is perfectly fine for a woman to do, but not in a vindictive and narcissistic way) The whole "testiness" at which she was reading me was equivalent to a bar situation where the girl refuses you when you actually try... except that I'm in Autozone... buying light bulbs for my mom, not trying. She starts looking up the bulbs that are proper, and I notice she has no interest in finding them, and there was a clear sense of snubbing me. I remained polite the whole time, without being a cuck, and after the whole thing was over, she superficially wishes me a nice day and I politely say goodbye.

So the question is this: If you're a guy who is generally firm in confidence, do you run into these situations, or is it just me? Please don't take my side on it.

>Pro tip: She's not a narcissist, so don't give me the lecture, and I have nothing against her.
>Pic not related.

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She sensed you liked her and became cold because she didn't want to get approached by your smelly incel virgin ass


Yeah... wew... could have sworm I made a legitimate post that I care about, but whatever, go back to your "muh white race" 15iq threads.

You're probably way overthinking it.

It is because your inner voice is constructed based on previous experiences. You will need to do some proactive measures to destroy and rebuild your ego (That which you think of yourself) to obtain an unshakeable confidence level against anything you might come across into the future.

Who you are trying to be is the mask and who you really are is behind the mask.

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Jesus fucking christ. Autism: the post.

Never let yourself be "snubbed" user.
She works at Auto Zone ffs.
Go back there and tell her that she fucked up and sold you the wrong bulbs because she has no business selling car parts to begin with.
>Then tell her that her perfume smells like cat piss.

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Go back to rebbit where you came from, Jow Forums isn't your personal blog


Do you know any women *other than* your mother?

women want man to show strenght

walk up to her and grap your arms wround her body

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When girls do that when I'm not even hitting on them, I just give them a confused look. Make them think they're being the weird one, which they are.

Was just thinking that user. But that's not the problem with my OP, it's that I didn't emphasis that I don't care about this girl at all. I genuinly wanted to ask you guys if you run into these situations - this isn't covert dating advice.

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I mean, it's Auto Zone. The second he mentioned it, I knew he was going to get fucked. It's clear that he doesn't know what he's doing either. Nothing is more painful than watching a parts guy and a customer flounder because neither of them can figure it out.

If it wasn't for you guys, my ego wouldn't be shattered and I wouldn't have arisen again like a phoenix.

Nah, she clearly needs a b.f. (Not me)

This is why niggers dominate.

>Not a racist btw.

See that was an answer to my question you faggot. You guys have A.D.D. from your energy drink diets. You guys can't even make it through a longer thread without impulse posting.

not really, though I've been in few situations similar to yours. You can't simply let it go, you have to escalate and show your dominance. Bitches gotta know their place. Also keep in mind bitch works a wagecuck job sucking mr. shekkelberg for every extra buck. Pathetic.

In my case most of the time the female was an ugly whore who I wouldn't even spit on though. Yes, those are the ones who think they are this glorious being.

P.s. fuck feminism

how are you still single

What the fuck does this have to do with politics, faggot?

>frequently purchase goods and services
>women frequently wait on me in a friendly and helpful manner
>see ya later, virgins

Yea, this happens some times. It's strange, but what can you do? It's called life.

OP... we're frens right? Can I say something? I'm worried that you're turing into one of these NPC that obsesses over strange women and your own social status. It's not the end of the world if this cunt hates you.
I want you to get onto a dating site and talk with women who will date you. I think that will help your various neuroses.

she clearly wanted you to rape her

>autism: the post
Look dude, all you do is meet her gaze but show absolutely no interest with facial expressions. Women are only attracted to men who think they (the female) are beneath them (the male)

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they r right though. This is R9K autism tier post.

>After waiting in line and talking to a male attendant, I had to call my dad since there was confusion about what bulbs to buy.
and this is where your father either didn't teach you how to work on cars - at all or you didn't listen when he tried.

you bring the bad bulb in with you and compare it to the fucking bulbs in the bulb isle ffs

jesus christ.


Hahahaha no wtf is wrong with u she’s a fuckin retard girl working at autozone aka tire humper

Gross man feet. 2/10 would not bang.

Fine, but how do you handle narcissitic situations like a gentleman? I wish I could do my post over again.

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The gentleman thing to do would have been to reply to "have a nice day" with some version of "Are you sure it ain't in there, darlin'?"

>If you're a guy who is generally firm in confidence, do you run into these situations, or is it just me?
YOU ARE ULTRA BETA. She was working you imbecile not flirting or testing you, fucking sicko.

Please use Amazon and never leave your basement, stay away from children too. You are a walking danger

Sounds like you over thought it m8. I work at a gas station and deal with all kinds of hot sluts, they are literally nothing special, just like any other human.

>how do you handle narcissitic situations
ignore them. you aren't a mind-reader, nigger. you're not psychic and have no idea what's going on in someones head.

Ima follow up my post by saying this girl probably didn’t even notice you because she was busy texting nudes to camaro chad who she met on tinder but he never thought she was worth a fuck to actually meet so she just sexts him non-stop

You’ve looked wayyyyy too deep into a customer transaction because she had a pussy, you gotta stop doing that to yourself OP

Thanks for the confidence booster.

i wanna smell her feets!

Also under this logic, your so repressed sexual frustration will go like this.
[You are alone with a dog in your house]
>The way my dog stares at me, is he testing me? Must know I fapped to zoo the last month.
>I am alpha and confident will never think on animals in a different way but is he really teasing me and want to taste my balls?
....two hours later.... OP kills his dog with a violent sodomizing and suffocation.

tip ur fedora and say some gay shit? How the fuck should I know. No, but seriously I have no idea.

Why would you want to handle it like a gentleman though? I don't know. Try to be smart, smug and polite at the same time? But the thing is that mostly doesn't work here in 2018. Especially not on basic females which are the majority.

Probably had it going on UNTIL you let her know youre mommies errand boy .
Cmon sperganon how many times did you actual say "muh mommie"?
The ladies HATE mommies boys.

is literally the answer you fucking retard. She could tell by your face when you made eye contact that you were attracted to her and it made her uncomfortable, because of that she went out of her way, within her capacity as a cashier, to show a lack of interest or coldness

That's EXACTLY what I did; I didn't show any interest in her when I met her eyes, but holy smokes... this chick needs to be saved by a boyfriend because she will be a narcissist in 1-3 years.

Stop. I know how to work on my car. I've pulled the 5-speed off my car, had the flywheeel resurfaced, and replaced the clutch and pressure plate my self. I know all kinds...

you cant pick up chicks when they are working thats a rule

you can only find girls at bars and parties, but then you have to compete with chads

its the world we live in

you raped her?

then why didnt you bring the bad bulb in master mechanic

What's this post from? it's too deep for Jow Forums retardation

look them in the eyes and stare into their soul
they are nothing to you

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Womanlets should be gassed, Short, stubby legs like your pic are disgusting on a woman.

>moderate perfume
>picking up sluts at autozone

>"Are you sure it ain't in there, darlin'?"
I bet she hears this from guys all the time

Listen fag.
Is time to grow and acknowledge women and men in general tend to be amicable and kind on service/sale works. Specially in the West. This doesn't mean they want you sexually or as a friend. In fact if your loser existence visited Japan you will be posting excited that a lot of women are interested in you, listen to you and always smiling.

Bitch you are a loser. Get a gf or pay a prostitute, going on girls on public randomly overthinking in them is not sane user. You are not sane.

you are a fucking schizo, kys nigger monkey

what about ugly girls with self esteem issues, can I be slightly spergy then?

what the fuck dude

This. Its also how manlets are created

No, she's a human being.

She found the bulbs while pretending I'm a cuck. I was so blown away by the situation that all I could do was feel sorry for her. I'm telling you, this chick needs a boy friend who is a gentleman and strong.

You're misunderstand the post. This girl wasn't a piece of garbage, but she was having her narcissistic "victory" over me, which she didn't claim since I was too calm about it.

That's funny. She brought out her phone right when she was looking up part for me, and the screen was completely black. I mean she didn't get a text or anything, but she was pretending as if she has way better things going on than me and my parts.

Sorry faggots, this isn't a correction thread. I handled it proper and I regret nothing. I just feely sorry for her since I don't throw away people just because they go into narcissism mode.

This reads like that story where a brother and sister go to a pool to get their weight measured.

Why the fuck was she being narcissistic when she was cashing out your purchase?
If your story is true, she either was testing your interest in her by encouraging you to make the first move or she had no interest in you.

why would you talk to them anyway?

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Dude ur a weirdo

Yeah she was checking that phone for his response dude have you ever spent time around a 6/10+ girl? Serious question


She probably had to fart, looked around to see if there was a Chad that she wanted to impress, saw none, and was just wanting you to be done so she could release her farts before Tyrone comes in asking about rims.

>girl working
>at Autozone

m8 hate to break it to you but you're the "narcissist" here. not everything is about you. Also, you're an autist

Nigga you've got serious autism and are reading into things that aren't there. She probably thought you were some random thirty year old and nothing more.

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hahaha look at this cuck
jesus christ you actually felt something for her what a faggot
fucking lmao
you are weak

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>being this obsessed over a roastie who rejected you

>Is time to grow and acknowledge women and men in general tend to be amicable and kind on service/sale works.
This. I work in retail and put on a totally phony friendly personality to get customers to leave happy and somewhat poorer. I joke, chit chat, even occasionally even flirt. But the moment I clock out I revert to my old self.

Nice post.

I can't keep up anymore desu's. I fucked up on my OP. What I meant to ask is if confident people in relationships or marriage end up in these situations. That would simplify the whole thing perfectly.

>Yeah sorry, gay generic thread because of me.

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>For dating.

Fucking beta. The 5% of us who get 90% of the pussy are the ones who understand that we make our own rules. When you truly live by that its like they can smell it on you.

social anxiety

>ask is if confident people in relationships or marriage end up in these situations.
People who end up in these situations (YOU) are not confident.

This has to be bait

Ok fine I’ll bite

I have a “really hot” wife, she’s very pretty and very dominant personality. We’re both successful and own a home in a very nice area.

To put it simply, sometimes I guess if you’re experienced, good looking and charismatic you can tell where you could make a move and get somewhere? But you don’t act on it. That’s fuckin stupid and I honestly never think past “ wow I would definitely fuck her” or “ she’s easy” when interacting with women like that. Then the memory fades away within a minute.

just keep getting btfo until you get used to it and it doesn't hurt you anymore
best advice you will ever hear
my shitposting aside, the fact I have been treated like fucking dirt from day and had non stop shitty experiences has made me unbreakable

She works at Autozone. This isn't some high IQ female with an overly inflated ego. How old was she? If she didn't have a ring on and only "cute" then she is not unobtainuim and certainly not impossible to bag. Look for other clues like extra piercings, tattoos, self-harm scars, little extra weight, etc. If she has a few of those, then she is even easier to bag.

thanks user

I am married and no this has never happened to me and I can't relate to this thread or your experience at all. I hope that answers your question.


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She threw up a bitch shield because your body language broadcasted sexual interest. Your two options are to either play it off like it didn't happen, or try to game her.

You're unattractive, and you were buying bulbs for a Ford Focus. You don't need advice from /Pol, you need Korean plastic surgery and a non-ham&egger income.

Women are crazy. The best tactic is the "take away". Act like you don't give a shit and they'll flock to you like nogs to fried chicken. Google "David DeAngelo" for more information.


OP, I think you are quite desperate

you think you don't give a fuck but you do, faggot. now back to plebbit you insecure shit.

Nah, I screwed up about what I was asking. I was talking about psychology, not relationships. It doesn't matter.

>Sage my own post.

how ashamed are you rn OP?


Not at all, since I only get ashamed if I'm actually a cuck, I love psychology very much and the post was meant to pertain to narcissism and psychology.

>Wasted thread.

Is this a pasta I’ve never seen, this can’t be OC it’s too autistic

That you even made this post, and filled it with a bunch of "I'm not a cuck" and "I'm not intinidated" etc etc, type qualifiers means you are most certainly a cuck and not confident around women.

Which I don't say to discourage you, by no means. But you are self-delusional, which will remain your biggest hurdle.

In the immediate, my advice is this: women do not want to be approached at work, ever. Don't do that. It's lazy and it's creepy. You want to meet a girl you go to a bar or a club. Cold approach is just a training mechanism to learn to give zero fucks about a woman's response. Which you do care about her response, which means stop cold approaching, and don't try that shit at her job.

Yeah. Sometimes a girl just knocks me of balance. The trick is to get comfortable flirting with anything. Most women will respond if you approach with some tact and subtly. If you OVERT or stall or stutter you are going to get shot down fast.

Once you realize that women are primarily mental head games you begin to understand why losers can easily bag and tag women. They have triggers that make them horny, disgusted, indifferent.

You can and will start to see results the second you let go and just let it glide. If she isn't interested trust me. There girls of any kind that can be a fit.

Practice on anyone and anything. Even older women. Even fat ones. You don't have to fuck them and you don't need that mindset. Just talk and find that one thing you know they spend extra time on. Nails are a safe bet. As are tattoos. Any accessories that she took extra time to work on. Its hard fucking work for them.

So yeah just keep it light, playful, honest and obviously fun. That's how you flirt.

>This reads like that story where a brother and sister go to a pool to get their weight measured.
i remember that thread and you're right. this thread is similarly pointless and absurdly amusing.

The reddest pill.


>Stop. I know how to work on my car.
dad hallllllllllllllllllllllllp what is right globe for the car

sure you do buddy.


stop horsing around

You should find some professional help for your mental disorder.

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And then you both went to get weighed in the pool.