Why do woman suck so bad at starting conversations?

Why do woman suck so bad at starting conversations?

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Because they're so used to men initiating and them following along. They get defensive when you say anything that they see as possible aggressiveness or questioning them, as is evident in your picture.

Getting defensive over something like this is a bit retarded.

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"Yes?" is a wierd and cold way to answer to a greeting. "Yes?" is the type or response you give to someone who bothers you and you want to see go away as quickly as possible. She interpreted it that way, used sarcam to tell you she took offense, and it went right past tour head...

I'm assuming you're a woman too?


Are you retarded? This is something you say to someone whose intentions you don't know when they're calling you. You literally said "What is it? What do you want?" to someone, when it should be understood what they're attempting to do.

Saying hey is pretty lazy but your response is equally shitty

I didn't realize people were so sensitive nowadays, I'll change from now on :^)

No it’s not that they’re sensitive
It’s that you’re bad at texting

you fucking dunce

I think I'm pretty good at texting you guys need to pull the dicks out of your ass and lighten up

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Autism. At least you didnt say "females"

of someone said hey irl you wouldn’t say what, you’d set hey what’s up!. use that philosophy online. and get a fucking iphone broke boii

Telling a thot you’re gonna spank her doesn’t make one good at texting. That’s low bar to clear

What should I have said instead great virgins of Jow Forums?

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That's today's average women for you.

I'd rather spank a bitch than talk about the weather or what she did this weekend faggot.

Oh I get it, you’re still a child. Real men can make bitch wet talking about the weather and the weekend. One day when you become man and have true game, you’ll realize this

>Real men can make bitch wet talking about the weather and the weekend
Well shucks I guess I should cancel all my dates and rethink my game plan.


>Real men can make bitch wet talking about the weather
To be fair that is highly dependent on the weather.


Hey, what's up?

A lot better than "yes?"

are you serious holy fuck

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I will use this

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You make me want to use this degenerate app, but I have a "career" now in a building filled with women. I probably should just shoot the shit at work instead of that bullshit.
Although I have a strong need to start a convo with "whats up fag?"

This is fake and gay but the thought of it is funny.

Nope it's all real new friend.

Don't dip your pen in company ink you faggot that's how you get fired, use the app and chat up all the dumb slut you want.

You pretend you are a oblivion NPC of course

I work in a hospital. It's literally packed with dumb sluts.
I just miss telling random thots stupid shit.

Then get back in the saddle buddy

What should I say lads? You know what's best.

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You're such a fucking dumbass that this post isn't even worth seriously replying about honestly

Holy shit

> Yes

Hello new friend, are you a woman too?

Oh shit, I'm in some hot shit now. Love ng story short, the police are looking for me. Can I stay at your place until the heat dies down?

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Keep with the cheesy overly romantic schtick and send her this pic, followed by "There's nothing I want more than to spread more smiles in this world, especially yours. It's beautiful."

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God damn this is so gay you can't send photos on tinder either faggot.

As man, you start and keep the fire lit,

she'll do much of the talking, you just gotta keep adding firewood (her words) to keep it goin

op you suck at conversation, but not in a boring way, so it’s okay

Good job faggots. She took the b8 what's next? Odds decides.

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As man I also don't want to waste time talking about stupid shit. I'd rather be putting my firewood in her ass.

Agreed, but to unlock sex, you must go through some dialogue scenes and pick the right words.

Idk name fag you might some dumb bimbo that will be into it

"you do know harboring a criminal is a crime"

not about being sensitive, its basic human communication, if you have troubles understansing why people would react bad to it you might have some mental illness

Ask if she likes crossword puzzles and then before she can respond, call her a nigger

Tell her you're a sex toy designer and you need someone with a huge vagina to help you test your a design

Tell her she reminds you of a small cute furry woodland creature, and ask if she wants to dress in a rabbit costume and stick a carrot in her pussy

I do have trouble understanding why people are such massive pussies nowadays.
Both of these are equally satisfying to me.

Ask if she likes cowboy films, because you're going to make her walk like John Wayne

You fags took too long so I said some stupid shit instead, evens decided what I say next.

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Maybe quit being an incel loser virgin and you MIGHT(probably not) loose your virginity

One? Cheap date. Btw do you like your rohypnol mixed in, or a shooter afterwards?

Fuck it winner winner chicken dinner.

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Sorry op a bit druck i apologize if you cant read. You have that one girl pretty much in your hand. How about you say if you can bring a bottle instead?

I figured a hot chick like you would be more into tequila. I've already got a line of salt ready for you

No problem m8

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Wow, this chick is somewhat pleasant to talk to. Odds decides

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Look Kelli, I'm going to lay it out here. You seem great, this is fun- I'd give it a 100% chance we're going to fuck. Where do you want to grab a drink first though?

>make thread showing off that girl approached me on tinder
>frame it as her being a stupid bitch because I killed the conversation instantly
>people start calling me autistic and telling me I can't interact like a human
>can't hold back the sperg and go full autismo super defense mode
>everyone is wrong and I'm right!! Reeeeee!

its your fault retard. no one says fucking "yes?" in response to hey. you say hey back you fucking mongoloid. thats how you start a fucking conversation. you're the one who sucks at starting conversations here you fucking retard

I'm the user from don't leave us hanging. She given it up yet?