Help pls femanons

>Be me
>Meet an amazing girl
>Both really into each other
>Instant oneitis
>Sleep together
>Message her +1 day to confess I'm married but really like her, suggest being friends

How would you feel in this situation, femanons?

She's not got to message me back, is she?

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>confess im married

You revealed yourself as both a liar and a cheater.
what the fuck do you expect?


I would be livid. Reminds me of when only after I slept with an acquaintance he confessed he has a girlfriend

I feel sorry for the women in your life

>"I'm married but I really like you"


Thank you user

That's one option. Not my first choice though

No shes jealous of your wife now.

People generally don't want to be friends outside of a one night stand, my dude. Additionally, the fact that you cheated on your wife with her would've made it an unhealthy friendship. I wouldn't speak to you ever again either.

>instant oneitis
Oh fuck off. You clearly don't understand what oneitis is, grandpa. Not when you married another woman. It's not "instant" either, that feel is just infatuation.

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This is a stupid thread and no one should respond to it anymore.

95% of Jow Forums are stupid threads with stupid questions, if you got no skin in the game and can see things objectively you can give impartial advice.That's the whole point, the question doesn't seem stupid to me or I would have asked. I wanted some female input and got it. How did you help?

Either a) she wanted a relationship and now you're unavailable so what's the point? b) she thinks you're going to start an affair with her and she's not interested or c) MOST likely she thought of it as a fling and you've caught feels lol

d) she thought "what douche fucks a random girl in a bar when he's married?" and hated him forever

Honestly? I've heard stories and have friends who've had affairs with married men. It's not that shocking. Most likely she just wasn't interested in """being friends""" (having an affair).

the arrogance of this guy, what a prick

Thanks for your help

I think one of these is likely. Guess it doesn't matter which one now

Not sure how this helps but thanks anyway

you wanted to know what I would think if things happened as you said in the OP. what a prick

Gotcha. Greentext would have made that clear, but your clarification also helped

No, 99% of Jow Forums are more important matters than some loser who caught feels for the girl he cheated with. You should go back to buying erc20 tokens Jow Forums shills to you and admit to your wife what you did.

>How would you feel in this situation, femanons?
Guilty for sleeping with a married man and abso-fucking-lutely repulsed by him. I abhor cheaters and knowing that some desperate shitstain used me to cheat on his wife would leave me livid.

>How would you feel in this situation, femanons?
Terrible. I've been in her shoes (even if we just kissed) and I honestly wanted to kill myself over it.

You're a terrible person and you should leave your wife and this poor woman alone.

Life is never that simple, give it a try user.

Not going to bed with a randomly met woman when you are married is pretty simple

It fucking is, user.

Not cheating is simple. Not tricking people into sleeping with you when you're married is simple.

Well what if she's a bitch and she was really fun and full of adventure, just saying, those things happen gairly often, are you going to crucify all the adulterous?

>are you going to crucify all the adulterous
God, I wish I could

Look we all know how terrible and devastating it can be, but we also know that love and relations do a lot for people's happiness, so if you see someone who is constantly miserable you have to ask yourself if the solution isn't someone else.

and starting something new it's a lot simpler than fixing something that took years to get broken.

You dump your wife and find someone else.

You don't cheat. You don't trick someone into sleeping with you when you're married.
Cheaters are scum.

Sure are, but a dead end relation with an abusive person, who cheats, stalks you, controls you, etc...

It's worst than a night out with a gentle handsome and comprehensive stranger.

What are you trying to advocate here, user? Are you OP or some other scum cheater?

>if you see someone who is constantly miserable you have to ask yourself if the solution isn't someone else.
>and starting something new it's a lot simpler than fixing something that took years to get broken.
What are you saying, mate? If you are in a relationship with doesn't work for some reason and you don't want to try to fix it for whatever reason, you break up. Or divorce. Or separate. Any person with a ounce of human dignity and moral responsibility knows that cheating is not the way. It's a rotten thing to do, and in OP's case it's laughable that he thinks that he can trick some chick into sleeping with his married ass and expect her to become his friend. I'm sorry, but this is deluded thinking.

What point are you trying to make?
The wife and the girl here are victims, you're a cunt.

You cheated on your wife and you made someone do something they probably consider very immoral.

A divorce ain't as simple as it sounds, some times there's the kids the family the social circle etc...

In my country we didn't had diveorce until recently so couples just stopped and went their own way while being still married.

The wife and the girl got lied to, but they have their own share of responsabilities, you don't sleep with random strangers just because, do you?

I don't own LINK I just like the memes

Thank you user

Sounds rough

I'm OP, not the user you replied to. Yes my wife is badly served by me. Until reading this thread I didn't realise how bad it would be for the "other woman" though

Look, here is the thing: you are the trash in this equation, and you won't convince me otherwise. You're trying to push the blame on other people involved instead of admitting that you are a garbage human being.

>you don't sleep with random strangers just because, do you?
I don't, but you apparently do. As for the woman you slept with, I suppose this will be a lesson for her. We can accuse her of being a slut for sleeping with some rando, but at most she's a slut, whereas you are a liar and a cheater.

Again, that's not OP. I am. And she's not a slut. I never specifically said I was married, so I only lied by omission to her, not a direct lie

Look he told the truth fast enough, that's the key, leaving the other person in the doubt for years would have been a lot worst, but a night out it's just human weakness.

>And she's not a slut.
Like hell she's not, she went to bed with a guy she met in a bar and knew almost nothing about

Exactly. She would've known OP were married otherwise.

>Instant oneitis
>Has a wife
You truly sicken me user

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Again, she's not at fault here. I recognise that I'm the bad guy. I didn't come here expecting anons to convince me I'm a nice guy or what I did is justified because reasons. I just wanted to try and understand what "the other woman" is feeling. All this "you're a terrible human being" is off topic as far as I'm concerned. I know me. It's her perspective I was after

Well she probably feels the night was fun enough to get angry over it.

It's probably because I grew up without a mother. I crave female attention, probably would have left my marrriage already if I wasn't so scared of being alone. Thanks for your input user

Hell no, we barely tackled your superficial problems, you still have a wife to talk to.

That's something I suppose

Yet I came here

It honestly was really rough.

Being the other woman is terrible. I value loyalty a lot, I've never cheated, I've been cheated on and it destroyed me. Knowing I enabled a cheater made me feel horrible about myself, knowing I hurt another woman in the way I was hurt made me feel like shit.

Don't be terrible. Dump your wife if you don't like her.

Well if she was here what would you say to her?

I was cheated on and I don't blame the other girl, because she wasn't to know. Although resentment and bitterness about her regularly creeps up.

For example, today she posted on Instagram a painting by my FAVOURITE artist with her own written """poetry""" LITERALLY starting with how she's not a boyfriend person. I don't know why, it made me really angry. Somewhat because of her, but mostly because my ex chose a degenerate like her. And because now whenever I see that painting I'll be reminded.

The woman is always secondary to the male who you entrusted with your feelings.

I'm sorry that people like me made you feel like that, user. Thanks for your advice

She- who? Waifu or girl I slept with?

Hi honey, you've been hearing a lot about how horrible I am. It's true. Maybe we should see other people and stay together for the kids

>Girl I slept with
I'm sorry for not trusting you with the truth I was married before we slept together

My ex cheated on me with a friend of mine, so probably I blame her too other than him. He needs to jump in front of a train, of course.
But really, in my head, knowing that there's a woman out there who got cheated on because of me makes me feel like crap. I know it's not my fault almost at all, but really it's sad.

>Again, she's not at fault here.
Her only fault is being a slut, who cares. If she is a decent slut, however, she won't respond to you. Personally, if I were in her shoes, I would be really disappointed and angry. Imagine: she meets a guy, clicks with him, likes him enough to sleep with him and then she finds out he is married, he used her just to cheat on his wife with some new piece of ass. Many guys from Jow Forums complain that women are terrible and can't be trusted, but look at you. Men are not better. Yeah, it's her fault for trusting you. But what about your wife? Is she at fault too? Is your mother to blame for not being in your life? Nah, shitty people come up with all kinds excuses. If I were her, i wouldn't care about your excuses. I would probably text you back tho just to give you some dressing down cos I hate men like you

>Hi honey, you've been hearing a lot about how horrible I am. It's true. Maybe we should see other people and stay together for the kids

Is she gonna buy that?

>Who cares
I do, obviously. Or this thread wouldn't exist

>I'm terrible

>Your excuses

The whole thread is the excuse, you want us to justify your decision for her.

While the real justification was in the moment you lied to her.

>Your excuses

Here: The issue is, you keep admitting that you are terrible but if you are a self aware human being you knew that pursuing that girl while married, and keeping you being married a secret is a terrible thing to do. And yet here we are. Even now you are more worried about hearing back from that girl than about betraying your wife. So your "I know I'm terrible" gimmick is worthless.

I don't see that as an excuse desu, it's not. It's showing how I can hold two seemingly contradictory positions at once. Not an excuse

>Issue is...

Imagine being married to such a piece of shit.
Imagine BEING such a piece of shit.

Ok OP here. Thanks femanons, you can stop now

Them digits

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My ex also grew up without a mother and had multiple sex partners and relationships in his adult life. He cheated on me.

You're all the same. Next time a man had a troubled childhood, I'm running for the hills instead of showing compassion.

>Next time a man had a troubled childhood, I'm running for the hills instead of showing compassion.
I think it's universal. Women who had trouble childhood aren't better. These are all damaged people and trying to form with them a healthy relationship is pointless.