The fuck was this?

Ive been with my husband for a few years. We studied together, work together ever sinve i was employed by his company, now live together (Thankfully that works pretty well. We get along well)
We do get time for ourselves to do stuff on our own. We have separate friends who we hang out with.
Thing is, i decided to take a walk this morning alone, but i slowly started to miss my husband, a lot. I eventually got really depressed because i simply missed him by my side (we usually take the path i took together) i had to stop the walk by half because otherwise i would start crying.
What the fuck was happening? We both are together and all and we have healthy lives with friends and such in general. This never happened before and its been more than 3 years together. Help???

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:* :(

I don't see the problem here lol. You love your husband what's wrong with that

Stop taking your relationship for granted and have a good hard think about life without him, have a good long depressing cry about it, talk to him about those feelings, and get on with your life.

This isnt some bizare psychotic break you're having, stop freaking yourself out.

Awww, that's adorable! Maybe you were just in a weird mood and you just felt like that at that particular moment without it having any meaning as for your relationship as a whole?

What's the problem here for you, are you afraid you've become too dependent? Maybe try and take this path alone again on another day and see if you feel that way again.

You sound like you have a great relationship and that's a good problem to have to be honest.

Nice larp 8/10

Also, if you guys are trying to have kids, get a pregnancy test because that might somewhat sound like the kind of weird random mood pregnant women get.

... oh my God. How far early do the moods start? A month? 2? A week?

Will do.

Thanks! And yeah, thats kinda my fear. Its alright though


It depends honestly, and I'm no expert so don't take my word for it but I'd say a couple weeks. Might not be it though but a pregnancy test doesn't costs much, if that's a possibility.

Depends which stage of your menstrual cycle you were in

>Day 0-5
Menstruating. You're a crazy bitch because of your hormones

>Day 6-18
Post-Menstrual. You're a crazy bitch because of hormones

Day 19-28
You're a crazy bitch because of hormones

You need a new water filter, preferably one with activated charcoal inside.

Sudden unexplained mood swings are usually because of a spike in estrogen levels in your drinking water. Estrogen comes from recycled water supply which contains run off from birth control pills.

Install a simple in-tap water filter (available at most hardware stores for $ 15-20), and in 2 days time you will no longer feel sudden changes in mood.

My 2 cents

Im actually getting my water directly from the nearest mineral water spring, not 50 km away. It is as clear as it gets.

Simple in-tap water filters don't filter out xenoestrogens dude.

Absolutely nothing wrong. It was a very sweet moment.

Something (probably the setting) reminded you of him, and thinking of him suddenly reminded you of how much you love him.

I hope you went home and told him the whole story and then had wild and wonderful sex


An activated charcoal filter filters out estrogen.

To OP - the nearest mineral spring might also have a source which has runoff somewhere uphill, so estrogen is a likely constituent

sounds like a plan, OP should do this.

Unironically period aka this

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Im at my post menstrual/fertile phase tho lol. Thats supposed to be the most stable phase


Aw, yeah. After some thinking about it (and considering especially this answer in depth) i did tell him about it.
We just ended up cuddling and being cute but it was definitely enough and really, good sex will be later tonight lmao

Yeah ill consider the filter, but can you explain the science behind this? My sleep deprived brain cant follow

Yep, i shoooould. Esp the sex part

>my husband
>his company
>healthy lives with friends


Well, considering that we are social recluses living on a mountain half a kilometer away from the next neighbor and have pretty much a whole bdsm dungeon in our attic....

sounds fuckin perfect, where did he find you?

Yeah, it is quite perfect, as the others would say. And well, it was actually on discord. We were one of the first people to use it (back in late 2015)
We were pretty good friends in it for a time until we found out that we were in the same college. Things developed from there.

(Unasked for life story from now on)
Since he was my senior in college he was hired into a company. Then i was too after graduating (guess who helped me get the position). We now pretty much work from home at this point.

you're packing a fetus for sure

what type of discord server? just asking for myself

This nigga gets it

It was a general gaming server.

Now im scared lmao

I take you don't have kids.
Your relationship is built in rather mundane stuff.
When you were walking by yourself you realized that there is no real foundation in your relationship. There is no bond between you two that transcends the mundade experiences that two have together.