Scared to approach women

I'm afraid to approach women on my campus. I go to a college that really pushes the campus rape culture agenda and unfortunately for me a lot of attractive women are here. I'm afraid of rejection and being accused of sexual harassment.

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You're probably exaggerating what you view as "the campus rape culture agenda". No, contrary to what Jow Forums has told you, college students being mildly left of centre does not mean they are rabid, frothing at the mouth SJWs. And no, campus-wide campaigns against sexual harassment are not "SJW". If you have even the slightest amount of empathy and common sense you will not get yourself into a situation where you are at risk of being accused of harassment. You're also probably too much of a pussy bitch to harass a woman anyway

Ask a girl on a date. Simple as that

>hasn’t attended Berkeley

I dont know if this is the case. I know of people being accused of sex. harassment for nothing and not being able to study for one year despite he was able to show that the accusing girl had lied on many occasions, and kept changing her story.

I'm not American so my experience might be different. But in the UK our universities are generally left-wing (the more prestigious the uni, the more lefty) and yet I've never heard of guys getting falsely accused of rape or harassment out here. I hear FAR more cases of "jock" types getting away with borderline rape because of social status than I hear of men getting in trouble by "accidentally harassing"

My instinct has always been that the American right is lying and exaggerating about campus culture to make a political point. But obviously I don't have first hand experience

Either way, OP should stop being a bitch boy and ask a girl on a date. No one is going to get accused of sexual harassment for politely asking a girl to go for coffee.

Well in here sexual harrasment is a big deal, catcalling is one thing but permament stalking gets you in jail, asking a girl out for a coffee and showing up on her new bf house isn't on the category.

Who mentioned stalking you weirdo? Just talk to a girl like a normal human being

It's only sexual harassment if you're ugly

then just don't approach them? I fail to see the problem in here

>permament stalking gets you in jail
Rightfully so?
Shit, if a guy stalked me I hope he got in jail.
I'm really glad my boyfriend has guns sometimes.

The line for considering that stalking is very thin, that's why the accusations become so common.

Doesn't it.

then meet women in other non-creepy ways?

It's really hard to approach anyone and not seem like a creep. Take interest in something besides gaming and pussy and maybe you'll meet one organically?

No one is going to get accused of sexual harassment for politely asking a girl to go for coffee.
Well, they do, I have experienced this first hand, and the "victim" was a pathological liar the whole campus knew. She just didnt like his ugly face.

No, user, there is no thin line between stalking and talking like a normal person. You cannot "accidentally" stalk someone.

I think you need to reconsider your world view before you attempt approaching women.

No it isn't, you fucking moron.

>Stalking is unwanted or repeated surveillance by an individual or group towards another person
If you keep following a girl around, and keep messaging her even when she says no, if you keep harassing her, then you should end up in jail.

I have a strong feeling that you are either lying or deliberately not mentioning crucial parts of the story.

No one is getting accused of sexual harassment for simply asking a girl "do you want to go for coffee/a meal?"

Now, of course, if you're a total Jow Forums sperg who freaks out or starts sending multiple messages and oversharing his emotions after asking the girl out, I can see why the girl might get weirded out and ask for help from the authorities. But that isn't the same as asking a girl out like a normal fucking human being


Well he did get arrested, but released soon after no ground evidence. He did get expelled from university but he was already failing almost all his subjects lul and got in his family business.
The accuser remained unpunished.

Not sure if having everyone talking about how you were "raped" in remaining unpunished.

I... dont understand you post?
Also she was the drama club head and was untouchable by any student, if I get your post correctly.

Wow, do you think gossip is fair punishment for false criminal charges and potential damage to someone's future and life?

Well more than a bail out, social circles are permanent.

Dude just start recording the conversations on your phone and speak to them in camera recorded areas so they don’t pull any funny business.

If you have sex record the audio as proof of consent

>destroying someone's life is okay as long as it keeps you from some random dudes talking about how you destroyed someone's life
I hope Im just wasting time on bait

Most likely he did what an Jow Forums autist does after having read about PUA. Like constantly touching her, not taking no for an answer, and so on.

If the guy as an individual can't step out of court innocent and face his friends, it's because there's something else there.

Well he did though, did you even read they guy's posts?

You've never had a friendship destroyed because your friends took a blatant lie about you on faith? I don't believe you

Original guy here, I dont know why you are desperately trying to swing the case but thats not what happened. Its not like he was awkwad or shit, he's had girlfreinds before.

Yeah he was failing classes, that's never an indicator of good behavior.

Yes and it can be rectified with direct honesty

>hurr woman can do no wrong its the man and the patriarchy

What exactly was he accused of?

I dont really know, but he was a pretty good and freindly chap from what I gather.
Probably accused of being ugly lol.

Wow you are so prejudiced. He was failing classes so its okay to jail him? Get mental help.

How do you rectify it if they don't believe you
You seem to have this delusion that the truth has some sort of magic power to make people recognize it. If they don't believe you then that's the end.

good grief lol
men should be culled

He wasn't jailed he just had to leave college (that he should anyway instead of wasting his parents money), but the real punishment comes from having your social life wrecked, did that happened to him?

In that case it's on her accuser and him, to being capable of having a simple consensual relation, now you claim this was the girl's fault cause the court found nothing, but I seriously doubt it.

Yes the truth is farily simple to recognize and responds to the patterns the people have, if they often hit on girls and then a girl says that they went to far, it's kind of a no brainer ain't it, but if instead they are honest and commited people assume they aren't lying.

You are seriously defending someone you know nothing about just because she has a vagina.
A potential murder case is treated seriously, why would you not consider someone a lowlife if they tried to destroy someone's life for no reason but couldnt. I dont even know how you got to court, the original poster said the police themselves bailed him out due to lack of evidence.

A potential murder case is, but as you said sexual harrasment accusations aren't.

user, NO ONE is getting arrested just for asking a girl to go on a date and getting rejected

Now be a good boy and tell the truth about what he actually did, or go back to Jow Forums

No reason why it shouldnt be. Actually I think they are but just not taken into account in practicality.

>literally "safe space" policies in our campuses, where even mild disagreement, or discomfort is labeled "harassment"
>not basically surefire way of getting yourself accused of sexual harassment if you approach a girl who finds you "creepy" for whatever arbitrary reasoning.

Sure thing famalam.

Plenty of people get arrested and released for lack of evidence.

My two cents are in the fact that there's to many of those cases, so it's become routine and in all honesty may be some of the harder cases to work in, as people lies a lot hides things, etc...

Murder is:


Instead sexual harrasment can happen all the time in very subtle ways.

So what you're telling me is that

>Guy asks out girl
>Girl rejects him
>Girl gets him arrested just for being ugly

No, user. No police officer in their right mind is going to arrest someone on completely baseless assault charges.

What I'm guessing actually happened is that the guy in question was physically too forward with her, stalked her, didn't take no for an answer, etc, and thus the police had enough evidence to suggest that the MIGHT be an actual threat to this girl.

Or, someone is just making this story up, which is what's actually the case 90% of the time on Jow Forums.

>I'll just make up stories because I cant beleive something can happen outside of my political ideology
I also remember a story of a high school student being jailed for three years for allegedly raping three girls but released after three years because no evidence. It was also found that he was three timing these girls and gossiped about 'taking revenge', I forgot the name I hope someone remembers it in the news.


yep that happens too.

Yes that does fucking happen you retard, in the mid2000s we had men getting pepper sprayed for asking directions