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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>Is my dick too short?
No, it's not.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

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Is the amount of women owning a dildo/vibrator the same as with guys owning a fleshlight or how big a difference is there?

Not sure, but when my younger brother found out I had a dildo and vibrator he said it was sad that I "spent money on it".

Nobody fucking cares
It's the current year, people masturbate. Being hung up of gender equality of sex toys makes you sound like a psycho

I definitely think more men own toys than women do, at least teens. Its easy to learn and make a fleshlight yourself, + your parents are more ok with the idea of you masturbating than it would be with a girl

When I've female friends I like purely on a platonic level everything is chill and everyone seems to be comfortable, but this one girl seems to be tense around me, you can clearly feel the tension but I'm almost positive its just on her end, I try to just act normal but its like she can never fully relax around me. I know she likes me because she often asks me to hang out but whenever I come over she acts tense despite being the one inviting ME over. I know she's not like that around other guys because sometimes when we're at the pub and some guy comes over and starts chatting her up, she acts all comfortable and like its not a bit deal, but then when I'm around, because she wanted me to be, she acts all nervous and quiet. And as I mentioned earlier, she does like me but I don't know on what level, anything I wrote give away why she might be like that around me?

Because you're a creep

fuck off, troll somewhere else

Need another round of advices after matching with my crush, I'm fucking autistic with men
>how do I stop checking my phone every second to see if he responded
>how do I avoid looking clingy
>how do I peak his interest

He's has autistic as me, we've been chatting a lot and still didn't exchange numbers. Also we speak to each other like work colleagues, there's no flirt going on, what do I do

user... Invest in a therapist. I don't believe you are actually autistic, and probably he isn't either, but if you two are not even in a relationship and you already act so neurotic and clingy, it doesn't bode well. In fact, I would say that you are not mentally ready for a relationship. How old are you and how old is your lover boy?

you completely forget that men simply don't need any toys though.
I'm pretty sure women outnumber men here about 3 to 1 or so. But then it also depends what toys do you actually mean, because handcuffs and whips can change the statistics. Still, they are used by both partners at once

I'm literally an aspie though. I'm just so excited, 19 and 20, he's the older one

1. Go do something fun to distract yourself from checking your phone.
2. Don't message him every five seconds and you'll be fine.
3. Try to be fun and engaging when you talk. Don't just respond with emojis, give actual thoughtful answers and ask him questions that could possibly lead to longer conversations.
I don't really agree with this user, it's normal to be over-excited in the beginning stages of a relationship.

How do you know if a girl is an npc?

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>Girl who ghosted me about a month ago randomly messaged me a massive paragraph, apologised and asked if we want to meet.
Exact same thing happened to me 2 years ago with a Russian girl girl who was dumb but cute af

How old is yours and do you have an idea how smart she is? What's her education? If you are lucky it was just a phase

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How would a relationship between two misanthropes work? How would they not despise each other?

She repeats the same lines of dialogue, typically her animations are more limited, her pathing may be unresponsive, she may have a "skip dialogue" option.

She likes messaging me when I start the conversation. I try to feel things out so I ask a question, then she picks up on it and starts writing longer messages and asks questions about me or that thing I mentioned. If she didn't ask questions herself I'd bail because I know she doesn't want to talk, but she does and sometimes even talks for hours and always replies straight after I write her a message so she must be into it to that degree.

But she never starts conversations herself, I can't tell if she's just not interested in talking to me and I've been wrong about her all along, or if shes afraid to message me first, or if she just doesn't message anyone ever. Is this something to be worried about?

Boyfriend and I are extremely introverted. He's very misanthropic, I'm not as extreme as him now but used to be when we started dating.
We just really love each other and could talk for days. He's legitimately the only person I never get tired of or who never annoys me. I do annoy him sometimes but I have a nice butt so I think it makes up for it.

You just have to love each other a bunch.

Much more women have toys than men.

She might be anxious about messaging you, user. Maybe she doesn't think you're as into her as she is? I did this with my now boyfriend because I didn't want to seem too eager. Don't worry about having to start conversations yourself - there's nothing wrong it if she ends up communicating eagerly (which she does, from what you typed).

Ask her to hang out if you want things to progress.

Epistemologically prove to me that women are real.

I can guarantee this isn't true. Toys are useless for men. Only the saddest and weirdest buy them.

So how do you know when someone's your boy/girlfriend instead of just talking and going on dates? I had a nice movie night with my crush last night and are meeting up two more times this week. At the end of the second meet up (I don't want to call them dates since they're both church events with her), I'm planning on asking her if she wants to continue seeing me and will probably tell her I really like her, although she probably realizes that by now. Are we considered in a relationship if she says yes or is that an explicit question I have to ask?

In my experience, it's never been explicit. However I've seen girls excitedly giggling and telling their friends "he asked me to be his girlfriend last night!"

I guess just whichever you prefer, really

Might be the case.The two of us are already hanging out, just the messaging escalated recently.
If you don't mind me asking, how did you two end up being together? when you started hanging out, how did you know he was into you and how did he know you were into him? did he just ask you out eventually?
I'm anxious about this girl so don't want to miss any signs or act too nervous or anything so would appreciate some pointers

is it true that if you heard a guy has a big dick you will tell all your friends and they will all try to have sex with the big dick guy?

Do you view small dicked men as subhuman?

No. In fact, most women prefer normal-sized dicks to big ones. Big ones are a nice novelty but that wears off real fast, and considering it can make sex painful, it's not a good thing. My ex had a solid cock, 7 inches and a serious girth, and we could never have sex for more than 15 minutes because it was too painful for me. So, sure, you can show off to your friends about your man's cock, but you don't tell them you can't take it for more than 15 minutes... Big cocks are overrated.

Any woman who values you based on your dick is not a woman who deserves your attention. Ìt's that simple, really.

Have some self-worth, no matter the size of your cock.

>Any woman who values you based on your dick is not a woman who deserves your attention. Ìt's that simple, really.

What if its my fetish to be a sex object to women who use me exclusively for sex?

No. My boyfriend has a big cock and I literally never mention it to my friends.
I've never met a girl who fucked a guy just because she knew his cock was massive.

And no, small dicked men are fine.

>it was too painful for me

Did you have any orgasms tho?

>dick size doesnt matter!
>my BF is hung though teehee!

women everybody. why cant you just be honest

>What if its my fetish to be a sex object to women who use me exclusively for sex?

Fetishes belong in the bedroom and are fine. You can be open about it and see where it goes.

But honestly, I think you need therapy. Have you been abused by your mother?

never considered using any toys in my life you must be female huh?
funny lil dynamic going on here girls think men have just as much toys as they do when in reality no man even owns such devices... very cute stuff

I don't have a G spot, so no, never from sex alone. I had to touch myself or be touched during sex.

when a girl keeps a metre distance from you while talking what is she trying to say? that i'm creepy or something?

I mean I'm not the one that started talking

No, I just very much enjoy the physical aspect of sex. Also like the thought of girl wanting to have sex with me for my body alone

My point was that his big cock didn't make me come, because it's unrelated. My previous man had a very small cock, Asian, for context.

Also, I did say the big cock owner was my ex.

>I just very much enjoy the physical aspect of sex. Also like the thought of girl wanting to have sex with me for my body alone

All this sounds very normal, but why would it turn you off to be loved physically for who you are also? Do you have low self-esteem?

I didn't know how big his cock is till after 5 months we were together.
It is not that important to me. I'm honest.

Whatever, slut.

>is a slut because her ex had a big cock

I'm sorry about your small penis.

it doesnt turn me off at all, Im just saying I have a kink for being used as a sex object by women

Nah, she's one because she's had more than 2 partners. And I can show you my dick on kik if you're that curious about my size.

Does this limit itself to the bed or is it a more general thing?

>Nah, she's one because she's had more than 2 partners.
>having more than 2 partners makes a woman a slut

I thought a slut was a woman who slept around with many men in the same period of time, usually not telling them that they aren't the only one. So much for me.

>how did you know he was into you
Well, I'm not great at determining signs from men - we got together when I was 18 so it was all very new for me. A friend had to tell me that...yeah, he's into you, he's chatting to you all the time eagerly.

So yeah, whenever we were in the same room he would talk to me and it was obvious to everyone he liked me. Then he'd invited me out to hikes. Then he asked me over to his place to watch a movie. We cuddled and spooned, kissed, didn't have sex. The next week he told me he wanted to be exclusive.

>how did he know you were into him?
I was always quite friendly but I'm like that with everyone. I don't think he knew if I liked him or not - he had confidence in what he wanted. I was responsive to all stages (spoke to him when he spoke, said yes when he wanted to hang out) so he kept going.

Keep going user - some girls just aren't initiators. Even in our relationship now I'm not good at initiating.

general but in bed works too

Why do non-virgin women who are not widows or rape victims think they deserve to get married?

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Because we're pretty decent people even if we sucked a couple of cocks before yours.

Go away, now.

>widows or rape victims
I'd say those women shouldn't get married also, they are broken-goods and wouldn't raise good children.

>decent people
>sucked various strange mens cocks

explain this contradiction

No. There is a difference between willfully choosing to be degenerate and having bad things happen to you. if you cant discern between nuances youre retarded

>Go away, now.
lol no, you go away with your disgusting mouth.

Because society tells them so, and almost everyone in society believes it.

Because everyone deserves to be loved and live life with a relationship.


If watching porn and stuff on /gif/ is okay in a looking at dick pics on /soc/ or asking anons for videos also okay?

I'm 25. I have been dating for 10 years.
I dated people before you, I fell in love with a couple of them and had sex with them.
I don't stop being a good person because I loved other people who aren't you.

You may be "decent", but in what way are you marriage material?

The truth is you're not, statistically. Women with multiple previous sex partners are less likely to bond with their husbands, more likely to divorce, less likely to take intimacy as seriously etc. So while you may be a decent person and all, what makes you suitable for marriage?

No, the difference is you're exchanging with an actual man while the man watching porn and gif has no contact with an actual person.

You're welcome.

Okay, so am I allowed to watch stuff posted on /soc/ without posting/asking for things myself?

Oh, autistic user, life is infinitely more complicated than you realise. Some women don't find the right man before some time, and it's the same for men. It makes nobody "wasted goods", it only gives them experience.

Please stop the fucking autism, and the girl who's responding to the autists, fucking stop also.

Nobody normal gives the autist's words any weight, so cut your losses.

>I'm 25

>Okay, so am I allowed to watch stuff posted on /soc/ without posting/asking for things myself?
Yes. In my relationship, we both respected the privacy of the other, as long as it didn't involve actual contact with other men/women.

I mean, I'm married so yes, I am definitely marriage material.

>Women with multiple previous sex partners are less likely to bond with their husbands, more likely to divorce, less likely to take intimacy as seriously
Not really.
Women who are virgin at marriage are less likely to divorce, and women who have more than 5 partners are more likely to divorce.
Women who have 1 premarital sex partner (aka women who fuck their now husband before getting married to him) and women who had up to 3 partners who aren't their husband have basically the same stats when it comes to divorce, quality of marriage and such.

Viewing posts, sure. Using your attractiveness and flirting to pull pics from guys, no. It's just too close to actually seducing for me to be comfy with. One bad argument and you'd have a host of dudes you've already been flirting with and know are dtf to fall back on for 'support' or 'revenge' out whatever rationalization you can think of.

The woman I love the most is 40. Age is meaningless.

>Some women don't find the right man before some time

Then why have sex? Why not withold the sex until you've found the right man?

Now that you've given up the only thing that makes you valuable, there will be no "right man" for you since youve given it away to some drug dealing Chad who pump and dumped you.

Enjoy your beta bux

>Women who are virgin at marriage are less likely to divorce,
This is usually because they are asexual and don't need a man the way other women do. There's no point for them in divorcing, any relationship they have are basically 24/7 friendships.

>Then why have sex? Why not withold the sex until you've found the right man?

I'm the man here, but nigga, "why have sex?" is the dumbest question. Here's my answer: because any minute spent outside a woman is like drowning, and every second spent inside a woman is like breathing. Does that suffice?

never came to this board, but i'm pretty dumb and confused right now. i have a friend (female) from uni and we don't talk much in class, but i started talking through text about mainly music shit and other interests we have. asked her out twice and she said yes both times, anf both of those time we grabbed some dinner and afterwards just drove around, stopping at a park at night and the second time we just stopped the car in a deserted street and lied there listening to some music and chatting. i thought I was ok, but some of my friends said i was fucking stupid, and i'm scared the girls thinks i don't like her. What should i do next time we go out? Am I supposed to do something? thinking about inviting again later this week. she didn't make any advanes towards me and seemed ok at the time, plus she is kinda shy.

>Then why have sex? Why not withold the sex until you've found the right man?
Because you don't know if you found the right man till you die.

Are you going to not have sex till your dead bed?

I'd casually ask if I can hold her in my arms.

What if I don't exchange ANY pictures of myself, just text, and only with guys who aren't located in my country at all? It's not like I know these men at all, just messaging in return for fap material...?

>I mean, I'm married so yes, I am definitely marriage material.
This doesnt prove anything, it just proves you tricked some beta into marrying you and youll leave him as soon as the money stops rolling in or some Chad comes by because youve fried your oxytocin receptors due to being banged by multiple Chads in your teens

This. You can't know if it's the right person until you have sex, at the very least. It's too important to wager like a fool.

Some people literally can't have sex due to their genitals, you'd better find that out before it's too late.

mentally ill incel detected

Why don't you seek therapy and stop projecting your fears on women? Pro-tip: everything you project on women is actually yours. You're the calculating faggot who can't appreciate a person's actual worth and have none of his own.

Now beat it, asswipe.

Why would a girl be concerned about if I was crushing on somebody else?

(It's just a discord server owner being a bit hurt about a supposed crush I have on another member. Were all over 22 which is sad...)

>Why would a girl be concerned about if I was crushing on somebody else?
Uh, because the heartbreak from it would be intense suffering.

>I'm the man here
Its different for men, fuck off. You dont have to be choosy since men dont get pregnant for 9 months.

So why not at least screen more? Even if sexual compatibility was your top concern, why not just hold out for a few more months/years? Let me guess, you banged Chad after the 3rd date

I'd be fine with that, myself. If they were long distance I'd let you send nudes, I like showing off my girl. But I'm also a degenerate and won't claim my opinion is the majority.

>got a qt 3.14s number on tinder but she goes to a college 20 miles away
I go to college in a really big city. Would it be ok to ask her out closer to here?

>implying I'm not married to the Chad I've been banging for the last 5 years
Who wasn't my first, by the way.

Actually one of the studies you fuckers love to spam on this board shows how women who had 2 premarital partners are less likely to divorce and cheat than those who had just one.
So I'm less likely to cheat or divorce than your virgin waifu. Shows how my "oxytocin receptors" are fried.

Because she either has a crush on you or wants to keep you available as an option later.

I had sex with 2 people, dated one for 6 years and we waited for a year and half before having sex, and then my husband, and we waited for 6 months before having sex.

Sexual compatibility isn't my top concern. But it's definitely important, and I'm very glad I married a man who fucks me really well.

Chads dont marry non-virgins.

Also what the fuck are you talking about? All the studies ive seen show a linear relationship

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>You dont have to be choosy since men dont get pregnant for 9 months.
Considering you might fucking die from sex, you sure as fuck have to be choosy. Are you American or just retarded?

woops wrong pic

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>12 and younger

>Considering you might fucking die from sex
wtf are you talking about? sex for women is much more risky than sex for men by a longshot. youre the retard here

FWIW, I was honest with the owner, and told her that I do have a crush on someone in the server, and its her.

Owner just said stuff like "I somehow don't believe that's true." And that "I'm not sure right now." after I asked how I can show its true

>6'3", muscular, god tier face
>Intelligent, good job, nice money
>Great person

Chads marry whoever they want.

How long should I wait before trying to setup a second date?

So you can't you see how in the 2006-2008 survey people who had 1 to 4 partners have the same likelihood of being in a stable marriage? Are you fucking blind?

That means that, unless you wait till marriage, having a virgin gf or one that had a couple of cocks before you makes literally zero difference.

Honestly, thats OK in my book. You have some restraint

Too bad 99% of the case its not like this, and you are the exception

>So you can't you see how in the 2006-2008 survey people who had 1 to 4 partners have the same likelihood of being in a stable marriage?

No, I dont see that at all?

>0 partners 88%
>1 partner 54%
>2 partners 51%
>3 partners 50%

Wtf are you talking about? Am I being trolled? Do you not know how to read graphs?

can't tell if youre trolling or not but i think that would be pretty awkward

I'm a guy, better don't do what says. Every girl is different, but don't go asking permissions explicitly, despite what they may tell you on TV now.

You have to be smooth instead, especially if she is shy. Like idk, keep joking around and making her laugh, occasionally saying stuff like "I really like you, you know". Then you drive the conversation to the personal ground, acting like you are interested in finding out stuff about her and revealing stuff about yourself in turn. Here's where you turn the it sexual, but keep making her laugh, like it's nothing serious. Then you drop something like "hey, have you ever... you know... hugged someone in a car?". No matter your answer, you say "and how about this?" and you wrap your arms around her. She may freak out, you just laugh it off: "what's the matter? it's just a hug, you see? maybe I'm a carhug virgin you know?". Only let her go if her body language clearly tells you she doesn't want your contact, and treat it as a joke.

I didn't LARP it for you so you could memorize it, just to make you understand why you must make them laugh if you want to fuck them. If you do this right, in the end she shouldn't even remember it as if you were trying to fuck her, she'll think that "it just happened". If you start treating it as a serious thing instead of a game, she'll instinctively be against it (oh shit i'm not this kind of woman and bla bla bla).

>I like showing off my girl
Yeah, my boyfriend is the complete opposite of that.

:/ he never sends me sexy vids tho

Are you seriously telling me that 54% vs 50% isn't basically the same thing? A 4% difference is basically statistical noise.

If you have premarital sex at all, having it just with the man you're going to marry or with 4 different men doesn't really make any difference.