How do I move if im on probation for being black...

how do I move if im on probation for being black? I want to move to the city a few hours away from me but I think I need a job or something there. that sounds impossible cant I just move because I want to go there to find work and I would have an easier time?

could i lie and tell them i want to move to also attend a school there once i move or something?

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you don't
we've been thru this so many times....
you commited 2 DUIs. you did not get on probation for being black but for putting others' lives in danger
you will stay in your shithole till you inevitably die of drug overdose

Stop making these threads. Just neck yourself.

>you dont

wrong virgin

>for being black

my punishment just seems unreasonably cruel since I have to sit out here and im not allowed to move where I can have jobs, stay out of trouble, and have a way to get around town

Then ask them to jail you instead.

Well maybe getting your second DUI (and not learning from your mistakes the first time has something to do with your statement).

>how do I move if im on probation for being black?

You're on probation because you were taught to look at circumstances instead of decisions.

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because I should be the ONE person in the world not allowed to move while on probation? fuck yourself dude just leave this thread

You're not, quit fucking lying!

There's a great big world outside of you and your seemingly-unique misfortunes that you brought upon yourself. You're not a victim, you're a perp.

You fucked up once. Like I can legit go up to an 8 year old right now and say "should you drink and drive" and they'll probably tell me no

And your dumb ass did it twice.
You're not punished because you're black, you're black because you're punished-- it's real easy to treat you like a subhuman when you not only act the part, but even then as spinelessly and ingloriously as you.

Just fucking pack a bag and walk. Pick a direction and just keep walking. Anything is better than you posting on Jow Forums.

It's like Brandon, only without the redeeming feature of being mostly fuckable

This seems like a question for your probation officer.

You may have to go before a judge and explain that you wish to relocate in order to find a job. Have you tried finding a job where you are?

Also, give up drinking, join AA and actually enroll in a community college. Shit, some Departments of Labor have grants that will pay you to study job skills.

In short, stop whining about your life and do something about it.

Did you talk to your lawyer today dude? We agreed this was what you were gonna do in your last thread.

See if you would have learned the first time, you wouldn’t have this problem. Ironically what is preventing you is a second or subsequent conviction for driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol offense; that makes them treat you like a felon and subjected to the Interstate Compact. Lol! Enthnically challenged people are a trip.

yeah he told me if I get a job down there to get it in writing from them and he can ask the judge but I wanna see if I can move to just move and look for a job

i have been asking them. i feel like no one here cares that i want to go and find a job and have a train system and shit because they're all so country and probably just deal with country people all day who just have their wives drive them into work with their truck and shit

dude who cares about the law this much jesus christ fuck off

What really ticks me off are people who drive under the influence, speed or break any other traffic laws and then have the gall to complain and whine about them being treated unfairly.

lol what

Man, you're just as deluded as my dumb bitch sister. Keeps drinking and getting in trouble, blaming everyone else but herself for her fuck ups.

Everyone who has two DUIs goes through this shit, you're lucky you didn't get locked up.

You have to accept you have to get a job down there first, and you have to accept it's not a sure bet. You fucked up twice, I don't know why you're expecting anyone to have sympathy for your stupid ass.

>dude who cares about the law this much jesus christ fuck off

Well obviously you should. Unless your goal is to be a life’r.

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>dude who cares about the law this much jesus christ fuck off
Anons, take a look at this faggot. OP, you brainlet worm, you are in trouble now because YOU didn't care enough about law. How boutta that? It's not because you are a nigger, it's not because God wanted it so. It is because you you were drugged and decided to drive. You risked people's lives. The fact that you have the cheek to complain about your current situation makes me honestly hope you will OD before you manage to put even more people in danger because of your pathetic addiction.

FUCKING MODS maybe you could ban this nigger for spamming? It's been what, 3 years of the same thread every 2 days? Whose cock do I have to suck to make this happen?


Unzip your dick mister, I want to be done with it

Your dick has a zipper!?!

im not reading all that but it just sounds like virgin nerd babble. anyway im not trying to get out of my punishment. ive learned my lesson and im trying to transfer my shit so I can get a job and stay out of trouble

you guys sound like the typical kids who told on people at school to the teacher and got the shit kicked out of them. and you wonder why no one likes you? then probably went to college and sat inside alone all day and wondered why "the normies" dont like you

jesus Christ dude you guys are the biggest fucking losers ive ever met. and thats sad because I live out in the sticks. whats the point in even coming in saying "reee normie you deserve to be punished for having fun reee"

Imagine being on this site so much that you know the intimate details of other regular losers and you are there to repeatedly engage in pointless arguments on a pointless board where you pretend you are getting great life advice and are qualified to advise others with anything other than how to waste your life and live with regret.

imagine being you and having nothing else to do but sit on this board all day and be angry at strangers

>being this new

I know the DUI guy too. I'm a loser who usually browses Jow Forums a buncha times a week, I have no excuse. But even when I have more busy periods and come here like once a week, more often than not I spot the DUI guy. He just posts obsessively almost every day, so it's kinda hard to ignore him.

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Dude just stfu. You need to ask these questions to actual professionals, like police, advisors, legal professionals, etc... But instead, since you don't even have good family or friends you are asking on an anime site. Dude, ask a fking professional for advice on what you can do. Make a real plan for your life to fish it out of the toilet.
Money flow and savings.
Post-secondary education.
Licenses if available (automobile, passport,,etc...)
Credit card
Unique skills
Hobbies that aren't criminal
Language skills (Primary language is strong in reading, writing and communication, secondary languages are viable)
Skill and experience with the opposite sex
Adult manners, business manners
Your appearance is appropriate for your desired lifestyle
Living situation isn't shit.
Ability to manage your time.

You made up an imaginary story about me being here all day, reality is this is my first time on this board.
You have self awareness so you are not a lost cause, nothing wrong with killing some time now and then but take care of yourself dude.

Oh, and look, no responses...
What's the old saying? You can lead a neckbeard to a pair of clippers but you can't make him shave that sh!t off????
Anyway OP, genuinely hope you and whoever else improves your life. Do your best.

can I have useful answers? im not reading the paragraph long posts by angry nerds

too much reading for you, eh?

Grow up.

Hell, your probation should be over soon right? I'm almost done with all my 2nd DUI stuff and I first came across your posts when I was off of work dealing with court.

serve your time

dude im just trying to transfer my shit why do you virgins keep coming here saying im trying to get out of shit im just trying to move and get a job jesus fucking Christ I hope all of you die

you answered your own question in the op

Have you actually tried talking to your PO about this shit?

move into jail or prison where you belong you subhuman fucking nigger

>Do your best.
you mean dont get a second, or even first dui in the first place? oh wait hes a stupid filthy fucking nigger, so getting two DUIs actually is his best.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can't teach a dumb dog anything

>for being black
Want to know how I know you're an irresponsible scumbag that WILL re-offend?

To be fair, most speed limits are needlessly conservative.

The average driver is needlessly dull and unobservant, at least in my city
My city has a pajeet problem though, and Asians cannot even slightly into cars

I want looser laws and stricter license requirements. It's not fair.

I agree but it can't happen because that's ~~hard~~ and then pajeets and dindus can't get licenses and we're suddenly racist because they're dumb.

Even though that's a prejudice, not racism. But then there's that whole "we won't release security footage because it'll make you racist."

I've been slowly hatching my escape to Iceland or Greenland plan. I think we'll all want escape plans

Just move. Then you'll get locked up and we won't have to read this nigger whining any more.

yeah first they said I could then I asked more about it and they said oh im some weird type of probation where my shit gets reduced and I get resentenced after the original sentence where all my stuff gets reduced severely into lesser charges but it takes forever, they told me I have to finish all that before I can transfer. which i find cant be true because people have jobs and have to move no matter what type of probation they are on but i know there's some requirements and shit but still

then i talked to my lawyer about it and he said its all about what the court does not them but he made it sound like i need a job down there or something. gonna try asking if i can do it to move for work without having a job already lined up but idk i never get what i want or need to live a good life

do yall think I should take jail time over probation? it sounds like if I take jail time I can do it for a year and have it be over with but if I do probation and fuck up ill get a year anyway

what if I serve a TON of time on probation and then get fucked over one small thing and have to do a year on top of that when I could already be almost out. or they wont let me transfer and im fucked

Serve your sentence and learn something from it
You lack discipline in the extreme and this might honestly instill it in you.

You don't seem up for probation.

I think I can pass probation if it means just sitting in my room and not getting fucked up but ALL my friends do stupid and illegal shit and dont even care about my probation at all and I think I might get fucked over something stupid.

the judge offered me a reduction from a felony to misdemeanor if I take jail time but part time through my probation that happens anyway. im afraid if I do the time on probation it gets reduced and then I mess up after that if I will get fucked and still get a full year or if my time on probation with good behavior will be counted and they wont fuck me over with the maximum sentence in jail

im really hoping on a transfer and I have a few guaranteed places to stay in the city and one guy is nice to me and offering me a room and a place to stay and everything. im really hoping for the transfer but im scared of getting fucked over and wasting a TON of time AND going to jail anyway

ill do anything to get to the city as fast as possible even if that means serving jail time but technically this SHOULD be the fastest way since theres a chance of transferring and I could go any time including maybe even soon

im scared of doing a ton of time on probation then one small thing fucks it up and I do all the time on probation and then I end up going to jail for a year on top of that so I just wasted god knows how much more time in my shitty small town

but sitting in jail would accomplish literally no goal at all and then i'd have 0 chance of a transfer but once I got out I would technically be free again.

the time in jail I would serve is longer then the time it would take for me to lower the charge while on probation and they told me after my charge is reduced I can transfer pretty easily but thats ASSUMING that they approve it

jail would be like 8-12 months depending on good behavior and my charge gets reduced in like 8-9 months and i can try to transfer and my lawyer said i can try to transfer right too

I just returned from vacation and you’re still posting this trash?

The fuck is wrong with you, niggs?

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