Need a video game recommendation for someon extremely bad at games that is unable to improve and learn...

Need a video game recommendation for someon extremely bad at games that is unable to improve and learn, and think modern games are too hard on easiest setting. Preferably action rpg or action game with character development.

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Checkout the telltale games. Point and click, but there is alot of story to them. I personally really like them but they are definitely an acquired taste, I'd reccomend throwing one his way and see what happens. theres alot of choices as well he probably has some interestin atleast one of the titles... (Batman, walking dead, game of thrones, GOTG)

Terraria might be an option. It's possible to set your own difficulty (by staying close to home), and can get progressively harder by exploring deeper and deeper.

Too hard for me and i don't like combat

I don't like point and clicks, also i watched gameplay from most teltale games so i know resolve of their stories

Any Bethesda game (start with Skyrim probably). The engine is easy to learn, and once you understand it you can play all other Bethesda title because they use the same engine.

They are too hard for me unless i abuse mechanics to absolute maximum

Mass effect
New Vegas (with overpowered mods)
Xcom 2 (with cheats)

Oh and Subnautica.

If i was intending to use cheats then i wouldn't ask about recommendation

Dark Souls

FFXV hold attack and you win, as a plus in the easy mode you are literally invenceable.

Man this shit was actually easy. I heard all these stories about how tough this game was then I got to like NG++++ no problem and could literally kill anyone that invaded me. A really great game though.

casul, I got to NG+++++ with no weapons or armor

Fate stay/night

Casuls, nothing but casuls

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based sun bro

The Banner Saga

I already played it and didn't liked it

Tales of Berseria is button mashing with not much thinking, and in addition to an easy mode it has a "simple" mode which is even easier. It is pretty much anime in video game form.

Play the any of the three original Spyro games, the levels are pretty simple

Try Kirby games, whichever peaks your interest. They were all made for beginners or kids to get into games, I personally would recommend Crystal Shards (aka Kirby 64) cause of the combination mechanic.

They aren't hard and can be completed in a day or two.


bioware games are easy as shit especially if you play on “narrative” mode or use cheats.

dragon age 2 probably easiest in terms of gameplay imo.

>Too hard for me and i don't like combat
You want an action game but you don't like combat? Good luck.


Have you tried Osu? It has lots of tracks ranging from retard-easy to autism-hard. It's a rhythm game that has levels created by the community. Mostly the songs are from anime. I actually had to make myself stop playing that game because it was too addictive.

I agree with this. Those games are way too easy for me. They let you just fly over half the level and don't give a shit. But OP might like them. I dunno, they can be fun. They're pretty creative even though they're easy as shit.

Vanguard bandits is a good game that was on the psx.

i said that about terraria combat, not combat in general

I'm bad at rythm games and don't like them

I'm not really into platformers, also i'm really really bad at them

I'm too slow at aiming and don't like multiplayer games

Played it and after a while i was bored of it, also too much grinding


It may be a good idea to describe some games you have enjoyed in order to get an idea of what else you would like.

OK this sounds insulting but kids games are probably what you need. Shit like the Lego games are easy as fuck but somehow still fun.

witcher 3 (story, complex quests, monster hunts), bloodborne (visuals, art of locations, finally somewhat ok speed of combat compared to any other game, late victorian/gothic setting), skyrim (going whenever i want, getting absurdly op), isaac and isaac rebirth (getting absurdly op), god of war (button mashing my way to victory, genocide of everything in radius of 20m)

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played them and they were mostly meh

Maybe video games aren't for you then. Try d&d, it can be as easy or as hard as you like.

I'm not really interested in tabletop gaming and real role-play, also other mediums of entertainment seems way more boring compared to vidya

Nigga you want videogames that are easy but exciting, yet refuse every option within that category. The only thing you can do at this point is git gud faggot.

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Because i like games in which it is impossible to lose, offer no challenge and make me more and more and more op turning me in unstoppable force. Any type challenge no matter how big will never give me any satisfaction and only bring pain, the only interesting and entertaining thing for me in games is being absurdly op by game very mechanics

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I mean, you enjoyed Bloodborne? That's pretty difficult from my memory playing it.
You might enjoy Dragon's Dogma from what you described. You can level up and become pretty crazy powerful.

I hated it for difficulty and challenge, but loved scenery, music, climate and not being so much restricted in speed while in combat movement, also i despise by all means chalices which are the hardest part of it. And about Dragon Dogma, it doesn't look fun at all and i hate fighting with companions.

Try Dishonored, it's way way easier than Bloodborne in terms of gameplay and it has a great atmosphere, scenery, dark aestethics etc. Also the blink power is fun as fuck.

I've seen gameplays from it and it seemed very boring and add to that:
>stealth game
i absolutely hate this kind of vidya

>bait thread
>39 replies
Jow Forums, why

It's not an bait i really search for interesting game for someone inept as myself

Just play regular games and cheat
Seriously, what the fuck even. This is what it takes to bait Jow Forums. Just endless shitposting for forty replies.

I weep. You people deserve better than this kind of troll.

It's better than the big dick bait, the paedophilia bait, the small dick bait, the manlet bait, the girlfriend cheating bait.

Jow Forums is literally various degrees of bait. This one is actually productive at least.

>Skyrim was too hard for me

>I liked being OP in Skyrim

>It's not an bait

I feel sorry for myself since I added to this pile of bait and shitposts.

>it's impossible to be completely atrocious at vidya
Also cheating the same games over and over becomes boring and repetitive and isn't as fun as games that have mechanic that support being absurdly powerful. Setting cheats usually for me takes a bit of time so i am not as much interested spending time this way

>This one is actually productive

What is the end product of this shit bait thread

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You can play the game in full combat, no need for stealth at all.

You don't seem to be receptive to any game you've been recommended, why do you even want to play if you hate like 99.9% of them?

Then don't come if you really don't want give an Jow Forumsice

I've learnt some new video game titles without having to go to cesspool /v/

Because i search for game that will fulfill my vague demands, but games recommend in this thread don't interest me at all, i thought if i ask it as general question someone will recommend something more obscure yet quality, but maybe i was just wrong

>I've learnt some new video game titles

oh yeah the hidden gems and indie sleeper hits of Skyrim and Mass Effect

Journey and ABZU

Video games are for children.
Act like a grown man.

>wanting to be adult
disgraceful and foolish

The SIMS 3

played and was unable to manage even one sim, i also get bored fairly quickly

>hurr durr I literally exist just to work, go to the gym, swipe on tinder, and watch tv

>this is productive
It's not
This guy is just bitching at every suggestion handed to him and he also refuses to cheat at games
He wants the game to cheat for him. It's levels of cuck that shouldn't even be possible

yes, because i in every response i called every advice useless and i should not go for what i want, but for something someone else like

The point of the bait is that you don't like anything
You clearly don't like video games, you just want to feel included by playing them and have something to shit up a topic with

i like some aspects of vidya and see them as most entertaining of mediums, but a the same time see a lot of flaws (mostly subjective) which forced me to search for game that will have the least fallacies and which finally fulfill my absurd expectations (at least partially). I don't care really about attention, the only thing i wanted was recommendation that will be close to what i described above. And if i really didn't like gaming why would i play for whole decade or more?

>the only thing i wanted was recommendation that will be close to what i described above

You didn't describe shit until a whole day later after first making your thread

Because anyone can go on the internet and just tell a bunch of empty lies to fill a thread
I don't know why people do it; I wouldn't, because if I'm gonna waste time I'll just do it shitting on bait, rather than making bait

You're not interested in discussion and you shoot down anything you get. Just go look on your own or go over to /v/, where trolls like you fit right in

As i mentioned post earlier i thought asking general question will be better than extremely specific one (i tried some time ago here and on /v and didn't get single reply), but i was wrong and i admitted to that. Also in few earlier post i specified what i really want later, but still better than never i guess.

>i try respond as clearly as i can
>you're troll, go to /v
Do you still doubt that is legit thread?

What the Hell have you been playing for over a decade that has no challenge whatsoever? If I didn't want any challenge, I'd watch anime.

Anyway, why don't you at least try some of these suggestions before writing them off? What's the point in recommending games to you if you refuse to even give them a chance?

I didn't said i played only games without challenge through decade, maybe sometime used cheats, but that's it. I've played some of the recommended games already and i know i didn't liked them, some of them i am absolutely assured would not like at all and the rest doesn't seem interesting enough to try them (i've had times when i tried different games, but it always leaded to disappointment and feel of wasting time).

Until dawn and anything David cage has ever laid his grubby little hands on.

Will try with until dawn if i can get it cheap

Try out Mother 3. It's kinda hard but you'll manage.

just no

Persona 5 on Easy.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

This board is full of plebs

Rimworld, kenshi, mount and blade, factorio. Those are my top vidja recommendations. In your case because you can play how you want at practically any difficulty.

Nigga can't handle kirby, I don't think hellblade is right for him, as much of a gem that game was.


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Fable 1

Most fun you can have whilst being almost impossible to fail at.

I played and was very bad at it

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I think pic related is really the only option left.

Srsly just play games that chicks play. Fantasy Life would be good, it has retardedly easy combat. Fallout, Persona, Zero Escape also come to mind.

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i've played warband and was bad at it, and i don't believe i would be able to manage factorio or rimworld

i've played nv and 4 couldn't go further than first location on easiest setting, also what females really play?

Streets of Rogue it is kind of like Isaac.

Try some button mashing games to build hand dexterity, easy ones.
Anything from the mario party/kart series
One of my favorite games is Dragon Quest Rocket Slime, about a slime tank fighting

Didn't i said that I'm unable to improve and learn

If it's like isaac than i wouldn't like it

What is the name of your disability?

Are you paraplegic or something you daft cunt. This has to be bait right? There is no way on gods FUCKING green earth you can't play a single one of these games.

I'm not sure, never got diagnosed for it

It's not that i can't play them, it is more of that i no matter what i will be stuck below beginner skill level and even on lowest level of difficulty i will be constantly struggle to make even the slightest progress which really is opposite to what i want

Do you like these genres:
Regular RPGs (not action RPGs)
Visual novels

Have you Googled Jow Forums v comfy? /v/ has comfy games threads w/easy games sometimes. Maybe try starting one yourself? Pic related is a list of comfy games I grabbed from a thread.

Games you might like:
Stick of Truth (Maybe the sequel? Never played it.)
Super Mario RPG
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

What are your top 5 games?

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So... D&D.

Actually, no. Exalted.

You like to see numbers go up and get better loot without much effort and like a bit of story that's mostly player defined?
You want The Sims Medieval

it really sounds like you don't want video games, you just want to bash your head against this until someone gets pissed enough to do it for you hard enough that you'll clock out for goodsies

like everything you're listing is the opposite of video games. I think you'd genuinely appreciate a cat more, or maybe just watching paint dry or grass grow

everything you list yourself disliking is everything games are
He calls RPGs 'grinding games'
don't bother. He's not here for genuine suggestions, he just wants to toot his own horn