What do you find unattractive in women?

What do you find unattractive in women?

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It's a wierd thing but just rudeness to people really is a turn off for me for some reason. Like if I take a girl out somewhere and she is a total bitch to the staff or something I won't be interested. Idk why but it really bugs me.

I find women unattractive

>when they're fat
>when they smoke
>when they have piercings, especially nose-rings, but any type of body modification (including tatts) apart fro earrings really
>when they're obnoxiously loud
>when they're unnecessarily mean towards anyone and/or they act like edgy kids because they think it's cool
>when they think it makes them an emancipated modern woman to be excessively vulgar and they are constantly making scatologic or sexual jokes.
>when they don't shave their legs/armpits/eventual mustache stubble
>when they are known for their promiscuity

... Lots of stuff actually, I could carry on.

Their newage morality that 100+ partners is good and abstinence is bad.

it's not weird, rude people aren't attractive

If she calls herself a bitch, crazy or sassy. Those are all awful traits and it's bewildering how women think that being a sassy crazy bitch is cute or something.


Fat. There is nothing less appealing in a woman than being a fatty fatty two by four.

Not caring/knowing anything about politics. Big sign of immaturity.

Their current goal in life is to "find themself". This is just code for going to clubs around the world, taking drugs and sucking cock.

When they are spoiled and think that having a vagina grants them super powers.

It does grant you superpowers though

obesity is definitely #1 turn off

The only thing that turns me off of women is when they’re over weight if they’re chubby I’ll ignore it.
But if it’s to the point they make the whole car go to one side we have problem.
I had a crush on some girl who was beautiful all over except her rolls but I still wanted to go out with her.

Fat is probably #1
Fat means she can't control herself and is not willing to make a minimal effort.
Any non fat girl has big chances to being attractive.

Besides fat, I really find disgusting:
> Unkept hair
> Short hair
> Refuses to embrace her femininity, dresses ugly / retarded / unattractive on purpose
> Has a dog
> Mentions ex
> Feminist
> Never smiles or laughs

Basically I like any non fat girl with her hair well kept and dressed like a female. Unless she is a feminist, owns a dog and / or talks about her ex.

Of course refusing to shave is the most unattractive thing ever. And smoking cigarettes is very disgusting too.

social media account full of selfies and complaints about not being able to decide which netflix garbage to watch next

I like girls who have unkempt and short hair.
But tomboy hair is kinda red flag for me.
Gives them character.
Also has a dog... why?

I'm pretty sure all of this could apply to anyone in general.

I think even mentioning physical attractiveness is completely redundant. Yeah and unattractive person is going to be unattractive go figure.

>rude and doesn't give a shit about the feelings of other people
>vain (for example obsessed with social media)
>status hungry
>plays mind games or expects you to read her mind
>overblown ego just because she's pretty

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Status hungry
Rabidly materialist
Treats "being a man" as a status that can be lost
Silent expectations

being a woman, i somehow used to think smoking and being obnoxious was cool, because it would show i am independent even though i am not, or maybe it wouldn't make me an easy prey or someone not be taken seriously. like, i want to be soft, sure, but i also want to intimidate a bit, and discourage anyone who isn't serious about me. so i think this is why women act like this sometimes.

>Unkept hair
I just find it disgusting. I don't know why. It's a visceral thing. Why wouldn't they brush it at night and in the morning? Why not take a second to care for it? Gets on my nerves.
Well.... let me tell you about the dog thing. This is probably the biggest red flag ever. Girls that own a dog are just different and a total pain in the ass. Like they're trying to pretend to be man. Also it's like they like to overcomplicate things. I like doggos but from my experience a girl with a dog always comes with problems.

lol why is the dog thing true? lolol

You are just going to attract awful men with that type of behavior. You can be strong in different ways.

I now see

Surrogate child, and in some outlier cases lover.

yeah, and i have attracted awful men, and i wish i knew better. the thing is, i didn't even want to be vulgar or smoke or drink or do anything "rebellious" in the first place. so it's a double delusion.

Being fat desu desu

yeah, they become super bitchy

If you're fat I'll instantly find you completely repulsive. I can easily date a butterface if she has a nice body but seeing layers upon layers of your grease filled diet fold into itself and wrap around your stumpy legs like a hippo makes me want to barf. Personality wise, being stupid is a turn off. Like quick to judge without any attempt of understanding what's being shown to you type of stupid.

Also fat bitches if you are reading this, your pussy is jank and ratchet. The sweat and garbage you eat turns your crease into a sewer. It's disgusting and you should feel disgusting.

Genuine question to all guys here

Is it unattractive if a girl wants to stay at home and keep the house clean/do some very small work on the side, but doesn't want a job and isn't big on kids? All I want is to be able to work on some small things over the internet and do housework, along with spending a very small amount of time with friends. If I could give my man a whole bunch of affection constantly, that'd be great.

>doesn't have social media
>Doesn't have a Netflix account
>Sucks dick
>Drinks in moderation
>Isn't an insufferable cunt
>Isn't #woke
>Has never died her hair
>Doesn't text all day long
Did I mention sucks dick?

Unicorns exist.

That's pretty hot actually

This is my wife and I will die next to her together. So yeah, it's cool.

-make up
-red lipstick
-long painted nails
-feminist qualities

why do you want them to have social media and Netflix? Why does that even matter?

trendy girls who walk around with a fucking bad attitude that they mistake for being strong and independent, despite being more insecure and needy than 90% of all other girls.

Girls who only date douche bags and complain incessantly about there being no "good guys" left.

Girls who look and act like sluts, but complain about being objectified by men.

Girls who are baby hungry, at any age.

Yeah it doesn't surprise me. Young women are very easily influenced by trends and people around them into doing stupid things they end up regretting. You could say it's true about young people in general, but I think girls especially feel this need to be part of the group, to be in.

Girls who use Instagram. That’s a huge red flag

I don’t mind it if a woman is overweight,poor,rich,butterface,missing a tit,lopsided vagina,idgaf

But an instant and HUGE turn off is already having a child. Even if the woman is a widow and had the child out of love, the fact that I would have to deal with another man’s child and try to raise it as my own kin is incredibly deterring for me.

He or she could be the best kid in the world,straight A student,gifted,sweet, but that doesn’t mean that the mother is. Problems arise when other people’s children is tossed into the mix and several previous relationships have only validated my personal notion that a woman with children is an unattractive woman by default.

Apart from a few things like the shaving thing maybe, and smoking is probably not as unattractive on guys at it is on girls. Same for promiscuity. But yeah some of the stuff I find unattractive in women are stuff that makes them stand out as a shitty person regardless of gender so that makes sense.

everything but tits


>But I hate that in everyone.

Other than that I'll keep an open mind. (Provided they are not physically repulsive)

I have short hair, I smoke, I have two children (from one man, my ex husband) I am not “ fat” but I have a little belly and big boobs. I am smart, funny, nice, and artsy. Also I am sorta ghetto but I dress modestly. And I am not slutty but I swear. am clean. I have one small piercing.

According to you guys, I am unattractive. Then why do so many people tell me that I am,? Why do I even get hit on?

I think he's describing a women he wants

Because the men/women relation is unbalanced by nature. It's basic evolutionary psychology : men are less picky than women in the choice of their partner because back in prehistory (when we developed all of our instincts, since it was basically yesterday on the scale of evolution, we have had nowhere near enough time to adapt to the new setting) men could go around and impregnate different women, so they didn't have to choose her with any particular care, whereas a female would have to be dependent on the guy for all her pregnancy and might die giving birth to the child so she had to make sure to pick the best male with the best genes to have the best child possible.

tl;dr men are just not picky, you shouldn't take being hit on as a sign of validation of your person.

The dog thing has been a meme around here for a while. It's pure bait.

I hope not, that guy is retarded

>What do you find unattractive in women?

-Lack of intelligence
-Lack of intellectualism
-Coldness; rudeness; lack of empathy
-Shallowness/overt materialism
-25% bodyfat
-Third-wave feminism/SJW-ism

It's unattractive when they don't really smile. Like I don't need to be the best comedian ever just to see a little taste of a smile. Girls smiling a lot is just a turn on

>not being able to hold a conversation.

I wouldn't call a thread on a Cambodian boat carving forum a proper sample of the population

Look at WHO is hitting on you

By no means are the men of Jow Forums chads, maybe we are, maybe we aren't, let's play it safe and say that we're ugly, fat motherfuckers ourselves, BUT we have some standards.

remember that ANYONE in this world can fuck, even the mentally retarded fuck.

If some drunk redneck tells you that you're a 10/10, then for that moment of drunk sincerity, you're a 10/10. let that guy sober up and ask him to rate you again.

Go down to Beverly Hills and ask a random citizen there(not a tourist) to rate you, then come back and tell us what he says.

There's a lot more when considering an answer to your question. Remember that the pendulum swings the other way as well. The same scenario definitely applies to males as well.


I'm kinda weird, women I have been romantically attracted to were never super pretty. I actually found (especially when I was younger) looking like a super model was offputting to me. I have a female friend right now that I have been trying to help because she really fucked up her life. Went to high school with her, we are 31 now. She was one of the most popular and attractive girls when we went to high school. She had sex with a ton of men, had a kid. Had drug problems, been arrested for theft. She has been working for a little over a year now. She is very interested in my money and has had a bunch of psychological breakdowns. For the most part she is everything I dislike in a woman. Except she has always been humble and gracious for things I do for her. A lot of women I legitimately dated would actually put me down a lot and try to soak me for money at the same time.

This is probably a stupid example, but I just thought of it and I cant think of anything else. Using the powerpuff girls as an example for women personally preference, I like Bubbles, except Blossom is fine, Buttercup is offputting.

I think personality is a huge diverse issue so I won't get into it, I'll keep strictly to physical appearance

I think being fat is the number 1 factor for unattractiveness, after that It's girls who show way too much of their gums or teeth when they smile, after that girls who look sleepy/retarded and have those hollow droopy eyes and mouth

as long as you're not fat, disfigured, or the other few things I stated, you're golden in my book, and that would be 95% of all girls out there, happy me

>and isn't big on kids?
The rest was okay but that one is a personal turn off. You are kind of the housewife type with all the other things you've mentioned, so I would expect kids. And I would only accept a possible gf/wife to not want kids if she had a big hobby or career she's pursuing. A woman needs to be busy with something. Men too. And I can just sense that after years and years of being together, if she doesn't have something bigger she's striving for / working towards, she will eventually do some dumb shit when she has grown bored of her underachiever lifestyle. A sort of mid life crisis.

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I usually despise the reddit-tier superiority complex if someone has it without backing it up. They go with the flow , follow, also feel like they cant do wrong, but treat everyone that they disagree with as inferior without actually showing off any superior traits.
It's rare to see a girl like that actually putting someone in their place with rational arguments.

I smoke and it’s funny how many guys say its a dealbreaker or that it disgusts them because I still get hit on all the time when I’m standing outside smoking.

Doesn’t really matter to me either way, but I only date other smokers now. I’ve realized even when non smokers swear it doesn’t bother them, it really does and it always ends up causing an issue.

Kissing a smoker is disgusting.

Id only accept her attitude and outlook on life if she wanted kids other than that she sounds pretty reliant. independency in a woman is attractive imo but if she wanted to be a housewife she should be taking care of kids and the house

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>>Doesn't have a Netflix account
Holy shit your IQ must be low.

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A whole hell of a lot.

I realize that non smokers feel that way, which is why I don’t date you. I think men who smoke tend to be more interesting anyways so it works out for me.

You find that unattractive?

Smokers are usually less intelligent so nothing of value will be lost. Works out for me, you sound rather bitchy and I doubt I would date you.

You are the big gay

What does it matter? Even the most despicable and inferior women are spoiled for choice of men.

As for me, my dealbreakers in women are if they aren't almost exactly what I want. Better to focus on good qualities than a lack of bad ones

This post is my answer, OP. You have a woman who is bugged out that she doesn't fit into the requirements of strangers on the internet and then proceed to complain about it and tries qualifying herself by letting everyone know that she gets hit on a lot.

She decribes herself as "smart, funny, nice, and artsy". You just know someone is probably shitty when they start pouring compliments to themselves. If someone is a good person, they'll let others say that about themselves. "I'm an amazing person" is the biggest red flag there is.

And fuck, if you're that smart, you'd realise that being unattractive to some people doesn't make you unattractive to all people, but your ego is preventing you from realising that.

>two children from different men

> Short hair
> Fat
> Likes normie bs
> Likes/wants/has kids
> Isn't into serial killers
> Is hysterical
> Stick-up-the ass savior complex/ The type of person who virtue signals
> Brain-dead, literally responds to everything with "haha yea", because she gets by on being a 6/10

Fake tits, weird facial indents, too much make up, neediness/attention seeking, neurotic dieting, lying (especially obvious lying), and pseudo-intellectualism.

I recently ran into a massage therapist who pretended to be highly knowledgeable about the human body but had no idea what trigeminal neuralgia was. The answer is in the name.

If their tone in their voice annoys me.
If they come off as disingenuous.
If they are too judgemental.
If they come off as lazy or unintelligent.
If they come off as mentally unstable.
If they never smile.

As for looks, young and fit > old and fat.
But I have seen women with a BMI of 30 that looked good to me because they smiled and seemed intelligent so looks are not everything.

Shallow and obnoxiousness.

If they paint their personality on in the morning with their makeup

>It's pure bait.
fuck no.

No motivation or drive being, being super boring

>What do you find unattractive in women?

The maliciously-false sense of virtue that comes with subscribing to modern entertainment and fashion.

See also:
>What do you find unattractive in men?


Unintelligence is the big one. She doesn't have to be a harvard grad or anything like that because I'm no scholar myself but when I hear a woman spew dumb shit she read on facebook and believes it or can't talk about anything of substance it turns me off a ton.

Also being rude/mean to others. I had a crush on a coworker and wanted to ask her out until we went out for lunch and she started being rude to the wait staff and catching an attitude.

Those are my main ones.

Honestly? Sluttiness and stupidity. I don't even like seeing nudes or lewds; she doesn't need to wear a burqa, mind you, but dressing like she respects herself is attractive to me.

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I find swearing really unattractive in women. Call me a boomer but I just think it's not ladlylike and it kinda makes me cringe when they do it to try and act like "one of the guys".

Women specially? Women who where tons of bright make up just make themselves look uglier.

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