Is this a part line or am I going bald? My family doesn't have history of baldness but I'm still scared...

Is this a part line or am I going bald? My family doesn't have history of baldness but I'm still scared. How can I make the line less visible if it's just that?

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ummm... looks like a partline bud.... nothing to freak out over

What's with the dots? Am I gonna go bald or something?

i dont see any dots in this picture but its not super clear.

I meant the ellipsis. Couldn't think of the word.

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Long hair doesn’t cover the scalp like when your hair was shorter, so it will look thinner.

Is there a way I can make it less obvious?

yea cut your hair either way looks like a rag

Don’t part your hair.

No. Long hair made me happier. I've always wanted it

How? Isn't that like impossible to not do with long hair?

It'll be less obvious if you cut your hair.

No! I hate having short hair. Is it a bald spot or just a part?

Come back when you're over 18. I didn't start to bald until I was in my mid 20s


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? i dont get it

Fucking Christ....

Going bald isn't that bad. Going bald at an early age isn't that bad either. I was loosing it quick at 20.

It doesn't look like you're going bald, but quit being a fucking pussy either way. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to fix it.

If you are actually balding, consider it a blessing and shave that shit.

Not shaving it. I'm just gonna grow it longer

Kill yourself.

it's like you've never had hair before

Lol I find it so fucking comical how much hair plays a role in people's ego...

No point in hanging onto things in life that are temporary. Enjoy it while it lasts, bud. If your hair is what makes you happy, be ready to be fucking sad in the near future.

You know who else gets upset when their looks fade???


I really haven't for that long really. I've only grown it for 2 years

I really hope it is alopecia, desu. With the way you're holding onto your hair, it'll look like mange from all the stress lolol.


I'm basically a woman anyway

Why are you responding to me, filthy phoneposter?

I'm seeing if I can stick around longer than your hairline.

Don't worry, wahmen have dihydrotestosterone too, so your estrogen won't slow it down.

Keep your hair healthy dude
Stop using products with sulfates
Learn your porosity and seal in that moisture
Scalp care is key