I spent my college fund lol

>be me
>have 8000 dollars of college fund left
>money setup in joint account with parent
>online statement comes on the 10th
>like drugs a little too much maybe
>transfer about $40 every hour average
>worry every day about parent finding out

>dreaded 10th of the month comes
>only 1000 left
>parent asks if I wanna read something
>say what
>peek corner
>see 10 pages of transfer history from last month in parent hands
>leave saying I need to pick up girlfriend from work without him knowing I saw papers
>in parking lot of girls work
>typing this waiting for girl to get out of work
>wondering what to do when I go home.

Looking for any advice. Bad... Good.... Shoot it at me. Lies, truth. Try me.

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nice. how were the drugs

heroin lol
started sniffing 2 years ago just shot up first time last week

good. desu now I'm getting more before going home to deal with it.

got any advice?

getting some*
not desu wtf

You're life is going to turn reaaal shitty soon.
Have fun doing shitty crimes, like burglary, for the next fix. Have fun looking more and more like a zombie. Have fun alienating everyone that have ever cared for you. Have fun becoming such a worthless human that people will literally let die cause they don't want to touch you.

Advice is get off the drugs but I know you won't until you hit rock bottom. Get into rehab or some therapy at soonest if you want to avoid that.

Advice for right now?

don't become what he told you and get help to stop using heroin. that stuffs bad man, people think they can just mess around with it like it's a normal drug or something.

boards.Jow Forums.org/adv/thread/2000495720005050
Come clean to your parents. Admit that you have a problem, both to them and to yourself, and ask for help.
One of my good childhood friends started using heroin. He totally changed now 6 years later. He's been in and out of rehab. It almost like he's dead and some wretched bum is wearing his skin.

Parent doesn't know I'm a user. I'm just trying to get out of that trouble for tonight.
When he shows me the transfer history and asks what it was all spent on and why there was a transfer for $40 like every hour.
What do I say I spent $7k on in a month?

You can't keep up the lie for ever. You're gonna need more money, so they'll find out shortly anyhow when you start stealing directly from them. You can start trying to go clean now.
Or you can get your family to hate you and live on the streets.

I just don't see why telling parent about it when they know I aren't using that. I'm just not trying to cause trouble because he'll tell everyone then everyone will know. As of now ok not labelled as a user. As soon as I admit that and I need help... I'm suddenly a user when I'm actually just trying to get off.

So they'll know I use when I wanna stop
Won't know if I don't stop.
Catch 22

Other then the money. But here we are now...

I can think of no good excuses.
You should spare both of you the anxiety and just say "I have a drug problem".
He is going to work it out for himself what happened anyway, especially if you are high when he confronts you.

lol kid, being labeled as a user is the least of your worries. Your heroin addiction is your real problem.

never stolen or taking anything that wasnt mine for drugs.
>my college fund

get a loan

So how are you going to get 7k next month? And the month after that?
You really think that when you do something as stupid as using your college fund for a month worth of drugs, that you are able to just quit? You're deep in the mindset of a junkie already. I have seen this story more than once. It's a pathetic and predictable tale.

Lol this.

You should be far more terrified that you've gotten to this point than you are of your parents finding out.

They're gonna cry n maybe yell a little.

If you want to ever have any sort of relationship with your family before one of them dies (from the stress you'll give them) I suggest you own up.

Tell them you have a problem. Be honest. Even if they don't have proof of what you've done. Just do it.

You may have to quit school for now and possibly forever, but god damn that's so much easier than continuing on the party your on.

They're not going to give a single fuck about that money if you go rehab and get off that shit.

There is nothing more valuable than your health. Nothing. And you are sick.

Go hug your parents and tell them man. You'll be happy you did.

Also, get a new phone number and never make contact with anyone you've done any drugs with. Don't go to the places you used to go.

Or keep partying. Burn through anyone you considered a friend. You'll never hold down a job long enough to even support your drug habbit yourself. You'll be stealing shit from your family until they move to a different state where you don't exist. You'll be alone. You may have your girlfriend if she is also a junkie. You'll get to a point where she has to fuck other guys to pay for drugs. Once shes whoring, you'll only be able to afford enough to fight off the withdrawals until she fucks another John.

There's nothing good on that road. Man up. It can happen to anyone. Some get out. Some die young.

why do normies put all heroin/opiate users under the same umbrella? makes me want to stay away from them even more

How much of the money in the joint account came from your money and how much came from your parents' money?

Because of all drug users they are the most alike. It's some what disturbing actually, they lie and deny issues in almost exactly the same way. It's properly related to how basic the reward center of the brain is for our consciousness.

You tell yourself whatever you need feel better about yourself.

>So how are you going to get 7k next month? And the month after that?

Its gonna be a cut down for sure. We (girl and I) have jobs where obviously when we get paid most of it goes to drugs. Our bills are paid...other than credit card bills here and there.

>You're deep in the mindset of a junkie already

It's just...the people in my area are the way everyone describes and I've seen people get deeper as well, obviously being a user and all...they're all around you. However I just dont see why I'd ever want to hurt or steal or rob or be on the street. I just dont feel like I'd ever truly put myself in that spot. It's just such easily accessible money that I can get in a few taps.

It's just not all are the same.

Left to me by dead relative from around a decade ago. Was in cd for interest and doubled to 20. Got a car with 7k of it with parent permission. Leaving 13k. First month spent 5k. Second month 7k.
Only JUST got into possession of it for 3 months. It wasnt accessible to anyone (me, parent) until I turned of age. So. Technically its mine from a dead person? Parent sister so my aunt. Parent wanted in joint acc to keep eye on

youre right, you like almost everyone else wouldnt wanna submit to crime and harmful revenue methods, but the reality is that drugs make you not yourself and your mind now is not the same as it was say a few months ago before you started heroin. further down the road you could very likely just become some crackhead

>I just dont feel like I'd ever truly put myself in that spot
You just started shooting right? It'll come.

Man, the severity differs but the chances of you keeping your shit together is slim. That's because the drugs you're using will keep you away from anyone that's telling you not to use them.

If you're already spending more than you should be spending, it's time to stop. Just stop. Like... You've already experienced it... You don't need to do any more.... So why not see what it's like to stop? When you stop, that's when you'll see how strong the pull is.... It will be calling your name around every corner.

Do you even get as high as you did when you first started?

because most junkies tend to follow the same stereotypes and behavior patterns. there's even scientific evidence that proves drug addiction rewires parts of the brain in ways that make people more predisposed to lie, steal, and do things they otherwise wouldn't just to get their next "fix"

You're fucked, my mans. I would stop doing heroin immediately, but I know you're not capable of that. Just know that things are going to go downhill for you from here.

How'd you get into it in the first place?

Hey OP, get out while you can. I know it's the greatest stuff, I took a 25 year ride... I just stopped a year ago. Now you're hitting the spike. You just took your habit to a point of no return. I guess with the money tree, you haven't had the experience of withdrawal. It's going to hurt. Get help.

>You'll never hold down a job long enough to even support your drug habbit yourself. You'll be stealing shit from your family until they move to a different state

As of now we both have steady jobs where we make some of our money for it...I've never stolen from family because I know that they'll know it's for drugs. That's why if I'm at least using "MY college money" I can say I just spent it on stupid shit like games and food lol. We know it's a need to stop it's just something we dont want to tell everyone cause it's a bad label to have and if we can get off ourselves while having some fun along the way...idk. it just doesn't feel like its affecting my life THAT much...other then me using my college fund. Yeah I guess I'll just get deeeper... but right now I haven't done any wrong to anyone but myself. It feels more like fun right now than a need. Probably because I dont have to steal or rob or where for the money. I get it from 5 taps on my phone lol


Not OP but I use it sparingly, so I do spend a lot of time sober and sometimes take long breaks due to certain circumstances (which doesn't really change anything). While I do get psychological cravings, I think I've always yearned for higher states of mind as I remember when I used to research drugs when I was 14 (also had LSD cravings when I used to trip). I fill in the gaps of dullness by watching anime and shitposting

>How'd you get into it in the first place?
Gf sister who got 5x worse in the 9 months she used it then in the 3 years we've just been users. Offered to try one night said why not. Honestly we (gf,me) do coke and dope about 50/50 as of now. And even tho we just started shooting we aren't as bad as her sibling was.

>So why not see what it's like to stop? When you stop, that's when you'll see how strong the pull is...
Oh yes. After 2 years of doing it moderately and controlling it...you know u just get hooked (only sniffing tho). Got off of it once to prove to ourselves we could (2 months) and did it again cause 0 tolerance and had just gotten out of school so had vacation...why not party a bit before school starts again...ooh...here's free college fund money that's just sitting here...oops gone... oops...no school...

Definitely see the pull and how much better you feel when off tho. It's just the fact I'd rather be getting high right now... :/ it's just nothing has gotten that bad from me using yet. If just feels like shots gonna hit the fan pretty soon. And since I only first shot last week...its honestly crazy cause shooting and sniffing are two different feelings...I've always wanted to see how it felt. Soo...

>Do you even get as high as you did when you first started?

Yes..If anything higher

OP here btw.

Just an update so everyone knows...when I got home parent was asleep thankfully. Checked around for what the papers were and they were literally just his medical papers that described everything that was wrong with him that he was going to have surgery for. So essentially just threw out a perfectly good conversation with a parent who it's hard to get a good conversation with...And... on top of that I just get to continue to worry about when parent is going to find out about it.

For everyone saying quit. It's in the mind.

Another note. This is my first time ever using Jow Forums and apologize for shitty formatting. I figured this would be a good thread to start off for Jow Forums for me. I've always enjoyed greentexts :)

You could leave this board already, you're beyond help

And lemme rephrase that. Not keeping it in mind. Like...its actively in my mind that I need to...and am trying to stop...

It's good to see you write that. Unless your parent is a horrible bogmonster, you should really think about talking about it (I mean the heroin, fuck the money they are not important - your life is). It's hard changing habits alone. I know that you would rather that you could keep it under the radar. That's the addiction pulling it's strings. Support is important when you're breaking an addiction.

Don’t do heroin!! Do LSD once every 2-3 weeks if you must, smoke some weed, hell even a line of coke here and there is better. H kills, period.

Don't do this. LSD shouldn't be used that often, you get less and less out of a trip each time. Especially if you don't consolidate and work on the things you learnt during the trip. And if you're under 25, using psychedelics is risky and not recommended.

Weed is so easy to build up tolerance and dependence on. It makes you lazy, unproductive, and dulls your mood. It doesn't fix your issues but worsens them. You build a tolerance and it gets expensive to get high.

Use drugs as occasional fun - don't depend on them for happiness.

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I feel bad for the parents. This is why I don’t wanna have children lmao.

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