If I reach out to you now you'll run away; if I do nothing, you'll move on

If I reach out to you now you'll run away; if I do nothing, you'll move on.

Guess I'll just keep posting anonymously on Jow Forums lmao

I'm gonna throw up

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sounds like you'll reach out with a ten foot pole then run away instead of the two options above

i'm giving away all of the things in my life that i used to enjoy since they don't make me feel anything, which is probably a subconscious preparation for suicide, and i don't think i have a reason to oppose it.

Wow user, you responded with my exact thought after reading that. Except it was more like 50 foot pole

I love you, Mis.
I just wish I could love you without hurting us both.

Then reach out already you goddamn mess of a human being. Unreal. You can't control me but you also can't tell me how I feel or what I'll do. Fuck off with that.

>had a date tonight with a cute woman
>had a really good time, get along really well talking about a lot of stuff.
>she friendzones me right after i get home via chat

i feel like shit bros, but whatever

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Well, that's all they ever do lmao
We're both married though so it's like
I kinda get it

>both married
>move on

Does not compute.

I’m fucking sick and tired of 80% of all /adv posts to be about dating problems or sex problems. Fuck your love life, just be the best you can be and if someone takes advantage of that, to hell with them. If you’re lonely, the best thing to do is fucking turn your eye inwards, love yourself and forgive yourself, and then make yourself the best person you can possibly be. Problems fucking solved.

So which initial is your oneitis?

Fucking off's probably you're only option then innit

Not sure what you’re asking user. I know what oneitis is, what do you mean “initial”?

how much of Jow Forums these days is connected via discord with other users?
was it always like this with chat rooms?

No, discord is much more recent than Jow Forums.

dunno if you were insipired by my post (partly at least) when you wrote that but i feel you, and you are totally right. it does feel shit though, and its feels better when venting/letting it out. Ill take your advice though.

thats why I said chat rooms you illiterate fuck

It's only been a week but I already miss you.
I've tried to fight these feelings but it's a losing battle.
I want to text you but at the same time I prefer talking to you in person. I want to invite you out to eat but since we rarely hang out alone im not sure how to go about it.

The only good thing about everything so far is I like that we've been getting along better and getting closer. We've been friends for ten years though so i'm worried i'm setting myself up for pain. We'll see what happens though.

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Uh yeah dipshit, I answered your dumbass fucking question about chatrooms too. The answer is “no” now go fuckoff back to your mommy’s cunt, the internet used to be a hell of a lot better before ungrateful assholes like you came into existence.

because you were trying to be a smart ass
I thankyou anyway for explaining

I keep getting rejected for promotion when im basically already carrying 70% of the workload for the position, they just wont give me the title or the pay bump that comes with it. Keep bringing it up but nothing.

Heres what they have done.

1. Put a stupid fresh out of college grad over me who basically did nothing, and pushed all responsibilities on me.

2:Add new alead position that is a perfect fit, give it to above girl again a couple months after discussing moving up, except this time she does nothing and is dead weight in the section and constantly fucks up our workloads so we have even more. Nearly gets fired for harassment.

3: Because of the harassment charges, the above manager get moved to a window seat basically. Job that I want from example 2, is cut. Im still sitting here waiting for a promotion, and the precise job ive wanted is straight up cut.

Literally just want everything to go away none of it makes me happy, I thought I was making progress in at least my career. But now im feeling abused, used, and ignored in that area.

My love life is non existant, cant get that in order either. Life could throw me some fucking slack or luck already so something can actually come together.

Im tired of feeling like im at the mercy of idiots. Cant move up until my uppers decide its time which apparently 4 years nearly isnt enough time. Cant find a relationship that isnt abusive or toxic.

Im in a corner and I can only get out if someone gives me the opportunity to run with to do so.

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throwing up carries the connotation of disgust. so I guess I'd be more likely to just massively distance myself and take the social hit and maybe then disappear entirely out of your life.

making people throw up is a bad sign. I knew this would go badly but I couldn't stop and neither could you, and now here we are. so. yay life... or something idfk.

why's everything cool gotta end up being not good?

I am going to a different sector at my company and have never been happier.

I just have to suffer two, maybe three lousy brutal weeks and I go Scott free! I will finally be a dude in the background not giving a shit about my past work or friends. Is that evil and selfish? Yes. However they are more despicable than I ever was. At least I owned up to it and will always find a way to leave when shit becomes disadvantageous.

Not like these people are humans anyway. All they do is party and fuck 24/7 and it disgusts me a lot. I put up with it because I thought I made pals, but as usual, I was wrong. Only one out of all of them was a buddy, and even he wasn't innocent.

Either way, I need to get the fuck out or else I become as destructive as Elliot Rodger, but for justice rather than sex. A little grunt like me deserves a raise or respect, and I get neither. These pigs are still holding me because they know no one would be as good as me.

I had a mixture of a bad and good day. I hope no one from my world reads this shit and if they did, well I guess they have problems since they also lurk here.

i'm getting ready after my work, i asked out my office mate for a "walk" ( she couldn't call it a date because she like to keep it professional).

Anyways, I feel uncertain about what's going to happen because she is unpredictable, she can cancel appointments at anytime. But I don't give a fuck about our "night out". I just don't like preparing myself for nothing.

Don't plan things out days ahead.
Planning things out only sets you up for dissapointment.
Personally I'd just walk up to her right before work is finished and ask "Hey, I'm going out for a drink at Joe's in a few, would you care to join ?"

If she says yes then you'll have your date, if she refuses 3 times then she's just not interested mate.

Sell your stuff and go on a vacation abroad without cellphones or computers, it'll either make you feel enlightened or it'll make you realise the value of the things you have.

I fucking hate myself. I hate that I can’t socialize and make friends. I hate that I’m not as normal as others. I can’t genuinely make friends with men, I either ignore men or fall in love with them. Yes I’m bisexual and it makes me lose hope in life. I don’t know what I want in the future and I have a lot of things that I wish I have experienced, I envy a lot of guys and I often wish I was them. Heterosexual, big dicked, have healthy and fun social life, have great memories, etc etc.

I like women too but mostly my penis makes me feel inferior to them. Fuck.

I’m already 25 but I still long for the crazy and fun 18 year old life that I never had. I wish my parents weren’t toxic, I wish I could develop a normal and positive personality like everyone else..

People only care about themselves, don’t they

nothing wrong with wanting to be in an open relationship.

Just fucking stop getting into relationships with people that want you to remain loyal. What the fuck is so hard about this? You try to justify cheating in every fucking way you can but you can never justify the pain you put onto another person because you get bored with people so incredibly fucking easily.

Cheaters choose these kind of relationships because they know they couldn't stand the other person sleeping around on them if they had the chance. So they never actually get in open relationships. Because they want their cake and eat it too. They want complete loyalty on their partners part while they justify their disloyalty by saying shit like "Humans were never meant to be in long term relationships."

I'm in a relationship where everything i mention about where i want to take my life is shot down and belittled. All this cunt of a women cares about is whether we will make enough money to fund her ideal future lifestyle. It's not as if i want to drop out of life and make a living painting shit, it's a stable honorable career that pays around and a bit above average. I'm sick of her making me feel so pathetic and i feel like she's burning out my internal light that makes me want to be something amazing because she wants to be one of those rich "better than you" cunts.

I'm considering of leaving online community where I'm well known and liked. What makes me want to leave is when I realized that none of those people are my friends. Sure online friends maybe, but not real friends who I can talk to like a real person and who know me as a person, making it all pointless bullshit. It wouldn't be so bad if I had active social life on top of that, but I don't. That community is the only social life I have and it hurts my soul. Not a single user in that tight knit community cares about me as a person even when I have tried to open up to them and get them open up to me. They say they like me and would miss me if I left, but I know that's only superficial and they wouldn't miss me like a friend would miss a friend because they don't know me personally. I'm essentially going to ghost 20 friends who are not even friends.

little story
>meet a cute girl through mutual friends
>want to get her attention and start making strong eye contact, since that's the only way I know of
>hey it actually works
>after the third time hanging out with other people, she texts me first to ask me out on a date
>on the actual date she appears very straightforward, tells me something about being obsessed by me the night she sent the text, plus generic compliments
>despite what it appeares to me at this point, she admits to be a very shy girl that hasn't dated a guy in like 5 years (we're both 21 btw)
>wow is this really happening to me?
if only I wasn't a kv who feels so nervous around girls I like, to the point where my back teeth hurt from grinding. I'm scared I'm gonna throw away another perfect chance.

Have I met you before this year?

the silver people are a common thread but whatever.

That dubstep sphere though in Annihilation... that is exactly what I see when I close my eyes. The colors, the patterns, the movement. Everything. Those are my kaleidoscopes.

The relfection and refraction, even the tunneling effect. Like I'm going through a wormhole. It just keeps going while the kaleidoscope changes patterns and colors and forms. The lights are so bright, vivide, and a lot of the times it's darker when I keep my eyes open.

I don't know if that's normal.

Living as a fucking NEET was the most painful experience I lived in my life. Stuck in my room long enough that I was afraid of going out of it. I'm now 24 years old, and all the universities I applied to didn't give me a response so far, so fall already started. I hate what my life became and seeing so many people I used to be friends ahead of me. I'm a sorry excuse of a human being and I wish I wasn't such a fuck up in life. What the hell happened to me? What can I do? No one have an actual answer so might as well just get an actual shitty job in the mean time.

I fucking hate myself and I need to change myself in a year before it's too late when I turn 25.

Tell her a slight bit of the truth when you meet her something along the lines of

"I'm a little nervous"
And if you feel ballsy throw in a compliment however its quite likely she'll be quite nervous aswell so it can be used as an opener

I'm probably too dumb to rely on academia to save me and too nuts to build any significant relationship and the surprising thing is that I have made it to 23

>tfw cut my hair myself for the first time and it looks horrible
>bangs too wide and short etc.
>i'm even uglier than before
Fuuck why did I do it. I gotta wait at least 6 months until I can stop feeling like shit.

thanks for the input, I figured I should try to be more open about it. My only concern is I think she expects me to be the experienced type

>took a first selfie of my life to show my face to femanon
>she thinks I look fine
>later on, much later she stops responding to me
>even more later I learn that the phone front camera distorts face and best selfies are mirror selfies taken with back camera
>take new selfie with back camera and the difference is like day and night
>start to think if things could be different with the femanon if I had sent her a better selfie

Oh well, at least the next femanon will get a proper selfie.

How are you and your brother doing? I've missed you. Please don't be scared to get in contact with me.

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I was supposed to get off probation a year early but this month I smoked so much weed I will probably piss seeds and stems today if my PO tests me. I’m a willful fucking idiot, I know. Worse thing is I really like my PO and I’m going to betray our relationship when she finds out. There is something wrong with me —- probation is a trap and I’m so tired of feeling guilty for doing something that almost everyone else does. Or maybe I am really a bad person with a problem. I don’t know. Fuck.

I seriously don't know if you ever liked me or hated me.
Whatever. I already let go of you. Too much confusion, too much distress. Obsessing over you has been the worst times of my life. I can't face you ever again, you treat life as if it was a game, you don't seem sincere or mature enough to value anything worth fighting for, despite the things you preach about.

Just because I dislike alcohol does’nt mean I dislike social interactions like parties and frats so stop using that stupid fucking excuse you faggot. And stop fucking sending me drunken pictures of you with women who clearly don’t like me and want to mock me

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I am finally happy. I won't fuck this up. The fact I almost did eats me alive, I will never make that mistake again. I know its hard when the world is against us, but I won't break when I know my love for you is real and yours is too. You can be a stubborn and arrogant man, but it is expected when you were one of the few righteous ones around you growing up and witnessing self destruction after self destruction. You have more life experience than me, I need to trust you more. I will start doing a better job of that.

I love you.

When the world becomes our enemy, I know we did something right. Let us enjoy our time together far away from the putrid mess that is humanity, my love.

>live in crippling chronic pain
>finally find meds that actually fucking work
>takes away the pain, numbs it
>but also makes me hyper/agitated, anxious and makes me feel nauseated
i just cant win

wouldn't wish this not even on my worst enemy

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>girl thinks about old crush while in a relationship
>guy thinks about an old crush while in a relationship

Not true I get bashed too.

I can't tell you how much I love you, I would literally die for you.

I know you joke around and fuck with me.

I know you know I love you. You also knew I'd be intimidated by you.

I know you try to protect me.

I know we can never be together.

I know I'll always love you.

I should just die now. I don't care if I do, I should make it mean something.

My friends gf has successfully fucked up my mental state.

NO one sees her actions as sexual harassment/assault for some stupid fucking reason. No one cares about how my friend would feel or how our relationship would turn out if I had sex with her. My mom, friends and even her stupid fucking boyfriend have called me gay for wanting her to stop.

Why are they taking her side? Why do they ignore me when I tell them that SHE is my reason for drinking or wanting to be homeless. SHE is the center of my stress. Why am I outcast and argued with for telling the truth and asking for help? Why do I see myself being the blame if I went to the police.

I don't give a fuck what she does I just don't want to be apart of it anymore. I'm not a toy. I'm not a fetish.

Why does she make me feel like shit for not wanting to feel the same. Why do we argue. It's one sided. I just can't feel the same.

I'm not sorry because I'm not at fault.

If you have4 a damn about this person you would reach out to them and lose your attitude. Maybe they know you better than yourself. Some people have the best interest of others

Mostly, not all of them

At one point you really were my #1.
Not anymore. Sorry, but I am over you and found someone else.

Knowing you was a complete waste of time. You never treated me well nor showed a modicum of gratitude. In retrospect all you were was a distraction from how talented and dedicated I am. You never showed any passion or endurance.

You could write them a long letter or email. A push for an answer while leaving room for easy communication.

Fuck off, larper.

You seem to be the asshole larper apologizing on Jow Forums instead of having the balls to say that to them in person. Egotistical sack of shit.

>tfw cute Pacific islander is assigned next to me in a lab lecture
Gonna be a good semester, lads.

I'm done with trying, you won't hear from me

Your dick is way too small for ANY pussy.

No, its you. I was using this thread as its intented. You use it to larp at vents unrelated to you.

I'm ready to break up but I don't know how. We don't work together and you have pushed me further and further away with how self centered you are. I still don't hate you, I'm actually worried about what you might do after.

Not the user youre larping to but..
On the contrary, that was you. YOU never tried or gave a fuck. You knew how I felt, you knew all I wanted was ONE chance. Now that I gave my heart to someone else, I am the asshole. Somehow. Fuck you and fuck off, you just wanted me to be in your orbit because it gave you an ego boost. You are a self centered and I can't love you if you are just a fantasy, I need someone real. It turns out you are just a bitter selfish man. How could I have tricked myself into thinking you were worth my time and effort? I was a stupid naive girl.

I miss you.

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I know you're both meeting up or I might be making assumptions. I'm tired of being played for a fool. I know you two want each other, why don't you just both admit it.
I have this feeling I am right, just be honest...fuck.

This is how it all started, this is how my life came to be what it is now.

Most guys are like this.

Makes me wish I liked vagina.

I got myself into serious trouble this time.

I give it a month, then all hell will break loose. You wouldn't throw me under the bus so I had to do it myself. I can't explain why.

>I can't explain why
Loser jargon for "I know if I explain it we'll all realize it's a poorly thought-out idea"

in a month heavens going to break loose

Please still be in the club. Ive been looking forward to it all week so I can hang out with you guys again. If you don't show up, I don't think I'll ever bump into you guys ever again.

Yes, I know you want more info. You should just say so instead of being a dick.

It's not a poorly thought out plan, I sacrifice myself but good comes from that. I am just one person...so what is my life worth compared to others? There are other lives worth more...I can't do as much as some.

im not that guy but could i hear your plan

>just don’t be sad

Great advice


is that all

There's this cute redhead stoner chick in a couple of my community college classes, we had a group project together last week were we talked a bit, but she usually sits on the other side of class and I don't really have a reason to talk to her. I'm determined to approach her after the next time we have class. I don't know what I'll say, should I just casually comment about something in class, ask her if she wants to hang out and smoke or if I should just straight up ask her out? I know I have to do something, waiting for an opportunity that may not come is not an option, I just don't know how exactly to go about it

Another summer has passed and I'm still alone. All I wanted is someone I could go out with in the hot sunny days and have a stroll through a park or by the river or through the old town...

I remember a year ago how I felt the exact same way. I watched the summer end and the night coming earlier. I wanted to experience the first snow with a girl too. That never happened either. I know it won't happen this year either. I'll spend the winter alone. It'll be cold again. Dark. And I'll spend the NYE with my parents, just like a year ago. I just stood there in fucking rain watching fireworks (yeah cinematic as hell).

Meanwhile one of my childhood friends has gotten engaged with a girl. Another has sent me a pic of his date he just met by fucking approaching her on the street. Cute girl. And then there's this one fat annoying cunt from my Uni that apparently just got married.

All that when I'm at home studying for an exam that I will most likely fucking fail because I'm too dumb for it and have no luck when it comes to tests.

Just kill me already. I want it to end.

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Should i text her? She said i'm a great friend; so i cut contact. It's been 2 months. Fuck i forgot what she looks like- i don't stalk on social media. (make infatuation worse)

We dated, sex, etc... I've been thinking about her a bunch lately. If i text what do i say without being clingy and needy? Girls don't usually bother me like this but this one is different. My brain sucks. She is just average. Except dem tiddies.

you poisoned me with drugs that knock me the fuck out and literal shit. Time and time again. Over and over. You like... roofied me for a week straight

And you want me to play fucking nice|? You fucking cunts are going to die. Go fuck yourselves.

Give me my medications, a place to stay that has everything I need to do my work and go fuck yourselves you fucking pieces of shit.

Don't text her. You won't get anything out of it, user. Let it go.

Can you explain user?



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Its just the schizo tranny again.

Sounds like some dudes in a mental hospital and they give him sedatives

>casually comment about something in class, ask her if she wants to hang out and smoke
This is good. Girls are a long game, man. I guess all relationships are. You plant seeds, develop rapport over weeks or longer (or shorter, if you're a charming guy), and you let those seeds grow into a plant, and then you fuck the plant.

Just popping "go on a date with me" is awkward and probably doomed.

Yeah. Thats him. He spams almost every single thread, multiple times.

Damn. Initial?

>Most guys are like this.
Not really.
It's more like these guys. But such guys don't get your cunt wet and get disregarded as creeps for even trying.

I keep giving you chances, but you did an absolutely impressive job in pissing me off in a way I last experienced when I had to interact with an autistic Pokémon kid that would randomly throw insults at me for no reason. Maybe there is a woman out there that would tolerate an overgrown manbaby with a vocabulary and texting style of a 13 year old girl, but judging by your progressing baldness your time to find one is running out very fast. At this point I’m just deciding whether I should ghost you outright or bore you enough that you leave me alone by yourself.

Sincerely, L


Why do you want my initial? lol

It's not L, not about an L.

I'm female.

that was for you

i have no interest in traveling or exploring human nature. the problem i have isn't one of dissatisfaction and want for a better life, i don't want anything at all and i can't see the point in running out the clock.

>links some sad cunt obsessed with tfw no gf feels
Why would someone so pathetic turn anyone on?

Fuck off. I'm that guy he linked and I'm not obsessed with tfw no gf feels. I just want someone in my life. I have a lot to offer and am a relatively normal person. I have fucking education and know a lot of useful things. I just wasn't blessed with luck, a good face, hair or fucking height.

I just posted this to feel in peace and maybe talk about it but not to be fucking ridiculed for my feelings and emotions.