Just #MeToo'd someone I hate

Just #MeToo'd someone I hate.

>competing for position at college
>competition is some annoying guy from the feminist/sjw groups
>seriously, this guy is annoying
>constantly calling people out at the drop of a hat
>makes insinuation towards other men who he thinks are abusive, stalkery, sexually harassing girls
>or for having what he deems misogynist behavior
>insinuations that are rarely based on merit
>either way, hate him
>the idea of losing to him was actually more insulting than usual
>like bring my piss to a boil kind of insult
>look him up on facebook
>search through high school he used to go to and what not
>use that information
>go to office of equity and inclusion and mention "my concerns" about this guy
>mention that he sexually assaulted a friend who went to a certain high school
>and that I don't find his presence "safe" to be around
>said they would get back to me
>haven't yet
>but guy mysteriously absent since
>no longer one of my competitions
>and weirdly gone
>cherry on top: heard that the feminist/sjw groups he was from got wind of a little accusation from the same office
>and turned on him

Didn't think that would work. Any way I could further use this to my advantage? Because there are others I want to get rid of.

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It's okay to #MeToo male feminists, they're creeps. Too many of them ironically turn out to be sex offenders just pretending to support women because they're beta as fuck but willing to lie about their morals just to be around women they think they could manipulate. You did the right thing.
>Any way I could further use this to my advantage? Because there are others I want to get rid of.
I wouldn't push my luck unless you want the university to think you're the problematic on after all. Just go back to studying.

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>Any way I could further use this to my advantage?
Don't overdo it, otherwise they won't take your claims seriously, even if one turns out to be legit.

>pretending to support women because they're beta as fuck
Pretty much this. They're NiceGuys that figured out to weasel into knowing first before pouncing on them.

OP did the right thing considering he had been accusing people at random. What's happened here is he got a taste of what he was dishing out.

This. You've done it once OP and it was righteous, but leave it here. Quit while you're ahead.

Yo I'm Right af; I hate SJW's and their idiot ideologies, but what you just did was fucked up

Regardless, you probably don't want to push it because it increases the chances of it being traced back to you.

OP, that person may have been an annoying bellend, but honestly you're a bit of a cunt for doing what you did. Were you not good enough to beat him yourself with resulting to lying about something fucked up and potentially ruining someone's life?

Negative. No smoke without fire. And OP saw the smoke. He's unironically a hero. Look up Brendan Cox, all these beta sjw cucks are sex offenders

A lot of them are, but there's no reason to assume that this person was.

user, you're doing gods work.

>using shit like this while competing for an academic position
You should both be hanged. Scum of the Earth.

>I have no redeeming qualities that make me better than this guy, so I'm gonna destroy his reputation just so that I can get what I want.
Your a piece of shit, OP please kill yourself.

This is bait. We had the same story (but with a different antagonist) a week back.

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I was going to call you a piece of shit for supporting this bs movement. But male feminists are the ultimate cucks and need to be punished.

That’ll do pig, that’ll do

[citation needed]

I hesitate to call this a good thing but you did damn fine work. Maybe if this happens enough we can get this issue fixed permanently while fragging some fuckbois and leftists along the way for kicks.

Not that user, but it is true.

Only difference is instead of a male feminist it was some guy with a Jew fro. and the jew fro was flirting with a girl that OP liked. So he make a sexual assault rumor to cause his crush to hate the jew fro so he was able to steal the girl. Jew fro got kicked out of school and abandoned by his family over it

You're still not providing citation/proof of this claim.

I didn’t screen cap anything. But there are two witnesses here

Unless you provide citations or proof, you're making false claims.

Make that three. I'll try to find an archive of it.

He sounds like scum. You sound like scum.

Got it:

Intredasting. However, it highlights some concerns I've had with the #MeToo climate, that some people might try to take advantage of it to get rid of people they wish see disappeared.

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Personally I think it's bait. Reads to much like an old /b/ greentext to be a real story.


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Well played, but don't overplay this hand. From now on, you'll have to pull the strings from the sideline and have others #MeToo the SJW betas.