Why masculine guys are not wanted by girls anymore?

Why masculine guys are not wanted by girls anymore?

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Why are you such a stupid liar?

>starts thread with a generalization
>expects an unbiased debate about the subject even though the premise is biased

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Some girls prefer kpop stars and some girls prefer 6'3 200 pound sterotypically masculine guys, from my anecdotal experience it is pretty split. Almost nobody likes a body builder type body though. Same applies to morbidly obese people.

I find those guys way too feminine for me.

I find guys like pic related VERY attractive, even if they're not extremely manly.
Other than that, I like the Jon Hamm classic masculine type.

I never found the "CK model type" guy very attractive.

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My bf rides motorbikes and climbs mountains. Also he is chubby

i don't think they've ever been wanted. masculinity lies in many other things for women. not necessarily the man who hits the gym the most will provide for the woman emotionally and make her feel protected, if that's what you mean. and in general, being groomed and a bit effeminate makes a man seem more intelligent. but still, some women like the masculine traits.

>what korean women want respresent all women
I've never met a woman in my country who doesn't think that kpop singers are just fags.

more and more women are attracted to kpop stars and that's a fact.

I love feminine or andro guys. My boyfriend looks kinda like that so he captured my heart. Don't like masc guys at all, but my best friend does. Just a matter of taste.

See I think guy in your pic looks pretty meh, but user thinks he's hot. Different strokes etc.

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>tfw my boyfriend looks a lot like that guy
>I literally sperged on our first date because he's the most attractive guy I've seen IRL

And you don't even think he's qt.
Yeah, definitely different strokes.

As another femanon, I completely agree with her. That pic is where the game is at.
In terms of personality I like when a guy has a sensitive side, however I'm a degenerate since I also wanna dom them.

bullshit OP, i have to put on a stupid fucking tough masculine front everytime i'm dating to get girls interested in me and then once i find one it slowly becomes a process of carefully knowing when to slowly reveal your actual self because girls don't actually want sensitive they want an illusion of sensitive and you can NEVER under any circumstances actually open up, you must always be independent and masculine and be her "rock" or she'll just leave

tl;dr dating sucks tinder is better


Masculinity changes in definition/standards all the time.

t. /his/

I have found that the girls that like andro guys are usually younger. Nit sure ehy but as they age their taste turns into liking more traditionally masculine men.

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I always preferred feminine men. At least they take the effort to look good.

I'm 27 and still prefer andro men over masculine guys. Nothing changed.


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While we're on the subject of male appearances, how would you ladies rank the different male body types? Like skinny, skinnytoned, bodybuilder, bearmode?

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As a kind of androgynous guy I would like to think that, but this is simply not true. Even though I like to delude myself in thinking that every girl would prefer to be with me than just a mountain of muscles.

Somehow all that nigger and mudslime worshipping tells a different Story.

Nobody cares what some tranny faggot likes. Kys.

Damn dude. You lost ne at tinder. Shame you were on the right path.

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>tfw tall, tan woman with big boobs and chubby
>tfw boyfriend is pale, skinny and my height
>tfw can't stand muscular or full bearded men

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the vast majority of women like masculine men.

A temporary fetish of a 13yo girl is not indicative of women in general.

theyre probably gay