My girlfriend is upset because i don't ever finger / go down on her

my girlfriend is upset because i don't ever finger / go down on her.
i have no interest in anything of the sort
any advice?

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Finger her & go down her.

>that's the sound you should do when you go down on her, OP.

Why do you have a girlfriend if you don't like women?

I don’t understand that mindset. I love finngerbanging the gf makes me feel powerful and shit

Tied her up and get the wand out

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Does she give you oral?

NEWS FLASH: It is the point of sex to be pleasurable for BOTH parties.

Imagine yourself without a hard-on. It might be necessary for a girl to stroke and caress your dick to get it hard enough for sex. In exactly the same way, women need some preliminaries to get them physically ready (i.e. wet and open enough) for sex.

Now add in the pleasure factor. Isn't it nice for a girl to stroke your dick or suck it before moving on to intercourse? Wouldn't the whole thing be less satisfying if you skipped that step entirely?

In exactly the same way, fingering and licking gives the girl a level of pleasure that builds toward intercourse, and the whole adventure is much less enjoyable without it.

Besides, there is absolutely nothing in this life, not even your own orgasm, that is as great as watching a woman have an orgasm you're giving her.

Of course
Is it even hygienic?

I shouldn't even have to explain this to a fag like yourself, but if you're gonna pretend to love a woman you gotta love the whole woman. Sometimes that means sticking one hand in there while the other rubs her clit until she contracts hard. Sometimes that means getting your face in there and getting sloppy. And sometimes that means even giving her pooper some attention, if she's into that.

This is all prep for if you have kids. If you can't deal now, you won't be able to deal with changing diapers and all the other literal shit involved with children.

This is the sort of splash zone you DON’T need a jacket for. What, you need a face mask and gloves? Just wash yer hands before and after

It's hygienic if you're both moderately clean.

>Is it even hygienic?
You stick your tongue in her mouth but worry if touching her pussy with a finger instead of your dick is hygienic? This has to be a bait thread.

We kiss normally
I don’t do that to her

>i don't ever finger
This is amazingly powerful if you have good hands - most don't. If you have mediocre or even onions boy hands then do it anyway; men are meant to orgasm sooner but women are meant to orgasm more times.

>/ go down on her.
This is overrated; also if she deserved it then it would be happening. Wash your ass ladies.

Does she have a nasty, gnarled-looking twat?

Why the fuck wouldn't you finger her at least? That's barely a step above a shoulder rub.

If she gives you blowjobs, you're a hypocrite and should do it. If she doesn't telling her no is fine.

>We kiss normally

You what? You kiss without tongue? So you're kissing her like your grandma or your aunt would when you were little?

>any advice?
Be considerate and dump her. Dating a guy only to find out that he is a closeted homo must feel bad.

My friends said going down is beta
We rarely deep / tongue kiss I mean

>We rarely deep / tongue kiss I mean
Are you asexual?

What kind of autistic virgin friends do you have?

>My friends said
Your friend either wants to fuck your girl and hoping you'll break up or he doesn't know what he's talking about. I mean, when you pick your girl upside down and have her suck your dick mid-air, her pussy is right there man.

Be honest, are you either a 12 yo or a secret fag?

Do you Benis gets hard when you are with other men?

Nope fully straight
My friends are normies
He’s got a gf
I’m 22

This made me chuckle. Cute user

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>won't french kiss
>won't finger his gf
>won't eat out her
So i take it you got diddled as a kid. Simple solution, find a frigid gf who is half asexual like yourself

Just wash your hands before and after the fingering, and never go from the pooper to the front.

I love the taste and smell of pussy so I never wash after eating her out but I guess that's a possibility if you want it.

You sound like a pervert
Thanks for the advice

I hate doing it on fat girls. But on more slim girls I'm fine with it and can enjoy it.

What about fat girls makes it bad?

Secondly, what about chubby girls? Asking for a friend.

Not that guy but in my experience too much fat makes the thing uncomfortable, you struggle with the fat around you and in the worst cases they stink.

>What about fat girls makes it bad?
>Secondly, what about chubby girls? Asking for a friend.

A bit bigger than normal is fine. Actually, those girls do usually have bigger tits and I love that.

But fat girls... They seem so unhygienic... And too much fat isn't attractive on anyone.

Thanks for the response. What if she looked like this (pic related)? Would you still feel repulsed/not want to eat her out?

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That's neither fat nor chubby.

>my girlfriend is upset because i don't ever finger / go down on her.
>i have no interest in anything of the sort
>any advice?
Tell your girlfriend to find a real man.

Nothing wrong with being gay OP. accept it and move on. stop trying to fuck girls